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Are leaders born or made? Learn the essential skills to develop and expand your leadership repertoire, design teams for collaboration, and craft win-win negotiation strategies. High Performance Collaboration: Leadership, Teamwork, and Negotiation focuses on leadership, teamwork, and negotiation. Students will engage in self-assessments to analyze their leadership style, develop team charters to optimize their groups, and develop a game plan for effective negotiation. Recurring course sessions repeat every 2 weeks on Monday with an enrollment period of 5 days....



13. Apr. 2020

Very good experience and in this course I have got an opportunity to learn many things person as well as professional from prof Thompson and this learning will help me everyday ...Thank You so much...


7. Dez. 2016

I audited this course and read the books. I can truly say that it has not only changed my professional interactions and management style, but I use the techniques and ideas in much of my daily life.

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25. Apr. 2019

Enjoyed the learning through Coursera and this is one of the wonderful learning experience. Changed my belief of online courses will not meet the standards of Class room training. New skills and techniques learned and easy to understand and apply in our day today routine and can show case the uniqueness among others. Learning after immediate assignment with action plan improved the further understanding. Further motivated to do more Online courses after this. Thanks for my Enterprise to given the opportunity to learn and apply through Coursera.

von Manish P

22. Apr. 2020

Excellent course going to give insight of High Performance Coloration through leadership, Teamwork and Negotiation skills. Course is very precise and cover every aspect related to subject. Professor Leigh Thompson explained in very effective manner and the way she started every lecture with storytelling is fantastic and explain every topic with realistic examples. This course is very useful for everyone who wants to perform high and give significant contribution to team or wants to lead the team in effective manner.

von Jerry S

13. Okt. 2020

The information and materials are SPECTACULAR; ELITE. And the quizzes were great and on point. But the Coursera component of peer review is a massive pain in the ass. I feel like I am working FOR Coursera in my grading. I like the rubrics, but I'm quite sure this problem has not in any way been solved. This is my third Coursera class. Almost always the same experience. It is so close to transformationally amazing. Yet falls flat with the peer review process. You MUST figure out how to weed out the game players.

von Lance R

2. Apr. 2018

I learned many useful ideas during this course, and was able to use some of them with my team right away. I also picked up much future reading material, including research papers cited during the course. It's definitely a science based and effective approach to management. It would be nice if all the additional suggested material was included, but regardless, the content in the core of the modules is great. I would highly recommend this to anyone wanting to improve their team performance.

von Tetsuya O

6. Mai 2020

It was very informative and exciting to study by remembering what I learned in my MBA course. Professor Thompson was energetic and clear about the points. Also, the coverage of this course was very wide. Usually, each of Leadership, Team management or Negotiation may form a single subject. What was challenging for me to digest the course contents was lack of slides but only online recorded lectures with some captions in the video. It is better if the course slides are shared.

von Hope K

13. Mai 2021

I like the short quizzes throughout the course. They kept me engaged and served as excellent milestones/goals. In a previous course I was able to download the slides, this was not available in this class. Although there were not many slides, it is a helpful resource. I hope to use the discussion feature in future courses to see what my peers are thinking. I learned a great deal from reviewing my peers submissions and seeing their perspective. Great class!

von Lindsey S

20. März 2017

Leigh Thompson was a very engaging teacher and I appreciated her personal examples of teams she has worked with methods she used to help them improve. This course provided me with language and tools that I can take back to my workplace to help my team work more efficiently. This course helped lay the foundation of valuable information I needed to know to move forward in my career and made me more curious about team dynamics.

von Tom M

14. Apr. 2020

This is a great program and if you need course moderators/mentors, I would be interested in applying. I've been a Coursera course moderator/mentor for the last couple of years with the University of Minnesota's Human Resources program and Wesleyan University's Social Psychology program and have really enjoyed it. I also teach online college courses. Thank you for a great learning experience. Tom Moyer

von Christopher N

12. Apr. 2020

Excellent leadership course that helps to further what I knew when serving as an executive facilitator; I hope to move back into an assistant chief of staff position where I can utilize what I know and what I have learned in the course.

This course also helped expanded negotiations and leadership development under a different light for myself.

Thank you for an excellent course!

