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This course examines how new digital tools, such as the Internet, smartphones, and 3D printing, are revolutionizing the world of marketing by changing the roles and practices of both firms and consumers. Marketing in a Digital World is one of the most popular courses on Coursera with over 500,000 learners and is rated by Class Central as one of the Top 50 MOOCs of All Time ( You will be able to: • Understand how digital tools are changing the nature of marketing • Explain how digital tools allow consumers to take a more active role in product development, promotion, placement, and pricing activities • Obtain a new set of concepts, tools, and stories to enhance your digital marketing efforts This course is part of Gies College of Business’ suite of online programs, including the iMBA and iMSM. Learn more about admission into these programs and explore how your Coursera work can be leveraged if accepted into a degree program at



27. Mai 2020

This is very helpful in making me learning about marketing in digital world. This is also going to be helpful for me in future. And as well the certificate of this will be beneficial for me in future.


8. Okt. 2019

With no prior knowledge of digital marketing, this course helped me to understand all the basic concepts and enhance my interest in marketing field. I have already enrolled myself into another course.

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von Yogesh H B

21. Apr. 2020

Very Informative course.....

von vishnu s

22. Apr. 2020

great learning

von Tejas D

21. Apr. 2020


von Teresa L

22. Sep. 2015

I liked that there were many practical exercises and it was talked about many crazy new technologies.

Still, I feel that there was a lot of subtle publicity throughout the course and sometimes the focus was more on the promoting a brand than the lesson and knowledge itself (ex. 3dhubs, the professors lab, Daqri, ....).

I understand that to understand better, we need examples, but I wonder if it could maybe be done in a different way.

Nevertheless, I learned a lot.Thanks a lot for all the lessons!

von Ira

26. Juni 2020

Before starting the Marketing in a Digital World, I read the comments and were really disappointed to see that the course is outdated and boring. However, I am sure a lot of stuff has been upgraded.

Reasons you should take this course:

1.It actually analyzes the market of the future.

2.Assignments given are really important.

3.All the given advices are interesting are helpful.

4.You will have an opportunity to learn basic marketing theory.

I had marketing class at my University, but this one is much more modern and interesting. Thanks to the instructors!:))

von Venson M T

13. März 2022

This course has helped me so much. I learned more from here than when I was in college. In addition, they have updated the videos and lessons. Thank you so much, Coursera, Professor Aric Rindfleisch, Gies College of Business, and University of Illinois!


4. Nov. 2020

This course can helped me to learn all about marketing in a digital world . This experience is helped me for my whole life. And the other the certificate of that course is beneficial for me in future

von Hichem B A

4. Sep. 2021

This course is nicely structured, the way of teaching is highly appreciated. If you want to dive into the world of digital marketing then I strongly recommend this one.

von Mangala G m

24. Juni 2021

It was an amazing insight about digital marketing with quiz , and assignments

von Sonali S

3. Nov. 2020

nice experince

von Eva B

25. Okt. 2016

The course was informative and engaging. However, the process of receiving peer reviews on exercises was extremely frustrating and detracted from my overall satisfaction with the course. Many people ignored the grading criteria and gave me a lower score than was warranted, despite having answered the question(s) fully, referencing lecture material and even including additional information sources (all of which was referenced with links). I know that I am not alone in this experience, as these types of comments come up frequently in the forum posts. Since there is no recourse for a poor grade other than to resubmit an exercise to a new cohort of peers and hope that they are more fairly critiqued, this grading process puts students at the mercy of peers who either do not understand or do not care about the instructions for grading each other's work.

von Sophia D

6. Aug. 2020

The learning material is quite good and I can genuinely say that I learned new things. However, I was disappointed by the peer rated assignments. It seemed that the majority of them were either plagiarized or spam. It made me think that Coursera should find ways to ensure that "real" people send in assignments. It was really disappointing to have to grade assignments and most of them to be copied + pasted or spammy. I was also disappointed by how I was graded by someone who clearly had a troll sort of account. They graded my responses as "insufficient" when I had clearly taken the effort to actually write something. This didn't affect in any way my grades or me finishing the course, but it still bugged me that the peer graded reviews were so... poorly executed.

