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Medical Neuroscience explores the functional organization and neurophysiology of the human central nervous system, while providing a neurobiological framework for understanding human behavior. In this course, you will discover the organization of the neural systems in the brain and spinal cord that mediate sensation, motivate bodily action, and integrate sensorimotor signals with memory, emotion and related faculties of cognition. The overall goal of this course is to provide the foundation for understanding the impairments of sensation, action and cognition that accompany injury, disease or dysfunction in the central nervous system. The course will build upon knowledge acquired through prior studies of cell and molecular biology, general physiology and human anatomy, as we focus primarily on the central nervous system. This online course is designed to include all of the core concepts in neurophysiology and clinical neuroanatomy that would be presented in most first-year neuroscience courses in schools of medicine. However, there are some topics (e.g., biological psychiatry) and several learning experiences (e.g., hands-on brain dissection) that we provide in the corresponding course offered in the Duke University School of Medicine on campus that we are not attempting to reproduce in Medical Neuroscience online. Nevertheless, our aim is to faithfully present in scope and rigor a medical school caliber course experience. This course comprises six units of content organized into 12 weeks, with an additional week for a comprehensive final exam: - Unit 1 Neuroanatomy (weeks 1-2). This unit covers the surface anatomy of the human brain, its internal structure, and the overall organization of sensory and motor systems in the brainstem and spinal cord. - Unit 2 Neural signaling (weeks 3-4). This unit addresses the fundamental mechanisms of neuronal excitability, signal generation and propagation, synaptic transmission, post synaptic mechanisms of signal integration, and neural plasticity. - Unit 3 Sensory systems (weeks 5-7). Here, you will learn the overall organization and function of the sensory systems that contribute to our sense of self relative to the world around us: somatic sensory systems, proprioception, vision, audition, and balance senses. - Unit 4 Motor systems (weeks 8-9). In this unit, we will examine the organization and function of the brain and spinal mechanisms that govern bodily movement. - Unit 5 Brain Development (week 10). Next, we turn our attention to the neurobiological mechanisms for building the nervous system in embryonic development and in early postnatal life; we will also consider how the brain changes across the lifespan. - Unit 6 Cognition (weeks 11-12). The course concludes with a survey of the association systems of the cerebral hemispheres, with an emphasis on cortical networks that integrate perception, memory and emotion in organizing behavior and planning for the future; we will also consider brain systems for maintaining homeostasis and regulating brain state....



14. Jan. 2021

This course was a great opportunity for me to understand the world of neurology and helped me to clear all the ambiguities regarding the complex mechanisms that are happening in our beautiful brains.


21. Nov. 2018

I leant so much without even realising it until I got to the final exams and all this knowledge was making sense. Amazing lecturer with so much wisdom in the area. The course is very well delivered.

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von Ioannis, D C

19. Sep. 2020

The best on-line educational program i've ever attained. I would say tha was even better compared to other courses i have attained in classroom. Professor White is a true neurophilosopher, extremely articulated and very admirable for his knoweledge and his communicative abilities. I really enjoyed this journey (although quite difficult for my background) and i will certainly follow other similar programms by Duke University. Thank you so much for this invaluable journey in knowledge.

von Hagar T

1. Juni 2020

Excellent course. Apt also for begginners, but only people who have time and are willing to put all of their efforts and motivation into it. Dr. Leonard White is very patient, explains things very well. I would do the course again in order to review everything, as I am sure it would prove useful. Very interesting and motivating discussion prompts. Only downside is that in the tests, once we have passed, I would allow to see the answers. This would further enhance learning, I believe.

von 懷 顥

4. Jan. 2020

I wish I could have studied medical neuroscience on coursera 5 years ago, when I was struggling with the neuroscience contents that our medical school teachers provided me with. Prof. White is definitely awesome in teaching. These difficult material are illustrated and connected throughout the course. Well-designed study questions help me consolidate the knowledge and gain insight. Thanks to Prof. White and all the staff, I really had a wonderful time learning medical neuroscience!


