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Medical Neuroscience explores the functional organization and neurophysiology of the human central nervous system, while providing a neurobiological framework for understanding human behavior. In this course, you will discover the organization of the neural systems in the brain and spinal cord that mediate sensation, motivate bodily action, and integrate sensorimotor signals with memory, emotion and related faculties of cognition. The overall goal of this course is to provide the foundation for understanding the impairments of sensation, action and cognition that accompany injury, disease or dysfunction in the central nervous system. The course will build upon knowledge acquired through prior studies of cell and molecular biology, general physiology and human anatomy, as we focus primarily on the central nervous system. This online course is designed to include all of the core concepts in neurophysiology and clinical neuroanatomy that would be presented in most first-year neuroscience courses in schools of medicine. However, there are some topics (e.g., biological psychiatry) and several learning experiences (e.g., hands-on brain dissection) that we provide in the corresponding course offered in the Duke University School of Medicine on campus that we are not attempting to reproduce in Medical Neuroscience online. Nevertheless, our aim is to faithfully present in scope and rigor a medical school caliber course experience. This course comprises six units of content organized into 12 weeks, with an additional week for a comprehensive final exam: - Unit 1 Neuroanatomy (weeks 1-2). This unit covers the surface anatomy of the human brain, its internal structure, and the overall organization of sensory and motor systems in the brainstem and spinal cord. - Unit 2 Neural signaling (weeks 3-4). This unit addresses the fundamental mechanisms of neuronal excitability, signal generation and propagation, synaptic transmission, post synaptic mechanisms of signal integration, and neural plasticity. - Unit 3 Sensory systems (weeks 5-7). Here, you will learn the overall organization and function of the sensory systems that contribute to our sense of self relative to the world around us: somatic sensory systems, proprioception, vision, audition, and balance senses. - Unit 4 Motor systems (weeks 8-9). In this unit, we will examine the organization and function of the brain and spinal mechanisms that govern bodily movement. - Unit 5 Brain Development (week 10). Next, we turn our attention to the neurobiological mechanisms for building the nervous system in embryonic development and in early postnatal life; we will also consider how the brain changes across the lifespan. - Unit 6 Cognition (weeks 11-12). The course concludes with a survey of the association systems of the cerebral hemispheres, with an emphasis on cortical networks that integrate perception, memory and emotion in organizing behavior and planning for the future; we will also consider brain systems for maintaining homeostasis and regulating brain state....



14. Jan. 2021

This course was a great opportunity for me to understand the world of neurology and helped me to clear all the ambiguities regarding the complex mechanisms that are happening in our beautiful brains.


21. Nov. 2018

I leant so much without even realising it until I got to the final exams and all this knowledge was making sense. Amazing lecturer with so much wisdom in the area. The course is very well delivered.

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von Yesenia S

22. Sep. 2019

This is the course I have been looking for! Dr. White makes neuroanatomy sound easy (and that is really hard to do). His jovial personality and vast knowledge makes this course extremely interesting and easy to digest. I will recommend for anyone interested in learning neuroscience at any level of academic development. Thank you Dr. White!

von Manuel E Q G

17. Jan. 2020

This course is a very practical and interesting dive into the world of Neuroscience. I especially enjoyed the lessons concerning the internal anatomy of the brainstem, because Dr. White evidently is an expert on this and many other topics. I am very grateful for the effort that him and his team have put on the development of the content.

von Natalie M

20. Nov. 2017

This course is extemely challenging yet it's one of the most comprehensive courses on entire Coursera. Thank you Prof. White, Ellen, and entire team for this unique opportunity to learn more about the most fascinating body organ. I hope that completion of this course will give me additional points while applying to Duke Medical School :)

von Maria G

1. Okt. 2017

This course is the reason I am applying for the PhD program at UTSA for Neurobiology. I loved Dr. White's approach to the nervous system and the depth of detail and anatomy he taught. The course was challenging and inspiring. Thank you to everyone who made this course available to us learners for free, it made all the difference for me.

von Alena U

19. Feb. 2020

I'm so happy to enroll and finish this course! Professor L.White did an excellent complete course, the best I have taken on Coursera. If you don't have a background in Neuroscience, Biology, Physics, the course could be quite complicated, like it was for me, but it's possible to finish it successfully. I would definitely recommend it.

von Anusha K

6. Juli 2017

Incredible course, incredible professor! Taught in a way that makes the challenging and sometimes tedious material approachable and fun yet challenging and informative. Inclusion of clinical cases & other clinically-relevant info takes it to the next level and makes it highly applicable/relevant to today. Would strongly recommend.

von Wendi J

25. Juli 2017

Such a rewarding learning experience. This course has given me so much insight into the inner workings of the brain. I just want to thank Professor White for his wonderful teaching as well as all the members of the team that have made the online course possible. The interactive and social teaching method has been very enjoyable!