von Robert M

5. Juni 2019

I was expecting more emphasis on marketing in a digital world in regards to what are some of the trends in digital marketing and felt too much time was devoted to 3-D printing and Local Motors. Then there wasn't much emphasis in marketing such as the shift in media, impact of social media, importance and collection of digital data, differences in traditional and digital marketing. How to use digital media in B2B businesses and its impact.

von Francesco R

16. Mai 2020

Good material so far, but full of trashy people who take it for free due to agreements between Coursera and their universities, write "success" as the complete answer to why a company is successful, giving each other great grades for the oh-so amazing effort, while giving you 0 when you actually spent 2 hours or more answering the same question, relying on good sources and proving each and every point. Great, right? Coursera, decide whether it's better to keep more paying customers who are actually here to learn or if you should give away certificates to people who will make their values sink, considering how they DO NOT study a single damned thing, yet they get the same certificate with even better grades. I'm going to contact their help desk, maybe they will actually do something about one of these amazing learners who rated each answer I wrote 0 out of 3 with a picture on his profile. I took screenshots proving my point, hopefully they will do something about this guy.

von Jithin S

6. Apr. 2020

Had a great expectation on this course. The syllabus seems to be outdated and no more relevant. It's more of theoretical based approach and not much practical. Things like customer co-creation were explained really good. The most distracting and irritating part during the video is the professor trying to keep holding his spectacle.

von Ayush S

18. Sep. 2020

worst course i have ever seen.

von Aditya T

15. Mai 2020

excellent course

von Rishikesh B

31. Juli 2020

I will distribute my review in terms of 'Glows' and 'Grows'. Glows being the areas that amazed me. And Grows being the areas that I think need improvement.


1. The assignments are so thought provoking. I have literally enjoyed spending hours doing research for my answers. My suggestions to all my peers who will be taking this course; please do the case studies sincerely. You will get to learn a lot.

2. The arenas related to digital markets influence on the traditional ways and concepts of marketing has been beautifully explored. My suggestions to all my peers who will be taking this course; This course is not just about learning these new concepts. It's equally important to learn how to learn. What I mean by the same is, the new concepts that this course will introduce you to like PWYW, 3D Printing and it's implication on market, e-commerce in case of heavy-engineering goods like Tesla's cars, are just the facade of the whole universe of digital market. Your takeaway should be the ways in which you can keep learning about a lot more of these new concepts and how to prepare a case study of your own.


1. Please make the research papers (HBR) available on a drive or something like that. Not all of us can afford a HBR subscription and we very often run out of the limit capped on registered accounts. The mandatory reading articles if provided as an attachment can help us explore some other articles using our access to other 4 free articles.

All the best to Prof. Rindfleisch, Gies College of Business and Coursera.

von Kimberly R V

15. März 2021

I truly enjoyed every minute of this course and gained valuable insights about Marketing. I would like to thank Prof. Aric for this brilliant course! The course materials; from the video lectures down to the assignments are interactive, engaging and insightful. I noticed that some of the content has been modified to include recent articles and academic journals to keep up with the changing time -- which is always a good thing for us students. I found all the concepts interesting which encouraged me to take on the honors track resulting to an honors certificate and now I am inspired to finish the entire specialization.

If there was a pain point in the entire learning process, it would be the peer-review process; I didn't have any issues submitting my work for grading and appreciate all of my peers who gave objective reviews, what was off-putting was incidences of plagiarized work which I encountered quite a number of times. I would suggest adding a second layer of filtering, a process that would identify repeat offenders more effectively, eliminating the frequency of such incidences.

Over-all taking this course is truly worthwhile, I highly recommend this course to students whether you're a beginner or someone in need of a refresher course on digital marketing this course is a great starting off point. Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Coursera support team for always addressing my inquiries in a prompt and proactive manner.

All the best to the Coursera community.

von Rosalie L

20. Okt. 2020

Excellent course with a brilliant instructor!

It is my first time taking a Marketing course, and I must say, Aric Rindfleisch never failed my expectations.

He is very well-versed in this subject. The topics he discussed and the examples he gave are very relevant, timely and thought-provoking. He captures the student's interest by sharing his own experiences related to the subject.

