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Machine learning is the science of getting computers to act without being explicitly programmed. In the past decade, machine learning has given us self-driving cars, practical speech recognition, effective web search, and a vastly improved understanding of the human genome. Machine learning is so pervasive today that you probably use it dozens of times a day without knowing it. Many researchers also think it is the best way to make progress towards human-level AI. In this class, you will learn about the most effective machine learning techniques, and gain practice implementing them and getting them to work for yourself. More importantly, you'll learn about not only the theoretical underpinnings of learning, but also gain the practical know-how needed to quickly and powerfully apply these techniques to new problems. Finally, you'll learn about some of Silicon Valley's best practices in innovation as it pertains to machine learning and AI. This course provides a broad introduction to machine learning, datamining, and statistical pattern recognition. Topics include: (i) Supervised learning (parametric/non-parametric algorithms, support vector machines, kernels, neural networks). (ii) Unsupervised learning (clustering, dimensionality reduction, recommender systems, deep learning). (iii) Best practices in machine learning (bias/variance theory; innovation process in machine learning and AI). The course will also draw from numerous case studies and applications, so that you'll also learn how to apply learning algorithms to building smart robots (perception, control), text understanding (web search, anti-spam), computer vision, medical informatics, audio, database mining, and other areas....



Aug 11, 2017

Very nicely explained the mathematical topics, even for people like me with some phobia regarding large formulas. Useful hands-on experience with MATLAB coding, which I would have had to learn anyway.


Mar 31, 2018

Perhaps the greatest instructor and the greatest course, I enjoyed it so much I had continued to do it in between my exams and looking forward fto start or deeplearning,ai specialization in a few days

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von Vincent R

Mar 10, 2019

Excellent cours, très progressif et très didactique. J'ai appris énormément de choses et je pense que cette formation m'aidera dans mon parcoursprofessionnel.

von Akash j

Jul 19, 2018

I just want to say that because of this course i directed my career towards the machine learning and artificial intelligence.This course starts every topic from scratch and give all the details about the ground level intuitions used in machine learning algorithms used these days.Discussion forum is very interactive,Overall it was a nice experience.

von Frances H

Dec 28, 2017

Easy to learn and Andrew opened a door for us to learn this new Machine Learning area. Thank you so much.

von Christian L

Nov 27, 2018

Der Machine Learning Kurs von Andrew Ng ist sehr Umfangreich und super lehrreich. Seine Kursvideos bieten einfache und schnelle Einblicke in verschiedenste AI Themen. Lediglich die abschließenden PDF Zusammenfassungen könnten etwas ausführlicher sein, aber so neigt man dazu sich selbst auch Notizen zu machen und kann im Zusammenspiel mit den kleinen Programmieraufgaben auch alles gut verstehen.

von Amber S

Sep 10, 2015

The way the course has been structured is marvelous. I have never been able to grasp something new at such a speed.

von Ganesh P

Dec 22, 2015


von Nima N

Nov 20, 2016

Thank you Andrew Ng and thank you Coursera. this course was of the best online courses that I've ever had. The assignments was not hard but very effective and I learnt so much form it

von rushikesh b

Jul 03, 2018

best course in machine learning for beginners !

von Pierre B

Nov 29, 2016

Excellent course and great Professor. Prof. Andrew Ng. provides in this course a great introduction to machine learning algorithm and details the steps required for understanding the computation underneath. It's a long course and some of the assignments are challenging. That makes the completion of the course and the certificate of achievement even more worthwhile.

von Angelina V

Jan 22, 2016

Clear paradigmatic presentation for anyone who designs an online course. Very easy to follow sometimes too easy for someone with math and cs background. can go through the lectures fast.

von Matt J

Mar 28, 2017

Excellent course, lots of very useful techniques. Thanks!

von Sreekanth V P

Dec 29, 2017

Andrew Ng way of presenting complex things in an understandable manner is simply remarkable. My understanding of the concepts which were all over my head earlier became better with this course..

von Dean K

Nov 15, 2018

Overall amazing. Easily the best online class I have taken. I would like to see the last few "weeks" of work updated to be more challenging and interesting. They definitely lag compared to the first several chapters. But thanks for everything!

von Sébastien T

Jul 28, 2019

Very good introduction to Machine learning, with nice lectures and precise videos. Excellent application exercises, with good support coming from Forum

von Bill H

May 02, 2018

Like to thank professor Wu, uhh Ng for his vision and spirit of sharing. Special thanks go to Tom and all the people who put this course together. This is a piece of art and well deserve the reputation of Stanford 's prestige

von Tengyu M

Apr 05, 2018

I really love this class! I learned a lot from it and want to say thank you for all you guys who put efforts on this class.

von Rama K

Sep 19, 2018

Thank you for providing this course and for being a great teacher.

von rajib

Aug 19, 2019

This course is outatanding

von Johannes N

Sep 27, 2015

Andrew Ng did a great job with this course. He covers algorithms and others tools to do machine learning. Being new to machine learning I believe I got an idea what it is about and how to apply the methods.


Oct 10, 2019

Despite of being a long and difficult course, it is the best course on Machine Learning that I have ever taken. The concepts are presented in a very clear way, yet the most difficult. II know much more Machine Learning than before. Now, I feel to be able to appy ML in a better way. Thank you very much Andrew Ng.

von Ravikumar G

Oct 26, 2016

This is a great course with great content led by a great teacher. The course struck the right balance between breadth and depth of the topic. This is my first course in Coursera platform and I am very impressed with the quality of content and delivery.


Jan 06, 2017

Excellent course materials.

von Kristian H

Oct 18, 2015

A great online course! While taking this facinating course I have found myself discussing the content with several of my friends which is normally not possible when studying such geeky topics. You will get a much better sense of what is possible and what is still not possible, how long it takes to implement, how to do it, etc. This is much more useful as an introduction to machine learning than reading a book.

von Antony R

Sep 16, 2016

This is an excellent course. I knew virtually nothing about machine learning prior to doing this course, and now I feel I have a good understanding of the various models and their underlying assumptions, applications and limitations. Prof. Andrew Ng is a superb teacher - a leader in his field who is prepared to take the time to carefully and patiently explain the ML concepts in detail but with an eye to their practical application. I am most grateful to him and his team for taking the time to put together such a wonderful course.

von Michael C

Aug 08, 2017

Thank you for providing so brilliant course! I am planing to enrol the Deep Learning course.