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Peter Drucker, a pioneer in the field of management, once said that people have a perverse tendency to behave like human beings. Of course, we are not machines, and certainly not programmable. But through the study of organizational behavior, we can gain insights into what makes people tick within a work context. Increasing your understanding of your own behavior and that of your colleagues, teams and leaders, is an important first step to bringing positive change to how you and your organization work. The objective of this course is therefore to provide insight into four key areas: • Motivation. In this course segment we will understand the concept of motivation and review various perspectives that will help you understand how we can motivate others. • Leadership. In this part of the course, we will analyze the concept of leadership and consider various perspectives and approaches to help shed light on leadership emergence and effectiveness. • Teamwork. Here we look at team functioning and effectiveness. Using the widely used input – process – output model of team effectiveness, we consider such topics as team diversity, team processes, and team outcomes. • Culture. Finally, we'll move to the level of the organization and consider the concept of organizational culture, also touching upon the concept of national culture. We look at the various ways in which culture is expressed, and discuss the implications of culture for people within organizations and cross-cultural collaborations....



5. Okt. 2020

Awesome cause here, that makes understanding how people behave and to motivate them. It has changed my way of thinking and for me to judge less as to why people do what they do. I recommend this all.


10. Feb. 2020

An excellent foundational course on managing people. I particularly appreciated the academic theory serving as the backbone of the course. Professor Raes was also especially good. Highly recommended!

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von Egidio F

20. Mai 2021

Great course! Touches on several theories that explain individuals and team behaviour. By being aware of that one would be more prepared to identify gaps and act on corrections in order to have the best team engagement and performance.

von Dinko O

17. Nov. 2016

Course deals with many interesting theories about motivation, leadership, teamwork and culture. However, it lacks practical examples and case studies (there is only one in the last week). I liked the required reading material, but I did not find videos very engaging.

von Bhuvan T

22. Juli 2016

It is theoretical, which is nice, but more practical example like case study would have kindled my interest to go for the certificate.

von Melanie H

3. Mai 2021

This course had too much theory, and very little (if any) practical information on managing people. If you just like hearing theories on management that are 20+ years old, this may be right for you, but if you truly hope to gain a better understanding on how to lead others, try something else. I even found an error on one of the tests (regarding Blanchard's Situational Leadership theory, which I know quite well), making me wonder how accurate the rest of the information was.

I'm assigning two stars because I did enjoy hearing some of the theories, so the course was not a complete waste of time and money, but I don't feel that I got much out of it in the long run.

von Minori C

29. Okt. 2017

Good content with specially made video, but could have borrowed a book at the local library for free. I had technical issues where my assignments were not accepted even though I followed instructions fully. There was no response from the school on the issue and worse, they charged $79 extra without prior consent, and wouldn't refund.

von Deleted A

11. Dez. 2020

fuck you.....

von Serena V

9. März 2022

Really good oveview on the theoretical aspects. The assignment at the end is a good way to reason ont he theory and try to put it into practice.

The only thing I miss with the type of course is the interaction witht he teaher and the other students, as sometimes a question can generates really interestng disucssions and bring in more ideas.

Some reccomendations on future readings to deepen the knowledge in certain fields would also be nice.

von Nurjemal J

29. Juli 2019

I liked the course a lot. Professor Anneloes Raes was fabulous in presenting the material in a very simple way. Compare to other courses on people management and leadership this was very practical clearly demonstrating how we can apply in our work different concepts and theories. This was indeed very useful.

von Sahil D

15. Aug. 2022

This course me entirely new perspectives about people's behavior as well as my own. I received great insights about Motivation, Leadership, Teamwork and Culture. Prof. Raes is a fantastic teacher. She made the entire course a fun learning experience. Thank you Coursera, IESE Business School and Prof. Raes.

von Mehran

29. Mai 2022

In my opinion the information that is provided in this course is significantly accurate in terms of social psychology, emotional theories in psychology and etc. and I realy enjoyed the way that the whole course gathered to provide the high educational resources for anyone with any background of studies.

von Michelle S

17. Juni 2021

I really enjoyed this course! This course has provided very in-depth insights into four keys area such as motivation, leadership, culture and teamwork which I personally think it would be really helpful in my work. Thank you Professor Anneloes and IESE.

von Olena M

1. Aug. 2019

The course is extremely useful. I especially value the concentration of material over learning time ratio. Very intense. I wish only we could have lecture notes in a PDF format, so that we could come back to them wehn we forget something in time.

von Riccardo D

8. März 2019

Very useful course. I really appreciated each part of the course and the teaching was extremely clear. I personally had it at 1.25x speed because I found it a bit slow but the speed function really solves the "problem". Thanks for the course!


25. Sep. 2018

Great course and I would like to thank Prof. Anneloes Raes for her valuable knowledge and material provided through this course, you will be able to understand motivation, leadership as a process, team work, and Culture of organization.

von Ricardo J V M

5. Aug. 2022

The corse is well structured, good contents to develop managers at any level. This course provides candidates with cross managerial skills and I was simply privileged to participate in these 4 weeks, Super tool for managers.

von Thurangani P J D

27. Juli 2017

This training is highly useful and Lectures has been explained precise manner. I would like to recommend for other users to follow this course. If trainers can share power points with presentation highly appreciate.

von Joy D

26. Aug. 2021

This was a well planned course on Organizational Management. I gained insight into how to recognize the different forming structures that organizations may use, and what are the pros and cons of each type.

von Anne-Marie B

18. März 2021

As a Leader with 10+ years of leadership experience, the course is an eye opener and shows many different perspectives on how to lead teams efficiently and how to understand and interpret certain behaviors.

von Sankeira B

19. Okt. 2020

I learned quite a bit about proper leadership and the best ways to handle teams. A lot of theories I never considered with team building, leadership and cultural realities in the work place.


30. Okt. 2020

I would like to thank dear madam Kris and all the supporting staff, for their great endeavours to make this course a success. The lessons were very clear, informative and attractive.

von Rita C

29. Dez. 2020

I learned so many theories which I have not encountered in most of my trainings locally and abroad. I enjoyed every lesson, exam and assignment! Thank you for this course!

von EZRA V 1

31. Juli 2020

i thoroughly enjoyed the course it was very theoretical but helps in my understanding and the lectures were timed so that it wasnt too long and boring

von Ni K W

4. Okt. 2020

The course has provided some useful theoretical perspectives and practices that allow us to perform our work better, especially in managing people.

von Maria F M

7. Dez. 2020

Excelente curso, la articulación de contenidos esta bien integrada y la bibliografía recomendada fue util para profundizar los temas.

von Patrick A

2. März 2022

I liked the theoritical part. As there was a lot of different sources and references, this course offers a good summary / overview.