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When taking this course, you will raise your own self-awareness and gain self-confidence for a better leadership. You will discover a new approach to leadership based on trust and sense. The “Savoir-Relier” leadership, a new approach of leadership, taught to HEC MBA’s student and top executives, enables better team leadership and encourages relationships between people in spite of their differences of opinion. You will develop relational skills, self-knowledge and self-awareness on the way to unfold your own leadership style. You’ll learn the skills of The Savoir-Relier (SR) methodology for better connecting with yourself or others by going through the following 4 steps for successful leadership: Introspection, Conversation, Resilience and Responsibility toward Value Creation. In this first MOOC of the "Inspirational Leadership" specialization, you will practice the first two steps of the method for successful leadership: Introspection and Conversation. You will get to know yourself better during the Introspection part and get a chance to improve your communication skills in order to better interact with others. You will meet people like you who will share their stories and their experience with Savoir-Relier and why it is so inspiring for them in their life. Together, you’ll develop greater self-awareness by developing a leadership self-portrait and going through fun activities to increase your empathy and communication. Leaders from different organizations and participants of the HEC Paris Leadership Certificate, the program from which this course and specialization are inspired, will share with you their insights about what it takes to become a great leader and what they are able to achieve now that they apply The Savoir-Relier methodology. This course is part of the specialization “Inspirational Leadership: Leading with Sense”. In the next courses, you'll go through the second two steps of leadership: Resilience and Responsibility toward Value Creation....



29. Aug. 2018

Exceptional and outstanding program. thanks a ton SR team... I am thoroughly enjoying it while learning. Highly recommended for people who wants to explore his/her hidden treasure of Leadership


27. Apr. 2020

I was pleased with the result as it was a challenging experience that I was able to successfully complete .\n\nThe course is suitable for all kind of professionals which enhancing soft skills.

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von Sherry L D

8. Aug. 2016

Great course, I would definitely recommend. Information flowed smoothly and it was a great way for me to learn and understand my leadership style. The only reason I gave it a 4 star and not 5 is because during the peer assessment I kept being matched to persons who were in a different time zone from me which made it difficult for us to communicate. Other than that 1 glitch, thoroughly enjoyed the course.

von Mary M

31. Okt. 2021

It was a nice experience being able to learn, relearn and unlearn with Valerie Getting to know what leadership really entails, going through the savoir Relier protocol, using your senses and so many other things were taught. This course really helped with self assessment and made me to indeed know myself more and also better in relational skills.

von John P

25. Okt. 2017

This course is comprehensive as it covers many aspects in building up the leadership from a person-to-self interaction to a person-to-world one (in later courses). It is systematic while also invites leaders to talk about their experience. This course may improve by providing some suggestions on practicing the leadership in real world.

von Sebastian K

29. Feb. 2016

I liked the course, particularly the interactive part with peers. On the negative side, I find that the price of ~80 USD for the enrollment getting a certificate is a little bit too high for the 3 weeks online course. I think 30 or 40 for each course in the specialization would be a more reasonable price point.

von Narmin A

24. Juli 2020

Hi,dear Coursera team!

I have some problem getting my certificate from Building Your Leadership Skills, by HEC Paris

I complied my course, and I verified my account but I can't get my certificate. Please, if it's impossible, can you send me certificate to my email address ?

I need it.


Narmin Alizadah


22. Sep. 2020

A abordagem do curso é muito interessante. Achei o conteúdo muito bom, os exercícios permitem consolidar os conceitos. A construção das habilidades de liderança através de autoconhecimento, sensibilidade e qualidade das relações permite concluir o curso com uma mente mais aberta para nossas limitações.

von Giulio d T

26. Dez. 2020

The contents are good, but I feel that there's a lot of promotional stuff in there - by that i mean promotion of the program, of the university. It feels sometimes like an infomercial for the university and the method (which is obviously a commercial product to enterprises as well) and not a course.

von Nisha K

3. Okt. 2020

This course helped me to find somewhat about my leadership characters(i.e both strengths and weaknesses). savour relier process was just awesome, I enjoyed and learned a lot from this process.this will definately help me in furture in job application. this course has increased my confidence level.

von RAJ S

16. Apr. 2020

This course portrays a unique approach to leadership through a thought-provoking technique of self-reflection. We at Ikigai Healing Foundation find this course a good value addition and the instructor is engaging. You can check more about our work at

von Jean-Emmanuel A

27. Okt. 2016

Good structure. Interactive. And right example. However some comments : Valerie uses a lot the word to focus and ignore the potential of the diffuse mode of the brain to enhance creativity. And also Valery, really, I don't care about what shirt you are wearing.

von Joshua W

22. Jan. 2016

Excellent course! I am continuing with the specialization and seeing the benefits in how I relate to my direct reports already. This is the personal management style I have been looking to develop, and what a great way to develop it by developing me. Thank you.

von Sofia K

4. Jan. 2021

In this seminar, I saw another perspective on things. I find it very interesting and I would like to go further to learn more. The presentation was very good and enjoyable the way the exercises were done. The only problem was finding an interlocutor at DUO


17. März 2019

This course is good , a classroom training and a face to face interaction with the directors and peers are important. This course will help you realize something important about yourself and how to grow as a leader , learn and unlearn new things.

von Jesse H

25. Dez. 2017

Really thoughtful material, makes you stretch. However, the technical aspects are a little shaky. You cannot order the book as it says you can, the conversation link sent to me did not work and no one was able to respond to me in time for it to work.

von Sylvaine B

5. Aug. 2020

The class is good but the peer-review process is not functionning well and one has to wait days/weeks before getting rated. I'm getting suspicious about the way it's done, to retain students longer in the class and renew subscriptions.

von Markos V

18. Juli 2019

The course is really informative, helps you understand your strengths and weaknesses as well as development needs. I would appreciate it if would be easier to do the teamwork exercises on line as it took me some time to organize

von Hervé L

6. Apr. 2016

I really enjoyed this MOOC, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to build or strenghten his/her leadership skills. The content of this mooc is really rich, and Valerie and her guest make it quite easy to learn.


15. Juni 2020

An awesome experience where you get to interact with a complete stranger (that was the best part). I got more insights about the primary senses and how to use them more effectively in terms of leadership.


13. Apr. 2020

Thanks to SR Leadership team !!

Self awareness , self confidence , communication skills development is guaranteed.

Opening up with engagement and focus , you will really enjoy.

Good luck :))

von Clement T

23. Sep. 2016

Bon MOOC avant d'appréhender le management. Permet de faire le point sur soi-même et d'avoir une idée un peu plus construite de la personne qu'on souhaite être en tant que leader/manager.

von Charles L

23. Mai 2018

good tool to make an introspection and to give us means to adapt ourserlves in a changing world by feeding our self confidence with inner elements and a greater sense of listening

von Jaqueline G C

29. Nov. 2018

I loved the savoir relier experience, i believe the course manages to give all the information a leader must have and it combines that knowledge with practical exercises.

von Sye

1. Jan. 2018

It is good start and the material is good maybe the editing could be better as having image of a lecturer moving like a floating yogi mid lecture is distracting and weird

von Esteban A

6. Feb. 2016

a little too slow, and a bit superficial on the difficult pieces. I would recommend to spend a little more time on the fundamentals, and a little less on the anecdotes.

von Jeffrey P

10. Nov. 2020

Though a thoroughly educational course, I ran into many issues such as being locked out of phases of the course, then being forced to reschedule completion dates.