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We explore “10 things” that range from the menu of materials available to engineers in their profession to the many mechanical and electrical properties of materials important to their use in various engineering fields. We also discuss the principles behind the manufacturing of those materials. By the end of the course, you will be able to: * Recognize the important aspects of the materials used in modern engineering applications, * Explain the underlying principle of materials science: “structure leads to properties,” * Identify the role of thermally activated processes in many of these important “things” – as illustrated by the Arrhenius relationship. * Relate each of these topics to issues that have arisen (or potentially could arise) in your life and work. If you would like to explore the topic in more depth you may purchase Dr. Shackelford's Textbook: J.F. Shackelford, Introduction to Materials Science for Engineers, Eighth Edition, Pearson Prentice-Hall, Upper Saddle River, NJ, 2015...



17. Juli 2017

This course is good for engineers. It illustrated many fundemental and important concept in materials science. The teacher is great who explain nearly everthings in details with words and experiments.


23. Sep. 2020

This course is good for engineers. It illustrated many fundemental and important concept in materials science. The teacher is great who explain nearly everthings in details with words and experiments.

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von peter h b

20. Jan. 2022

I enjoyed the course.

The videos were good.

The course requirement wrt the quizzes was much appreciated - it proved a relaxing ask - I wasn't under any pressure ( I don't need academic pressure at my age anyway)

I think the course would suit those who really need to know about Material science - it was very specific.

Looking forward to my next challenge! Rest first!

von Nirmal R

19. Aug. 2020

Great course for some one who want know the fundamentals of material science. It would have been better if more concepts were added to these lectures. TTT and iron-carbon phase diagrams needs more explanation, if someone who is new to this area. For me, on the whole, it was a very good course that helped me to recollect my concepts that I have studied long ago.

von Elizabeth M

5. Juli 2022

Mostly a good, high-level overview of a complex and multi-faceted subject. There are times in this course where there are references to prior knowledge that you may not have if you haven't had a college chemistry course or haven't had it lately. There are also references to grain size, when the grain structure and its significance isn't really introduced.

von Mostafa M

12. Sep. 2016

i did not like the subject at college and i enrolled in this course hoping to understands any thing

this course makes me love the subject really i liked it now but i did not like the last week and i still have trouble with phase diagram

this course is introductory to concept

it is not detailed course so i think it is perfect course for people like me

von Paolo C

17. Apr. 2020

The course is very well organized and the lay out is ideal for engineering oriented students. Prof. Shackelford is brilliant and prepared. The course effectiveness could be improved so much, in my modest opinion, by adding some more exercises, both performed by the Professor in a video lecture or by more quizzes for the student

von Salvador R M

10. Juli 2020

For news students is a perfect introductory course to the subjects of materials science. Now the name of the course is very misleading is it not a 10 things every engineer should know is more like an arrange of concepts every engineer student should understand to perform better at their respective field

von Debangshu P

1. Juli 2020

As mechanical engineer, this course will be a helpful reminder on different important issues that I face when I have to work with material engineers from designer point of view. If would integrate a few practical example and simple mathematical problems, it would be even more helpful.

von Marco

10. Feb. 2022

Very useful course, it does provide good understanding of some parameters/concepts used in mechanical engineering. The connection between macroscopic feature and microscopic structure is quite interesting.

I was glad to have selected this course, thanks professor

von Zoraima N G Q

22. Sep. 2020

El curso es muy interesante y muy útil. Cuando ya tienes un conocimiento previo de los temas logras entenderlos con mayor rapidez pero eso no quita que cualquiera pueda hacerlo y aprendes muchísimo sobre algo tan interesante como es la ciencia de los materiales.

von Mithat E Ş

18. Juli 2022

It is a nice course thanks for the knowledge professor. You used pratically and theoratically for explain them but there can be added something else and not superficially way to exist 10 Things.It can be showed such things more of daily life .

von Valery_H

17. Apr. 2020

Very complete overview of all main concepts relevant in Materials Science and their impact on the capabilities of eginering materials. His explanation of phase and TTT diagrams is remarkable! I wold like more numerical exercises though.

von Timothy S

16. Juni 2017

I loved with course! However, my only critique would be to add more "real-world" examples as applicable to the manufacturing industry. I would definitely recommend to anyone wanting to beef-up their scientific knowledge of materials!

von Soheil M

8. Mai 2018

I wish you could've covered material in deeps. The course is still amazing for a good start for colleague students, but not enough to pass this subject in any university.

Apart from what have been said this course very good.

von Deleted A

27. Aug. 2021

The course stimulated my intersest, nicely explained all the contents. Though I don't have any background knowledge about materials science but still due to these effiecient brief videos I grasp a very good understanding.

von Viswanathan U

22. Juni 2017

Very good for engineers trying to diversify and learn from the basics of material science like me. This course might not be great for people already invested in material science through bachelors or masters courses.

von Pritam G

31. Aug. 2019

This course is great to understand the basics of how a material behaves and failure conditions. The reference to the molecular structure to understand the effect of physical phenomena on the metals is phenomenal.

von Pramit G Y

11. Apr. 2020

Good course and the instructor was pretty much elaborate in explaining the topics. Needed more practical applications in the form examples or demonstrations.

Overall it was a nice expansion of one's knowlegde.

von jay s c

8. Juli 2020

This course helps me in learning about the stress -strain curve and the mechanical properties of different materials and the tests to find the mechanical properties that a material can with stand.

von Guillermo G S

30. Juni 2019

Este curso me habría sido muy útil al momento que comencé a estudiar mi carrera, es una buena forma de comenzar a entender conceptos básicos acerca de distintos materiales en especial los metales.

von Adrian E G C

13. Nov. 2016

Fue un excelente curso, abarca una amplia gama del comportamiento y propiedades de los materiales que ayudan a entender el comportamiento y funcionamiento de estos en relación de su entorno y uso.

von Dmitry L

31. Juli 2020

The course is nice and allows me to recover my 20-year old university knowledge (some topics) rapidly. I found some new and interesting things as well. Merci for the good materials to Instructor.

von Nivedan A

24. Nov. 2016

It is a really good course. I would recommend it to everyone interested in materials or engineering. This course helped me get a better understanding of some fundamental concepts of engineering.

von Shruthi V S

13. Apr. 2020

The portion that teaches about phase diagrams, particularly about the TTT diagrams were not easily understood. Could have gone into a little bit of detail to make concepts more easy to digest

von salman a

20. Aug. 2017

I really enjoyed this course. I suggest everyone to have prerequisite knowledge in material science and metallurgy. It will be difficult to understand the lecture without prior knowledge.

von abrar k

31. März 2021

First of all Thank you Coursera for providing such a great course. This course was organized very well, the professor explained it clearly and I learned many new things from this course.