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Bewertung und Feedback des Lernenden für Learning Chinese : Start From Scratch (零到一學中文) von National Taiwan University

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Über den Kurs

This is a six-week introductory course in Mandarin Chinese conversation. The course will be taught completely in Mandarin, however students are not expected to have any experience learning Chinese. This course’s main objective is to study practical conversation. By watching videos showing various kinds of situations, learners will recognize and understand vocabulary, pair everyday words together with grammar to form short phrases, and learn the correct way to express words used in day-to-day life....
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von Marlon H

3. Apr. 2021

The structure to learn very interesting, but difficult. Because even though one see the same that persons are doing. A person can think in different words and therefore miss the proper translation for what is happening.

von Elizabeth N C

9. Juni 2021

The course is well structured but it is missing to put the subtitles in English in the dialogues and in the example of each lesson

von Igor J Ú M

3. Juni 2021

This is no beginners' course. I am not a beginner and it's hard for me. I will tell you everything that is wrong with the first part of the first week. I didn't continue because, despite how much the instructor keeps on saying "we learned," there is no learning experience.

This is my opinion as a high beginner Chinese learner and as a foreign language teacher: There is too much vocabulary and too many characters. Learners of Chinese with no knowledge of Chinese characters need a phonetic system such as hanyu pinyin not tens of Chinese Characters.

The instructor introduces characters, but does not clarify the meaning. The students in the videos use words that translate to please, drink, tea, very, etc., which the true learner won't get from the videos on this course.

And the most ridiculous part is, besides the poor audio quality, the lip-reading quizzes! What language skill is lip-reading? NTU is the top university in Taiwan and in the top 100 worldwide, but now I understand why students humorously say that NTU stands for No Teaching University.

von Deleted A

12. Nov. 2020

The lectures are given in chinese and some parts lack english translation making it impossible to understand without knowing chinese. Maybe this course teaches chinese, but you must already know chinese to learn it.

von Alejandra

15. Apr. 2020

I disliked the questions, those were not really to test what you learned but to trick you, how can I know what the people in the video of the question are saying when the videos have no sound?