-Christopher D. Nette


3. März 2021

This course is an quintessence of leadership skills and is highly engaging .I thoroughly enjoyed the learning experience on coursera. Prof. Leigh Thompson manages to put forward the concepts in a simple manner with evocative examples. The assignments help to identify one's leadership and Negotiation style and improve further. I am thrilled to apply the learnings in everyday life

von Andressa A P

1. Apr. 2020

Professor Thompson is outstanding! She has so much passion and is so authentic. I t would be great to take further courses with her. In addition, I really liked the exercises and the content of the course. It´s very relevant for the real world. Just some background info: I am a project manager working for a big german automobile industry in Germany. Thanks again Coursera!!

von Victor L M

1. März 2016

Excellent course in terms of content and suggested reading. It could be even better if some reading materials could be ready to download directly for free as part of course. I missed some academic support staff as well as some technical issues regarding submissions.

Overall, great course. I am looking forward to explore the MMM program at Northwestern in 2018.

von Sunil P

3. Mai 2019

I can truly say that I have taken I learned the most in this one. In the past it was a matter of just going through the motions, but the way this course was run and the way it picked excitement was above and beyond just reading the book, made things clearer and easier for me to understand. I fee like I "know" High Performance Collaboration. Thank you again.

von Deleted A

19. Juni 2019

Wow! This course is top of the line. Excellent instructor, engaging, who knows how to hit multiple Intelligences like a speeding ball traveling straight for the bat. Thank you to the upmost, such a grand opportunity. Like walking the shoes of a stranger "I learned things "I never knew, I never knew". What a blessing! Strickly a four star, and 5 extras!

von Sukhpreetsingh K

30. Apr. 2020

Very useful training with plenty of good examples, which can help us to improve the leadership skill. The training tells us about the real meaning of leadership & handle various types of day to day problems seems by leaders. My favorite topic is BATNA, Reservation prices, mindset & growth, & cultural intelligence.

Thanks a lot...

From: Sukhpreet SIngh

von Maria L A

8. Feb. 2016

This course for me was very interesting as I realized there are so many things we have to take in account to learn how to be a good leader, the materials are excellent as well and the course awakened my curiosity to move forward in other courses. The course is very well organized. Taking the course will quite simply the learning of new topics.

von Sandeep V

4. Juli 2020

Leigh Thompson effectively included full of relevant content and examples that make it easy to understand in context of implementation. This is my first course on Coursera and I feel its a worthwhile investment by company. Thank you team who has compiled the contents to cover overall topics in High Performance Collaboration.

Thank You !!

von Ruth G

13. Juli 2020

I highly recommend this course - it provides many useful tips and strategies delivered in an engaging way by Professor Leigh Thompson and backed up by studies and interesting examples. The assignments are practical and the time given to complete each module is manageable. Great for new leaders or those aiming to move into team management.

von Dario A H

15. Feb. 2016

This MOOC has great, engaging and clarifying content. The presented concepts, tools and techniques by Professor Leigh Thompson were of great help and immediate application. I felt like buying each of recommended book in order to dive deeper in each of these exciting subjects.

Thanks a lot, Kellog -Northwestern University and Coursera. ;)

von Aisling F

14. Apr. 2020

This course was comprehensive and engaging. I really enjoyed how Prof Thompson described the main action points and reiterated their meanings with clear and varied examples. I highly recommend this course to anybody searching for a greater understanding of effective leadership and practical, actionable tools for negotiation and teamwork.

von Crystal E

29. Juli 2020

I learned a lot during this course. I think if you actually take the time to pay attention and don't over crize you'll find the course a but rewarding. The grading for this course and all courses on this site I call to question especially when some may not fully understand the assignment. Overall, I appreciate the learning opportunity.

von Vildan A

31. Jan. 2021

It was great learning from the Professor and putting what I learned in practice via assignments. Now I have a different perspective at work. I also admired how captivating the teaching skills of the Professor! Thanks a lot both to Coursera and the Northwestern University for providing us, the life-time learners, with this opportunity!

von FelipeTrindadeM

31. Jan. 2016

The course is very complete, with high level content. The professor Leigh Thompson is effective in communicating the concepts and the exercises really help us to understand the presented themes. In my opinion, the better parts were Negotiation and Teamwork, showed with very deep explanations. I strongly reccomend this course!

von Jitagna M

13. Juni 2020

This was an outstanding course. One of the most enriched contents I have come across in Coursera. Prof Leigh Thomson does an excellent job of engaging us, partially by including at least one real life story in every lecture! Very informative course, lots to learn, take away and even revise! Brilliantly made. Thank you!!

von satish s

3. Feb. 2020

learnt new things is like Leadership is about influencing others to reach established goals. As such, it’s one of the most critical roles in any company. Leadership maintains the vision, values, culture, objectives, and standards for the company, and when leadership is in doubt, the company is in trouble.