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This course dives into the basics of machine learning using an approachable, and well-known programming language, Python. In this course, we will be reviewing two main components: First, you will be learning about the purpose of Machine Learning and where it applies to the real world. Second, you will get a general overview of Machine Learning topics such as supervised vs unsupervised learning, model evaluation, and Machine Learning algorithms. In this course, you practice with real-life examples of Machine learning and see how it affects society in ways you may not have guessed! By just putting in a few hours a week for the next few weeks, this is what you’ll get. 1) New skills to add to your resume, such as regression, classification, clustering, sci-kit learn and SciPy 2) New projects that you can add to your portfolio, including cancer detection, predicting economic trends, predicting customer churn, recommendation engines, and many more. 3) And a certificate in machine learning to prove your competency, and share it anywhere you like online or offline, such as LinkedIn profiles and social media. If you choose to take this course and earn the Coursera course certificate, you will also earn an IBM digital badge upon successful completion of the course....



6. Feb. 2019

The course was highly informative and very well presented. It was very easier to follow. Many complicated concepts were clearly explained. It improved my confidence with respect to programming skills.


8. Okt. 2020

I'm extremely excited with what I have learnt so far. As a newbie in Machine Learning, the exposure gained will serve as the much needed foundation to delve into its application to real life problems.

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von Ashraf S

7. Okt. 2019

I think PCA would've been a very useful clustering method to teach. AUC are a great way to measure the effectiveness of a logistic regression algorithm, it would've been useful to learn here.

von aaditya r

5. Aug. 2019

Very nice course with very less time .

But i though there should be some mathematical explanation in detail what i observed there is lack of mathematical explanation.. overall course is good

von Pierre P

24. März 2020

That course was very instructive and provides a very good start in the field. The instructors could dive a little bit into more into technical details, or give more examples of algorithm.

von Abhishek b

30. Dez. 2019

its a great journey along with coursera family and very thankful of sponsering such good course.i have enjoyed alot and learning so much from you.its my pleasure to i done this course!

von Jose L B P

27. Apr. 2022

Great course if you have a previous knowledge in ML and python, because there's not much deepening into every subject. Useful labs to understand the coding, but with not much difficulty

von Ed B

27. März 2020

Good course to introduce us to the fundamentals of ML. Some of the routines used are becoming deprecated in the notebooks, and there are quite some spelling errors within the notebooks.

von James S

19. Nov. 2021

The modules and in particular the Labs are good background, pay attention to the optional labs because you are going to need it to complete the final project! :) really good learning

von Francesco C

28. Okt. 2021

course is a good introduction for people who know 0 about ML (like me). I highly suggest to learn a bit of Pandas, Numpy and Scikit before taking the course, it's highly advantageous.

von Stefan W

22. Jan. 2020

Great content, peer review process can be a bit painful if someone has submitted a messy, hard-to-trace notebook with a lot of redundant / incorrect cells obfuscating the work.

von Nur C N

20. Juli 2019

Quite good in explanation and structured. Can be better by providing more sample study case and comment in each sample code to provide more explanation. Nice course!!! Thanks.

von Armen M

15. Apr. 2020

Good course, could have been even better if the coding part was explained in the videos. Instead, it was left to figure out yourself. Still, I appreciate the video lectures.

von Oliver E A B

25. März 2020

The course has good explanations of the statistical background and is very practical, but it is unclear how good is the final project, you did it wrong? You will never know.

von Hui Y O

22. Aug. 2020

Easy to understand, step-by-step. The only downside is that there are some bugs found in the lab which cannot be fixed, even many people have already conveyed to the admin.

von André M

21. Nov. 2020

The content of the course is great and it's very instructive. Although I think that the certificate approval system should be harder and more inspected by the instructors.

von Aatmik J

7. Mai 2020

I think IBM Watson site has been updated after this course was last updated. Therefore, there are some differences in the final project guidance videos and actual website.

von Shubham S

27. Juli 2019

A really great course with loads of hands on coding experience. But some concepts need to be explained more deeply. Really happy to complete this & receive a certificate !

von Liam M

31. Jan. 2019

Good stuff. Useful final project. More in depth research required if you want to actually learn how these algorithms work though - outside the scope of the course I guess.


30. Dez. 2020

Good course. I think the final project could be more interesting even but the peer review has to be optimized such that it avoids unfair ratings, either for good or bad.

von Carolina B

3. Feb. 2020

I think more practice exercise with more variety in difficulty would be really help - as well as links to resources to practice key items (like nesting loops in python)

von Pratibha S

28. Apr. 2020

It is one of the best courses for understanding the basics of Machine Learning. Moreover, it also includes hands on experience with different classifiers on notebook.

von Mihaly K

6. Nov. 2019

There should be assignments every week, not just quizzes. Too easy to pass this way, not enough practice, at least if you already know the basics of machine learning.

von Brian B

14. Dez. 2020

Great hands-on practice with many different modeling methods. A fun final project too. Just has a few technical and typo glitches that keep it from a perfect score.

von Sucheta

1. Okt. 2019

Nicely designed course on ML. All labs are very well structured which help to understand the concepts. Final project is a good test of the lessons learnt in course.

von Ahad

19. Feb. 2019

A good and detailed course on machine learning.A very good course for beginners to understand machine learning.

The final assignment was very insightful and helpful.

von Nabeel A

28. Juli 2020

Loved the way of teaching, the course was worthy and I boosted my skills but the content was not too vast which I was expecting , very easy to complete the course