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Learners will be introduced to designing lesson plans based on principles and knowledge of learning objectives, assessment plans, methods, materials, and learning activities. Learners will find and prepare appropriate teaching materials through careful analysis, adaptation and creation of professional resources. Learners will also reflect on the cohesion between lesson design and teaching philosophies....
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31. Jan. 2021

What makes these courses is fun are the instructors. I love their role-playing, and they make me laugh sometimes. Not that the material is difficult, but the instructors keep things from getting dull.


4. März 2021

The course content is so beneficial. I'm now able to make a stunning lesson plan, thanks to the effort of these amazing professors. You are building a community of good teachers of English language.

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von Katie

28. Dez. 2017

This course was review for me - but I wish it had been the first way I was introduced to planning lessons. The step by step process was incredibly helpful and the final project useful. Thanks!

von Bishoy T

24. Sep. 2022

One of the most beneficial and enjoyable courses I have taken on the Coursera platform is incredible. This course's materials are extremely good. Furthermore, professors' explanations and approaches are enjoyable, simple, and phenomenal. This course taught me a lot about lesson plan design and objectives, particularly from the three teachermodels provided; about giving models, different types of assessment, and how learners are evaluated...

Thank you to the University of Arizona for offering this second course in the TESOL certificate programme and for allowing me to study there, as well as the Coursera platform for providing us with this scientific momentum. I sincerely thank the professors for their hard work with us and for the valuable scientific material presented in this course.

von 曾心慧

4. Apr. 2022

A wonderful learning experience! The content presentation and the teachers made this course easy to digest. I took a small course regarding teaching and translation before during university and making a lesson plan during that course made me give up the possibility of becoming a language teacher. After I graduated and has been working for a few years, I decided to give myself another chance to teach and I found this online TESOL. Making a lesson plan had been something I'm afraid I can't overcome and here I'm accomplishing this course and liking lesson planning.

von Karen S

25. Mai 2022

I really enjoyed being guided through this step-by-step process of developing a lesson plan like this. & see it evolve infront of your eyes. It is actually fun to then fill out the form. I never enjoyed filling out forms before. I am finding this amature acting distractive since acting is totally different these days. It serves no purpose here. Please take out this violent street language at the end where Dr. Dixon reacts to his collegue & says, did she slash my tires now in the parking lot? This is a university class and not a street environment.

von Steven V

28. Apr. 2021

Honestly, these certification courses I have completed through ASU have taught me more in the past 4 courses, than my university has taught me in the past year. During my semester break, I have been spending my time doing each of these courses and it has been so fun and so refreshing I do not even notice the time passing by from everything I have learned. I cannot recommend this enough to anyone who wants to learn about teaching even if you do not plan on teaching abroad. The information here is invaluable. If I could give this more stars, I would.

von Aminah B

4. Aug. 2020

Another great course that's taught me so much about teaching English as a second or foreign language. Being a native English speaker, I'd think to myself, "how hard can teaching English really be?" It's not that it's hard per se, it's that there needs to be guardrails and techniques in place so that learning English for the student is like being handed a nicely sliced piece of delicious cake! This course gave me a lot of tools, tips, and techniques to make teaching English make sense.

von Kelly N

30. Okt. 2019

I learned a lot in this course!! I knew that my teaching was good but I didn't realise that I could make it better by making minor changes. I also didn't realise that I was doing some of the things suggested in this course. It's a relief to know that I've been doing certain things right and not just hoping that I was doing okay simply because there had been no bad feedback. Through this, I can better plan my lesson and no longer believe it is sheer luck my students are learning.

von Afiga M

4. Mai 2022

It is very nice to write here again. The course was very clear explanied , tasks were interesting. Here,in my country, we are teaching curriculum but I have never understood it clearly. Thanks to our teachers I began to understand it well after the course "Lesson design and assessment".I will try hard till the end ,Inshallah. Thank to all teachers Dr.Shane Dixon, Dr. Justin Shewell and Jessica Cinco. And also Coursera that gives us a chance to enroll such great courses🌹🙂

von Makarova N

25. Okt. 2022

Taking Teach English Now! Lesson Design and Assessment course, this is another step for succuess! The course appeared to be practical and fruitful for me. With taking the course I felt more confident when planning and conducting lessons. We know, that all learned knowledge before at university, has tendency to vanish, become obsolete. Thus, the coursera course is something special for me, that provides substantial set of skills, recalls knowledge. They are priceless!

von Hina M

19. Okt. 2020

This course is nothing short of an eye-opener even for an experienced teacher. Paying complete attention to everything being taught here is sure to make you a better teacher. Most teachers are simply unaware of what it would take to become more effective at teaching. Well, here are a ton of things you'll get to learn. The presenters on this course, Dr. Shane Dixon and Ms. Cinto are truly top-notch! Thanks for the opportunity to learn!