The course perfectly combines theories, lectures, video presentations and practical applications. Although I spend a lot of time reading and researching for the assigned case studies and exercises, it helped me gain a deeper understanding of the topic. I learned a lot, and I find it very engaging!

The peer grading portion of the course is a perfect way to hear your classmates thoughts and feedbacks as well as have some interactions with them through the discussion rooms for each case studies.

I can confidently say that I finished this course with flying colors! I highly recommended this course to everyone. It's worth your time and effort.

von Ricardo A C

4. Feb. 2021

Soy de México, trabajo en la industria automotriz en una marca japonesa y siempre me han interesado cursos de este tipo que me aporten en la creacion de estrategias para mi trabajo. Yo soy planeador de producto de vario modelos de dos marcas japonesas de la misma empresa y al ser dueño de diferentes modelos, este curso me ha dado material para desarrollar mis explicaciones y posicionamientos de mejor manera y poder explicar a las agencias de mercadotecnia, a la red de distribuidores, a la alta direccion cual es el posicionamiento, el cliente meta y el caracter de cada uno de mis modelos (sobre todo de los de marca premium) e idear una estrategia nueva de precios para los vehiculos, asi como la opcion de la adopcion de impresiones 3D para accesorios o refacciones.

ecomiendo mucho este curso y más porque veo como se actualiza cada cierto tiempo para mantener su relevancia y ejemplificar con casos recientes su temario.

von Mohammad H

23. Juli 2020

Greatly enjoyed this course.


-Basic concepts used as a framework for discussion (e.g. 4Ps)

-Technical innovations to incorporate (such as 3D printing, augmented reality)

-Trends that businesses need to keep an eye on (customer co-creation, managing negative brand image, a shift in the balance of power towards the individual, the customer) and a lot more.

I loved the hands on case studies, the supplemental readings and the discussion boards where I could see different perspectives from different parts of the world. Professor Aric has a pleasant and clear presentation style, and the learning seemed pretty effortless to me as I just worked through the material as presented.

Very glad I took this course, and moving on to the other courses in this specialization (and others, too).

The Coursera platform gives me an opportunity for flexible skill development, which is very precious to me.

von Ijenwa T O

13. Sep. 2022

This Course deeply explained the basic level Education we had on Economics about the 4Ps of the Marketing Mix: Product, Promotion, Placement & Price. Under these marketing mix there were other related sub topics like: Customer Co-creation, Sharing Economy, User Generated Content (UGC), Doppleganger Brand Images, New Retail, Self Manufacturing, Pay Want You Want (PWYW) & Freemium. I learnt a lot from the most interesting Case Study(s) ever in the likes of: Threadless, GoPro, Tesla & Panera. Also the Honors Assignments on Legos, Wikipedia, Thingiverse & It's Full of Sparks. My heartfelt appreciation goes to University of Illinois for accepting my financial aid and allowing me participate in this Course, The Professor, Mr. Aric and finally Coursera for this educative plate form. Thanks a million and I sincerely do appreciate!!


12. Nov. 2020

This is the first time I took such courses. I work in sales and it was very interesting for me to take this course. Special thanks to my teacher Arik Rindflisch for his lessons. Everything was very clear and accessible. I am not a native English speaker, it was important for me to grasp the meaning of the course. I am grateful to everyone who created this opportunity! To all those who are connected

Я впервые проходил подобные курсы. Я работаю в продажах и мне было очень интересно проходить этот курс. Особая благодарность моему преподавателю Арик Риндфлиш за его уроки. Все было очень понятно и доступно. Я не являюсь носителем английского языка, для меня важно было уловить смысл курса. Я благодарен всем кто создал подобную возможность! Всем тем кто связан

von Vivian N

6. Okt. 2021

I think the content and examples of the course are very good. I have fun learning with them and at the same time learn a lot. The flow of lessons is logical, easy to follow. Actually when I started this course I did not expect that much. (I think it s something very basic, because its the first course in the specialization. I like many case studies in the course: LEGO, t-shirt company etc. for the mobile game I suggest the professor to choose a more fun game ;) Just a tiny thing, the Professor speaks quite fast and his accent is quite difficult to hear (my personal opinion). He is so nice, but I sometimes lost tracks of him because of his voice (thanksfully there is the transcript). But all in all, the course is worth my efforts.