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This course will focus on the historical and cultural background, literary aesthetics, music, and performance of Kunqu, China’s classical opera. After viewing the lecture videos presented by scholars and renowned maestros in the field of Kunqu, students’ understanding and appreciation of Chinese performing arts, classical literature and traditional culture will be enhanced....



Jun 10, 2019

Great Course. Went and saw the Jade Hairpin in D.C. the day after I completed this course. It was a nice desert now able to understand and witness what the professor's had described.


Jun 08, 2017

The overall structure is fine. But it would be better if the answers and, if any, explanation for quiz are available.

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Aug 28, 2017


von Qixiu F

Jun 05, 2017


von Huimin W

Mar 05, 2019

informative and authoritative!

von 羅雅涵

Mar 19, 2019


von Samuel W

Sep 08, 2018

An amazing and beautiful course.

von Ruby H

Jul 16, 2017


von Bart S

Jul 20, 2016

do this class again!

von Rebecca G

May 02, 2016

Interesting subject. Very important to learn about culture and history, especially if different from one's own.


Jul 07, 2017


von Juyoung R

Oct 31, 2016

Very useful course for a deep understaning othe beauty of


Feb 17, 2018

Amazing! Quite enjoy this course!

von Angelina W

Nov 27, 2016

Beautiful lectures, especially the demonstrations. The subtitles are well scripted; I'm very thankful for that.

von Xinyue Z

Jun 08, 2017

The overall structure is fine. But it would be better if the answers and, if any, explanation for quiz are available.

von Cindy W

Jan 14, 2017


von JohnZhang

Mar 02, 2017


von Liu Q

Sep 28, 2016


von 桑伟丽

Dec 21, 2016

非常非常有实用性的课程,我本身也是艺术类的从业者,以前对昆曲就是好奇,但是一无所知。这次昆曲的学习打开了一扇新的大门,看到了戏曲艺术的闪光,非常值得传承的艺术瑰宝,看到老一代艺术家在课堂上努力的展示自己的专业非常的感动,强过无数坐而论道的伪君子无数倍啊 ,值得推荐,老师很棒!课程内容很丰富,很庆幸我赖道科这个课程中!

von 周婷

May 23, 2017


von 牛生莉

Feb 18, 2017


von lei w

Nov 20, 2017

great class!

von Emma B

Feb 06, 2017

very thorough examination of the beauty of Kunqu opera, a real eye-opener! very interesting lectures!

von 张晶蕾

Mar 04, 2017


von Nikita N

Oct 10, 2016

Absolutely loved this course! I'm so glad I signed up for this one. It's made me so much more aware of the gorgeousness of Chinese culture. The videos are a delight to watch! Prof. Kenneth Hsien-yung Pai's articulate lectures really draw you in even if you do not understand the language.

von amber

Jan 05, 2017


von Liang Y

Sep 21, 2017

nice lecture and great presentation with detailed Introduction