29. Jan. 2018

Muchas gracias por compartir su sabiduría conmigo mediante esta plataforma, debido a que no cuento los recursos económicos suficientes; sin embargo, quiero aprender porque me fascina el mundo del cerebro y la psicología. Este curso para mi es un reto, en primer lugar por el idioma (soy peruana) y en segundo lugar porque la calidad de profesores y materiales trasciende mis expectativas. Muchas gracias profesor White y a todo el equipo, son muy simpáticos, divertidos y sabios.

von Tiffany J T

31. Dez. 2016

This is a really fascinating course, 'cuz it is organized in a way that students could truly get a lot out of it, though indeed great effort input is required compared to other courses.

I started studying 'medical neuroscience' in order to preview for a biological psychology course which is to be taken next semester, and I haven't finished it yet, but I really can't wait to recommend this to everyone who is interested in the field of health and medicine.

Prof. White is the best!

von Marco A H C

16. Okt. 2017

Un curso excelente, especialmente para los que vivimos en lugares donde no tenemos acceso a especímenes de laboratorio, o en donde es difícil o caro accesar a libros o artículos de divulgación. Muchas felicidades y muchas gracias!

An excellent course, especially for those of us who live in places where we do not have access to lab specimens, or where it is difficult or expensive to access books or scientific articles.

Congratulations and thank you very much!

von Rafael d O G I

20. Juni 2020

O curso de neurociência médica é muito bem construído, com aulas didáticas, muitas ferramentas úteis para o aprendizado (como questões não-avaliativas que aparecem em certos momentos de vídeos), e que, ao todo, fornece um material bastante completo para interessados em neurociência. O curso foca principalmente na anatomia no sistema nervoso e em casos clínicos, não deixando de lado os fundamentos biológicos, farmacológicos e neuroquímicos envolvidos.

von Virginia R

9. Juni 2022

Very satisfactory course. I wish there was a possibility to earn some credits for it. Maybe there could be some sort of optionnal memoir for those who wanted to pursue. I suppose it could engage additionnal fees, but it could be worthwhile as the content of the course seems quite dense and there is a very good textbook involved. anyway I will do it again because even if I earned the certificate it seems I could benefit taking the course once more.

von Patricia J M V

1. Mai 2020

The course and its contents are absolutely superb. I love professor White and am thankful to him for putting in such bug chunks of information on this course. Unfortunately for me, I found it quite challenging. However, funnily enough, seeing as I still have a lot to learn, that makes me want to learn neuroscience -all the whats, hows, and whys, even more. I shall try again next time! Thank you so much professor White! Very, very much appreciated!

von Bára K

2. Jan. 2023

(Sorry for possible mistakes, English is not my native language)

This is definitely the best course I've ever participated in. You can see that Dr. White put a lot of work into it and the course is very interactive and full of side activities. I really appreciate the practical examples and the huge amount of information. Although I have not been able to complete this course yet, it is definitely very beneficial and revealing for me. Thank you!


21. Feb. 2017

A thoroughly organized course! given the time limit medical neuroscience topics were nicely covered

Prof. leonard White is a very dedicated teacher and one can see his enthusiasm in neuroscience. I am glad to have an experience of teaching by Prof White through this course. A great teacher is the one who not only teaches but inspires. i am inspired and would continue to study in depth. Great teacher! Great human being! Thank you so much Sir!

von Gözde S

27. Juni 2020

With the unique guidance of Prof. White, I have not just brushed up my prior knowledge from medicine but also discovered fit to burst various inspiring aspects of studies in medical neurosciences. The clear curricula supported by tremendous learning material have provided me with quite an intensive, yet an achievable journey to live and learn. Now it is time to progress with the mentioned subsequent neuroscience project from the Duke team!

von Olga A

19. Okt. 2021

This course was a real treasure to find - very well structured, engaging, and challenging! It has greatly helped me to fill the gaps in my knowledge and to update the previous one. I realize that many detailes haven't yet memorized and appreciated in their entirety, however, I have a solid basis to build on and to expand my skills. I am deeply grateful to Dr. White and his team for creating this course. This was very inspiring. Thank you!

von Weerawong S

13. Juni 2020

Thank you very much for one of the greatest neuroscience courses. I have learnt so much throughout 3-month duration. As a medical professional, neurosurgeon, the knowledge that you taught can fulfill the correlation between basic neuroscience and clinical application in my practice and academic teaching. I hope that all medical professionals who have to involve with medical neuroscience will have their opportunities to attend this course.