von Rodolfo V D

18. Feb. 2020

I initiated this course as part of my preparation as a neurosurgery resident. I learned more from this course than anywhere else. It covers very well human Neuroanatomy and Neurophisiology. I really recommend this course for people very interested in this field, otherwhise it may be a little overwhelming. I am really satisfied

von Karen G R M

14. Nov. 2020

I am a general practicioner in Colombia who is interest in clinical neurology. So when I enrolled in this course I had lost of expectations. The course is awesome. Those where an exceptional 12 weeks where I was able to remember and learn more deeply about the Nervous System while having found. I really recommend this course.

von Rick W

4. Sep. 2017

Dr. White is an incredible teacher of an incredibly complex and fascinating subject. It was the BEST course I have ever taken. If only I had him in college (a while ago) I would have changed my career goals. I will take ANY course that he offers in the future and most definitely give this course the highest recommendation.

von Siddhant S

11. Aug. 2020

It was an extremely well structured and informative course. Though I am not a medical student (in fact I am an engineer) it was easy to understand the complex issues because of the excellent teaching methodology of Prof White. I am motivated to take up additional courses in this wonderful and magical field of Neuroscience.

von Aamena A

30. Juli 2020

A wonderful experience and a journey. Absolutely love and appreciate the efforts put in by Dr. Len and the team at Duke University. The material was just the right amount and comprehensive. I would highly suggest to anyone who wants to learn about the thing that brought them here to this course (referring to your brain!).

von Ela B

19. Juli 2022

The course was really enlightening. The content was explained clearly and visual aids were extremely helpful. Extra materials are simply amazing and I know for a fact, that I'm going to use them in the future again. Moreover, the community is very lively and everyone, who enters it, can learn something new every day.

von Kinusan D S

7. Mai 2019

What an amazing, in-depth course! I took a NAP (Neuro-Anatomy-Physiology) course back in 1988 and it was not this comprehensive in terms learning objectives nor in meeting the learning outcomes in the syllabus. Congrats Leo! It was equally a pleasure to see nature evolve in your back-yard during the learning program.

von María D L

2. Okt. 2022

I couldn't thank Doctor White enough for the amazing oportunity to take this course, that opened my eyes and my mind into the wonderful world of neuroscience. This course exceeded my expectations, it was everything i was expecting and a bit more. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us, Doctor White!!

von Marko N

19. Apr. 2022

Amazing course! Dr. White is a really good professor. The course is challenging, but it is also rewarding. The questions are really interesting and are often presented in the form of clinical cases where the knowledge and understanding of Neuroscience are best put to the test. Probably the best course on Coursera.

von Lourdes S

14. Jan. 2021

Me encantó en curso a pesar de que me costó mucho trabajo ya que soy Antropóloga Física y no médico. Pero aprendí mucho sobre el cerebro y aquellos aspectos de él que nos hacen ser lo que somos.

Agradezco al Profesor White su forma tan amena y comprensiva de enseñar, quisiera haber tomado el curso presencialmente.

von Valeriia P

1. Juli 2020

I am so happy that I've decided to take part in this course! It helped me to improve my knowledge for better understanding of complicated brain functions. It was a great plesure to spend time with professor White in his tutorials! I hope Duke University will make some other courses concerning Neurosciences :)

von Michel H

30. Juli 2022


Thanks to you professor White,it was crystal clear even for a 65 years retired man like me.

I've discovered neuroscience a few months ago and has been interested in.

Your presentation and your step by step way of teaching was a happiness.

Again thanks and take care of you.

Michel, french young student

von christelle g

13. März 2020

I really recommand this course : It's very complete (more than a course in French University !) ; very good motivating and engaging teacher, who had pleasure in teaching ; Very serious ; the quizzes change and are picky.

I'm used to Mooc but THIS ONE IS EXCEPTIONAL, really at THE TOP ! Thank you Mr WHITE !

von Dr R O

28. Sep. 2018

Excellent course, well taught and clear. It's very advisable to have a biology/medicine background. It helped me to watch the lessons with the speed increased by 2x, it made it more dynamical.

The Neuroscience Book 6 Ed you must get in order to profit the most from this course.

Greetings from México City.

von Milagros G

4. Feb. 2021

This course was truly amazing! The content is really well distributed and it gives you a global view of how the brain works, going from cellular mechanisms of neurons to complex brain systems and their functions. Although it is time-consuming, what you learn is totally worth it.

Professor White was great!

von Kishore R S

5. Dez. 2017

This is one of the best courses I have ever come across. I get to learn the A-Z of Neuroscience by practically getting to see stuff in real human brain specimen without having to be enrolled in a Med school. I feel highly grateful to the team that has put massive efforts to make this course available...

von Sergio C C

13. Juni 2020

Amazing course with an amazing lecturer. It helped me a lot and even though I though that I was not ready for the challenge at the beggining of the course, I ended up learning and enjoying every bit of it! Thank you for this and I hope that my future in neuroscience will be as succesful as this course!

von Katerina K

21. Juni 2022

Thank you for the wonderful course! You charge your listeners with your passion and love for the subject. Thank you for the detailed and such a different approach to each topic, for showing everything on diagrams, brain and atlas. The exam with clinical cases also turned out to be interesting. Thanks!