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Storytelling is an essential part of leadership. Effective leaders communicate to inspire talent to excel; to partner with investors and communities; to engage with customers and clients and to grow their impact in the world as part of a global community. Cultivating an authentic, trustworthy and compelling narrative is vital to a leader’s success. This course helps leaders find their own story through personal branding; develop storytelling success with all constituencies; initiate an effective voice for crisis; interact well through social and third party media; and communicate a vision for innovation....



24. Jan. 2016

The subjects selected are relevant, the professors are very knowledgable, engaging and inspiring and they answer all the questions promptly.\n\nI enjoyed this course tremendously, highly recommended!


18. Mai 2020

it is very impactful course that I can apply for real world evidence and develop leadership communication skills and mindset. I strongly recommend for colleagues and friends who want to be success

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von Jose A R

30. Nov. 2020

The course is easy to follow and well-taught. The prospective student should be aware that the course is an overview of each of the topics (mainly personal brand, segmenting audience, communicating innovation, crisis response), rather than covering the topics in-depth. Personally, I found interesting the concepts of personal brand, and the crisis response.

von Joan L

1. Aug. 2019

Thank you for providing practical methodologies for building the stories. The Crisis Response approach was very useful.

I would prefer to have assignments each week than to combine them all into the the final week. This allows to integrate the learnings and also preparing and marking the assignments doesn't take as long.

von Alexandra S

15. Sep. 2017

Inspiring course with a lot of reasons about why storystelling is so important. But I feel I haven't learned enough about the techniques and tools of storytelling, also more examples or best cases would have been beneficial to get a better understanding about how one could apply storytelling.

von Kate S

7. Sep. 2021

The teachings could have been better cemented through more frequent knowledge checks and activities - the theory all blended into one, and I found it more focused on "pitching the benefit of storytelling" than "teaching us how to craft and deliver better stories".

von Alastair K

28. Dez. 2015

The final assignment could use a little bit of work, from a clarity standpoint. I actually think that the exercise is quite rewarding, but the expectations of, and directions for participants aren't entirely clear (and that's coming from a native English speaker).

von Marta A

14. Feb. 2022

I was looking forward to this course as I thought it would be extremely relevant. It would benefit of little quizzes after each module and more focus on the actual storytelling in presentations, not necessarily linked to leadership.

von Jia X

17. Juni 2016

Content is good, but exercises could be improved, should also add a few interactive quizzes (e.g. a quiz before the segment to ask what they think are the 3 - 4 factors of X,Y,Z; then a quiz at end to summarize). Also add sources.

von Arvind V

27. Okt. 2020

The high-level introduction to storytelling and what it encompass is really good. No weekly quiz or assignment, was a big minus. Also of the three reviews, at-least one from teaching group would be valuable.

von Tina E

28. März 2016

This was a good course although the assignment at the end left a lot of room for improvement. Instructions were not clear and as a result, most of the assignments I graded didn't meet the scoring matrix...

von Anastasiya N

29. Nov. 2015

I like the course and the material; I would suggest to include quiz, to the end of each section.

As well, it will be easier to write a story from final task after each section, not at the very end

von Deleted A

2. Feb. 2016

Needs to cover more material in a more engaging way. Felt too lecture-based and observational. Possibly story-telling itself needs to be anchored more to specific usage occasions.

von Hrushikesh J

30. Apr. 2021

The course and the syllabus is good but the way of teaching can be way more innovative and engaging like storytelling itself ! its more of ' one person giving lecture' format.

von Andres G C

16. Sep. 2020

Great material to think about. It could get better with clearer presentations, avoiding repetition of concepts and focusing more in practicing and generating the stories.

von Welly S

5. Dez. 2015

The first two weeks are focused on self growth, while the third is too focused on the company... I think it is a little bit incoherent. Anyway, it is a good course!

von Carla L

20. Juni 2016

It's a good course, with valuable information about Storytelling applied for Leadership in organizations. However, don't expect much depth in the classes.

von LISA H

13. Nov. 2021

T​his was a good course, but I think that quizzes or assignments with each module would have helped the information to sink in more fully.

von Mohamed A T K

4. Jan. 2016

Course is OK. Not too informative or too poor. However, it is in the same context with its specialization series.

von Filippos A K

8. Juni 2020

Very interesting and insightful. It would have benefitted though through more written assignments and exercises.

von Jerome m

14. Juli 2020

good, but a bit high level. Doesn't go enough in details or give you specific tools or examples / case studies

von Meganad M

14. Juli 2021

Project Submission and peer review time is too long and can be reduced

von Hamze G

19. Nov. 2015

The topic was so intersting but the content was not enought practical!

von Fellipe M F

16. Dez. 2015

Very good, I missed a deepening of Storytelling elements

von Julian M V

24. Jan. 2016

I think that this course could have more content.

von Narisa P

23. Feb. 2019

Too generic

von Richard K

8. Mai 2020

Not quite the depth of information I was looking for. When it came time to review work, it seemed many students were in the forum in search of reviews rather than posting in the assignment area.