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Learn how social factors promote mental health, influence the onset and course of mental illness, and affect how mental illnesses are diagnosed and treated. This course explores how our understanding of mental health and illness has been influenced by social attitudes and social developments in North America and around the world. The course begins by situating our contemporary mental health practices in historical context, then looks at different aspects of mental health, mental illness and mental health services and their connections to what’s going on in our social environment....



27. Sep. 2020

A very enlightening course. This opened my eyes a lot more to what Mental health is all about and how patients with diverse mental illness struggle through their journey to healing and recovery.


18. Aug. 2020

This is a very interesting and eye opening course. Professor Williams explained in such a way that students like me with zero knowledge could understand and be interested. Highly recommended.

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von Megan R

10. Sep. 2020

This course was a great experience for me! I am able to recognize the determinants of health, have a better understanding of deinstitutionalization of psychiatric wards, which helps me with my understanding of the US prison industrial complex and how we might be able to deinstitutionalize that system as well. I have a better grasp on the variables that help shape a person's mental wellness and/or illness. I also have a deeper understanding of world history and the effects of colonialism and imperialism on cultures and how they view and treat mental health.

von Janine D

17. Apr. 2020

Charmaine Williams is an excellent Instructor. I have taken other courses on Coursera and the structure of the readings, lessons and assignments are very well organized. The Social Context of Mental Health and Illness will really open your eyes to how the world see's individuals diagnosed with a mental illness and what is society has done and is doing to those diagnosed. So many factors contribute to Mental health and Mental illness and this course will definitely give you a greater understanding. Thank-you Charmaine Williams!! Keep of the good work.

von Candice G

13. Feb. 2023

Fabulous course! Dr. Williams is an excellent instructor and the course is well-organized and very informative. I'm interested in a career in social work and this course provides a really great foundation for learning a lot about the various effects history, societal views, family structures, systems, etc. affect people's mental health. Taking this course changed my perspective on mental health and illness and broadened my understanding and views. It's an excellent survey course and a lot of information is covered. Highly recommend!

von Cee C

11. Aug. 2021

Great course! This has been so valuable for my understanding. Unfortunately, I think the issues highlighted continue to be as relevant today as in 2013, when the course was first developed. I enjoyed Professor Williams' critical perspectives, and her desire to help us better understand how our values play a big role in shaping our mental health structures and systems. I'm grateful for her insight, research and representation of diverse cultures in her course. I'd highly recommend this course. Many thanks again!

von Anoop M C

6. Juni 2020

it was a great learning experience going through this course on "Social Context of Mental Health and Illness". The lecturer is excellent, the way she lectures and her language are outstanding. my overall understanding on the different perspectives on mental health and illness is changed. the course is good opportunity to understand the concept of mental health in different cultures and social contexts. personally suggest that the course should be taken up by all those who would work in a psychiatry setting.

von Albine G B

27. Juni 2020

It was such a wonderful experience. Excellent job creating a classroom environment where students can interact and engage with the course material, share their views and thoughts, You also gets to learn from discussion forums, reviewing peer assignments. Gets an exposure to different perspectives. Would like to thank our course instructor Charmaine Williams. her classes are well organized, informative and compelling. Thank you, Coursera for providing us such a wonderful platform to learn.

von Shirley J

5. Apr. 2021

The teacher was well versed from the 1st module describing "madness" to the last module in discussing today's social, mental, and political context of mental health. I completely enjoyed learning and reviewing those concepts to help me better understand the people in my life and the people I will soon be working with soon. Thank you so much for this class and for teaching this class. SJ

von Stephanie M

28. Sep. 2020

I really enjoyed this course. I felt I learned a great deal about the social aspects of mental health. I enjoyed learning about the history of mental health. On a side note to that, I started watching Netflix series Ratched. It reminds me so much of the history I learned. The series itself is a little dark but entertaining. Thank you so much for such a great learning experience.

von Nanna N H M

12. Okt. 2020

Fantastic course which gave a good insight into mental illness and health. After the course, I learned to see mental illness from many other aspects than I did before. I also learned how many different kind of factors that influence the promoting of mental health and how our view of mental illness have changed over time. Overall, a great course with a great teacher!

