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“Welcome to Introduction to Numerical Mathematics. This is designed to give you part of the mathematical foundations needed to work in computer science in any of its strands, from business to visual digital arts, music, games. At any stage of the problem solving and modelling stage you will require numerical and computational tools. We get you started in binary and other number bases, some tools to make sense of sequences of numbers, how to represent space numerical using coordinates, how to study variations of quantities via functions and their graphs. For this we prepared computing and everyday life problems for you to solve using these tools, from sending secret messages to designing computer graphics. If you wish to take it further you can join the BSc Computer Science degree and complete the full module ‘Numerical Mathematics’. Enjoy!”...


30. Mai 2020

There are problems with some of the quizzes and were extremely frustrating, but I had positive learning experience with Dr Sara Santos

14. Juni 2020

This instructor makes math really fun! The material was challenging, but she was very engaging and gave a lot of descriptive examples.

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von Naved

28. Juni 2020

Amazing course, truly. The instructor of the course was incredible at teaching and explaining things. On top of all the theory aspects course also offers optional content that applies to the real world. Thank you, Coursera for giving this opportunity to learn from one of if not the best teacher.

von Puan Y M

20. Sep. 2020

Content of the course is good, but the administration of the module is very bad. There are quizzes with error and have reported them, but there is no reply or updates on them. Also completed the honors content, but did not receive an honors certificate.

von Grzegorz K

4. Sep. 2020

Good material but the lack of support from moderators can be frustrating (especially when it comes to the last practice exam and a question that doesn't load properly, making you re-test numerous times...

von Alberto J G S

23. März 2020

It was challenging and at some parts a little bit ambiguous but I think the material was good and the teacher's passionate and funny personality made it an enjoyable experience.

von colorpoppin s

10. Okt. 2019

The course really expanded my math knowledge and sparked the interest to learn even more.

von Ngô T S

29. Aug. 2020

I would rate 5 stars if quizzes aren't buggy as hell


21. Juni 2020


von Gyula A

10. Okt. 2020

There were enjoyable parts. I liked the presenter's style and enthusiasm. I'm giving 3 stars only as there are mistakes in quizzes, raised by students long time ago, but nobody seem to care and nobody takes action to correct them. Some mistakes make you spend time on re-trying the summative quiz many times, it is really annoying and wasting of one's time.

von Animesh

7. Juli 2019

The course was great with all perfect assignments and quizzes however I did like the 8hr penalty for each graded quiz. It was a long wait to take the graded quiz again which was quite stressful for me. Overall I would recommend the course to anyone who is just starting computer science or plans to revisit the basics of Compsci.

von Deleted A

21. Aug. 2020

Overall it's a great introductory course, I struggled mostly with the later lessons (They are hard anyway) but some issues were regarding the quizzes, a bit more help from the staff to solve issues or explain would really make this course stand out.

von Emanuele M

16. Mai 2020

Excellent teacher, but missing support and errors in the tests make up, primarily towards the end of the course for a frustrating experience.

von Ivan C

8. Juli 2020

Looks too difficult to follow if you have not study Maths for some time, so it is not very suitable for a hobbyist or freelance programmer. The course also requires additional equipment such as a physical scientific calculator and graph paper. I think this Coursera course is meant as a preparatory course for students who are planning to pursue a Computer Science degree.

von Raya R S

17. Aug. 2020

Overall, the course was great for beginners and mathematics enthusiasts like me, but I have one particular complaint. I finished the Honors part of the course, but I haven't received the certificate with "With Honors". Please look into the issue.

von Nikita K

13. März 2020

extremely awful