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Learners will be introduced to designing lesson plans based on principles and knowledge of learning objectives, assessment plans, methods, materials, and learning activities. Learners will find and prepare appropriate teaching materials through careful analysis, adaptation and creation of professional resources. Learners will also reflect on the cohesion between lesson design and teaching philosophies....
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31. Jan. 2021

What makes these courses is fun are the instructors. I love their role-playing, and they make me laugh sometimes. Not that the material is difficult, but the instructors keep things from getting dull.


14. Juli 2017

This course has an excellent structure for helping you put together a lesson plan and assessment. I love how each facet is explained so that we can see where our mistakes lie and how we can improve.

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von Jenny V J

14. Jan. 2021

I love this course! I don't know where to even begin in creating a lesson plan but this course guided me throughout the process. I found the sample demos of the 3 teachers really helpful. As usual, the class is engaging and motivating! Thank you to all the instructors!

von José D C M

28. Nov. 2020

It's the best course we can take as an English Teacher, because It helped me to understand how easy a plan can become when I focus in Assessments. And to learn how a class should be designed in the best way when we follow the keys steps. Thank you. I am so greatful!

von Blakely C A

27. März 2020

Excellent course. This course has inspired me to get my teaching portfolio together like never before. I would also recommend that you get the books that Dr. Dixon and Dr. Shewell have written for TESOL. They can be found on Amazon for Kindle. Very helpful.

von Lulu F

5. Sep. 2021

I really enjoy the lesson and the fact that this course provides examples by comparing 3 teachers to give perspectives on what's good and what's bad in designing and deivering a lesson is really awesome!!! Thank you to all the professors and ASU TESOL team!

von Diobelys A D J

19. Okt. 2021

Excellent course! I have learned a lot. I had been an English teacher for 10 years before I completed this course, and yet it surprised me a lot with concept and content I learned here. I recommend it to everyone who wants to be an English Language teacher.

von Yersaiynova Z

11. Jan. 2021

It has been great knowledge receiving time for me. I was looking forward especially for this course because I felt like I needed more knowledge in terms of lesson planning and all the many details concerning this area. Feel thankful for all course creators.

von Kathy A

31. Jan. 2017

This was especially helpful in knowing how to transition from one phase to another. I especially liked the three teacher model. Thank you for designing this in such a comprehensive manner and for showing us the why of each step- Very practical information

von Youness L

15. Feb. 2021

I have learned immensely from this course and from all the advices offered by Dr Dixon and Jessica Cinco. Their nonchalant teaching and sense of humor made the course very inviting and less intimidating. I congratulate all the team for their hard work.

von Manuel G

2. Juli 2021

Un curso muy bien planeado, el cual me permitió recordar conceptos olvidados así como aprender nuevos conceptos. Es muy didáctico y cuenta con la práctica suficiente para lograr la adquisición de conocimientos y retención en la memoria a largo plazo

von Fernando U P

9. Jan. 2017

This course was so fun. Even if there was a lot of theory involved, it never got boring. I think that as you progress in the specialization, the courses get a little more challenging in a good way. Thanks to all the teachers and personnel involved.

von Tepatasi G

6. Jan. 2023

A great experience and learning opportunity that has helped me prepare influential and effective lessons to my students.

Thank you so much for this opportunity. I highly recommend this to teachers looking to improve in their personal development.

von Harshana S

3. Sep. 2018

Such a crucial course to take on, especially when you are still learning how to teach. This really gives a lot of structure and support to teachers out there. Love every minute of the videos, assignments and the entire course! Highly recommended!

von Corazon S

11. Jan. 2021

This course really helps me a lot of knowledge, I do not have any educational background and experience in teaching ESL, but through watching the videos and reading all the materials related to teaching I gain motivation in trying to teach ESL.

von Andy A

10. Juli 2021

This course certainly provides a wonderful foundation on how to build a proper lesson with clear, humorous and succinct analysis and explanation. Great shoutout to the teachers of ASU Global launch for producing such a wonderful course!

von Polina v R

19. Juni 2020

This course is the most helpful so far. Even though I am already a teacher, I still got some new and useful information that I could apply to my lessons. It is always good to see new perspectives and methods that could help you improve.

von Jeffrey Z

23. Okt. 2022

Well presented, useful and nicely modeled ... great opportunities for practice. A perfect blend of theory and activity. I do wish, overall, that those who peer review would provide more feedback however. That information is important!

von Anzhella Z

20. Aug. 2021

This course is fantastic! Everything is structured so I understood how to create lesson plan easily. I found a great deal of new information that definetely will help me in maki ng my lessons more interactive and interesting! Thank you

von Alisa W

13. Nov. 2017

Each course is excellent. Truly--I'm a tough critic, but the videos are engaging with the costumes and scenarios. I like the analogies. The material is presented in an unerstandable way and the assignments are not a waste of time.

von Rubén D E M

1. Okt. 2017

Lesson design is challenging because you have to align all that theory you have inside your mind in order to give a clear and comprehensible class. This course depicts a thorough framework and updated activities to achieve that goal.

von Menna R

6. Sep. 2019

It is a great course . I have learned a new skill and now more qualified and confidence to make a good lesson plan and run a class .

Thank you Coursera to give me the opportunity .

Thanks to all contribute in this course .


von George L

25. Okt. 2020

Great lessons on how to develop a lesson plan that is focused on the objectives and teaching in a way that allows students to use critical thinking to truly gain knowledge which is "sticky", not just memorization which is fleeting.

von Nova R D R

7. Juli 2020

This course is very useful and I learned so many! Being a newbie in the field of academe, what I gained from this course helped me to improve my lesson plan and assessment preparation! Bravo to ASU especially to the ASU professors!

von Cassiano R

6. Juni 2020

Loved this course. If you’re a teacher, this course is a must, you learn things about lesson planning you’ve never thought of. As for myself, I learned ways of planning a lesson that will help me assess my students in a better way.

von Waraporn P P

25. Juli 2019

The content and materials used in this course are very practical and applicable to any context of teaching. The instructors are greatly energetic; their passion to impart teaching experience and tips inspired me to keep dynamic.

von Anna M C

21. Jan. 2018

It was my very big pleasure taking part in this course! veeery profesional and rich in content. I found out so many interesting and useful things. I would higly recommend this part! Thank you very much and greeting from Poland:)