von Ashutosh B

29. Nov. 2020

An incredible course, and an incredible experience. Both Prof. White and Coursera have helped me immensely in gaining a foothold in the domain of neuroscience, a foothold I never dreamed of being able to achieve. Coming from a background of Biotechnology, this course allowed me to make some headway into my biggest passion in science; the science of the brain. Excellent explanations and demonstrations, and a very hearty recommend.

von Derica R S

17. Feb. 2021

The lessons provided are easy to understand and provide amazing insight into the spectacular world of Neuroscience. The tests are set up in a way that challenge you to think not only anatomically but creatively too. I recommend this course to be taken by those who are truly passionate for the science of the human brain. The Professor has been a blessing to this course and his teachings are not something to be missed!

von Kie T

26. Juli 2020

I think this course is very challenging especially for those who are not specialized in medical. However, the course is very fruitful for me to understand overview and details of significant knowledge on neuroscience. It might be better to buy the text book if you want in-depth understanding through all courses and success all exams because sometimes you can find advanced expertise in exams. Anyway, I DID IT!

von Dr. S S P

20. März 2020

Wow. It feels amaging to finally complete this 13 weeks or so long course. It tested me in all my domains. It was tough. Mr. White made it possible for me to pass the course. Being a medical doctor, i knew a lot of things as I thought beginning the course, but when I started doing this, it felt like, I just knew the tip of iceberg. I would anyone interested in neuroscience to undertake this course. Thank you.

von Firdevs M

25. Juni 2020

This course has been my favourite online course so far! During the last 13 weeks I was able to comprehend various topics in medical neuroscience with the extraordinary help of Prof. White, who appeared motivated to teach in every single video, which motivated me even more to continue to broaden my horizons, deepen my knowledge and find another interesting fact about the most complex organ in the human body.

von johan e v v

27. Juni 2016

Esta 100% completo respecto a los conocimientos impartidos en la carrera de medicina para la materia de neurociencias y neuroanatomía. Definitivamente a contribuido en mucho más de lo aprendido en las clases a las que asistí en mi universidad sobre la misma materia.

Gracias Universidad Duke por colaborar con tan inmensa cantidad de conocimientos y espero en el futuro poder aprender mucho más con su ayuda.

von Austeja D

6. Apr. 2020

Great course, highly recommended for everyone interested in neuroscience. I was afraid for it to be too 'basic' for a medical school graduate, however, there were parts which I had to repeat several times to learn thoroughly. The course feels somehow personal and I was somehow sad after finishing it. Prof. White is amazing, if you ever have a possibility to learn from him, don't even think and take it!


3. Jan. 2022

Signing up for this course was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Initially I thought the course was way too long and at the end of the day it was all worth it. I've many things which were totally new to me. I'm really glad that signed up for this course. I would strongly recommend all the others out there who are interested in neuroscience to take up this course. Thank you.

Yours Truly:)

von chloé H

11. Apr. 2021

It was my first mooc and I didn't expect such a dense and rich course . It gave me so much keys to understand more of the fabulous human brain function so I will use it for my work with patients . Pr White is a fantastic teacher and even virtually we can apprehend his kindness and patience and passion. I surely recommand this course. Thank you to all people who participate to create this mooc .

von joni K

24. Jan. 2020

Amazing course ..... I almost packed it in week 3...... Thinking I could not complete it ... too hard. BUT I followed the professors advice and completed. This course taught me how to to learn and I am grateful. I recommend it to anyone who likes a challenge and seaks the neuroscience knowledge that this course provides. For me it was the toughest coursera course I have done. DO IT !!!!!!!!

von Shestakova A

29. Juli 2021

13 weeks. So interesting, so important, so exciting and sometimes difficult for me these 13 weeks! Leonard E. White, Ph.D. amazing teacher! Open, real, patient and very accurate! It provides the foundation, the foundation that is needed to be a real doctor-neurologist. He inspires, delights and supports students throughout the course! My thanks to him! And I will miss you very much!