von Miguel N d O

15. Okt. 2020

The course The Social Context of Health and Mental Illness brought a new understanding about the process of psychic illness. I am already developing in my profession everything I learned in the course. I really liked how the teacher Charmaine Williams da led the entire course. Thank you very much for facilitating this very enriching waste.

von Desiree A

17. Feb. 2021

Thank you for a well organized course. I really enjoyed this course. I have been taking whatever courses I can on Mental Health. We have some much mental health going on in this world. I believe the more knowledge we have on mental health and illness, the more we can help people that are going through mental health or mental illnesses

von Cynthia T

16. Apr. 2022

This is an incredibly valuable course for anyone, anywhere. The content is thoughtful, sensitive and addresses the social, structural, political and economic influences on mental health and well being in a respectful, stimulating and highly informative, integrated format. The instructor is gifted and informed in all aspects.

von Allison C

17. Mai 2022

I love the fact that you get a brief insight into mental health and how individuals are viewed in society. A very intense course that brings the reader in and lets you explore the various reading journals on the negative stereotypes surrounding mental health. Thank you, professor and all who help to create such a good course.

von Aarti D P

13. Aug. 2021

The course content was very interesting and comprehensive. I also liked the peer reviewed assignments in the course. It was interesting to read assignments of other students in various parts of the world and get to know how things may be a little or a lot different in terms of mental health and illness from where you are.

von Sabah W

1. Mai 2017

A great course. Charmaine Williams is a fantastic educator who made the learning easy, practical and very useful. The course has enabled me to reflect on my situation with much greater awareness. It has also motivated me to be supportive of families who are experiencing difficulties with mental illness. Very grateful.

von Leow W

16. Aug. 2022

This is my first time doing asychronous learning with peers from around the globe. A fruitful learning experiences and insightful sharing from the course facilitator Dr. Charmaine and peers through their essays and discussions.

Thank you to Coursera and technical team for making this learning possible! :)

von Jimmy H

22. Sep. 2021

This course was very well developped and presented. The content was an eye opener from the beginning to the end. My knowledge of the social context of Mental Health and Illness has grown ten fold. Thank you to Charmaine Williams for her dedication in promoting mental health and educating the masses.

von Lisa F

29. März 2021

I thoroughly enjoyed this course and so glad I signed up. it was my first time doing an online course in this format. Professor Williams was a breath of air and I really enjoyed how she delivered the entire lecture . Thank you Professor Williams, this course helped me a lot on a personal level also.

von Jann M

28. Mai 2020

A very interesting course right from the beginning. I really like Charmaine as a presenter and that she voiced her personal opinions about social issues such as discrimination of Indigenous Peoples, Racism, Culture, Ageism and Gender Identity. Thank you Coursera and Thank you Charmaine.

von Hawa A

5. Sep. 2020

Wonderful Course! The material was interesting and engaging! Professor WIlliams' enthusiasm for the course was very contagious! I loved every moment of learning. It really broadened and deepened my understanding of mental illness and mental health! I highly recommend this course!

von Magdalene J

9. Nov. 2020

Thank you Coursera and University of Toronto for this excellent course on the Social Context of Mental Health and Mental Illness. The lectures, readings and other resources provided in this course under the admirable guidance of Prof. Charmaine Williams is deeply appreciated.

von Adrien P

18. Mai 2020

Thank you for this amazing course! After a few years out of school (I completed a Bachelor of Psychology 5 years ago), taking this course reignited my drive to expand and open my mind. The course covered so much in six weeks that I savoured the last of it, not wanting it to end!

von Marc S M

1. Okt. 2016

This course brings some great awareness for the full spectrum of mental health with regards to families, individuals, and societies. I would say it's a good course for anyone as we all have connections to ourself and other people with regards to mental health and illness.

von Amalia B

16. Juni 2020

I absolutely loved this course! What was the core of this course was who was teaching it. My professor was clear and easy to obtain information from. Thank you for expanding my mind when it comes to the social context of mental health.It was an amazing course!

von Steven D

22. Mai 2020

I suggest to anyone who wants to better understand mental illness. The historical context is covered and in my opinion a key element to understanding where we are today. This course will be more then adding a certificate, you'll gain valuable knowledge.