von Polina A

25. Juni 2017

In my case knowledge comes after the actual experience teaching based on the latest TESOL studies, where I could polish my own lessons and get the gist of what I am to instruct to perform and let my students learn with the best efficiency. This course is the reinforcement of my practical skills and fully answers all of my questions. I am enjoying it and looking forward to become a certified professional. It is really fun to study!

von Dmitrii K

1. Jan. 2021

The course is very practise-oriented and teaches you how to create your own lesson plan from scratch. Considering that nowadays we have got lots of different materials available, it might give us an excuse of using the plans already introduced by the books. However, even if you follow any book precisely, this course is vital to understand why, how and what to do during the lesson even if everything is planed for you.

von Addie S

2. Mai 2019

Skills I've learned in this course (to lesson plan and assess students) are applicable for ESL or ANY other subject! I was teaching English composition in a local community college while taking this course and found that it overlapped with what I was teaching currently--even though it was tailored to an ESL classroom. Lesson planning and assessing is needed regardless what you teach. Super helpful!

von Saule I

18. Mai 2022

My name is Saule. I am from Kazakhstan. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all organizers, teachers and the whole staff of Arizona State University. Thank you so much! I really enjoyed your course. It was very useful for lesson designing and it was fun.

I am so grateful to all our teachers who did their best teaching us how to make our lessons effective for learners' comprehension.

von Adriana S

18. Feb. 2018

I think this course was much more than i expected, it provided me with clear instruction, yet i felt very comfortable to develop my own ideas. It is not only useful to lesson design, but to understand how my learning process really works. I´m looking forward with excitement for the capstone project, and then the next course. Thank you to all the people involved in making this course happen :)

von Karimzada G V

5. Apr. 2020

That is the most helpful course. Lesson plan designing is taught part by part and additional materials are provided. You do not only watch the lessons but also have to write your lesson plan along the course. If you have any difficulty, just go to the discussion board and get help from your classmates and mentors. I am so grateful to Amazon University team and especially to Dr.Shane Dixon.

von Leyla A

16. Aug. 2022

That was an excellent journey that I did and had much fun. Thank you all who gıve their great effort. By your directions I really catch what I missed till now in my teachership. I mostly liked your judgement about three teacters' lesson plan. It gave me a lot of knacks. You are really a great and helpful team that help us all over the world to learn how to teach better.

I Cant thank enough.

von Людмила С

29. Jan. 2020

I'm very grateful to Arizona State University and its genious professors for providing such a wonderful experience. The course gave me a clear explanation of the most efficient ways of lesson planning which is a foundation of successful teaching. Moreover, it was done in an amazing and creative manner. This course inspires me to become as enthusiastic about teaching as the professors.

von Ahmed A A A

17. Juni 2020

The course instructors, Dr. Shane Dixon and Dr. Jessica Cinco are just brilliant! the way they deliver knowledge is exciting and vivid.

the course content is really rich and helps a lot in sharpening my academic knowledge about teaching and the learning process. it is 100% recommended for those who would like to have a solid ground in teaching as a career.

Ahmed Alaa Ahmed Abbas

von Sawaiz R

30. Sep. 2020

It was such a wonderful experience! Loved and enjoyed every bit of it. Dr. Dixon and Ms. Cinco are amazing teachers and together they make a great team. Their Jack and Jill digs have to be my most favourite part about this course. They made it a lot more fun and interesting by adding to the hilarity of their presentation! Way to go! I cannot wait to learn more from these two.

von Libby L

6. Juli 2017

This course was a big jump from the previous two. It was the start of the creative portion of the class. I felt the need to supplement this course with additional readings. And I had to revise my ideas a couple times as well. The peer review system can bring some difficulties, but I think past week 3 everyone was on the same page. Overall, a good formative challenge.

von JC M

28. Feb. 2017

I think this information has helped me a lot. First, it made me reconsider planning in a more holistic, meaningful way, from objectives to assessment: secondly, I now see assessment not just as a way of grading, but of learning about needs: finally, it stirred my interest in the rubric theory, and I am sure it is making my life easier, and my students will benefit.

von THU T

11. Feb. 2020

I would like to say thanks a lot to all staff members of this course. After joining this course, I achieved a lot of useful knowledge and teaching skills. The most outstanding feature is learning through observation and practice. Assignment every week requires me to imagine how am I to be a teacher in a real class. It is very helpful to be a good English teacher!

von Nicholas ( M

23. Jan. 2019

The videos explained approaches to lesson design and assessment clearly and accessibly. Assignments built on the video materials, and encouraged me to examine how the elements of lesson design - and assessment - can fit together. I appreciated how one week's assignment connected with the preceding week's work while leading into assignments to follow. Well-done!

von Mayya S

14. Feb. 2016

Thank you very much for your course!

I'm not an English teacher and I took the first course of this specialization just because I wanted to practice my English. But since that moment I've used any opportunity to listen to Jessica Cinco and Dr. Shane Dixon. The MOOC was done in a great manner with interesting tasks and humor. I relax when I watch these videos!