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Whether you're just beginning to work with the cloud or you already have cloud experience and are new to Microsoft Azure, this course provides you with everything you need to get started. It introduces you to Microsoft Azure core concepts and services. You’ll learn the basics of cloud computing, its advantages, and how to choose the right Microsoft Azure solution for different business scenarios. You’ll use the Microsoft Azure portal and a sandbox to create and test Microsoft Azure resources at no cost to you. You don’t need to write code or have scripting skills to do this. You’ll learn about several of the database and big data services that are available on Microsoft Azure. You'll also learn how to take advantage of several virtualization services in Microsoft Azure compute, which can help your applications scale out quickly and efficiently to meet increasing demands. Finally, you’ll learn about the different storage and virtual network options available in Microsoft Azure. This course can help you prepare for AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals exam. This is the first course in a four-course program that prepares you to take the AZ-900 certification exam. This course teaches you the core concepts and skills that are assessed in the cloud concepts and core Microsoft Azure services exam domains. This beginner course is suitable for IT personnel who are just beginning to work with Microsoft Azure and want to learn about Microsoft Azure offerings and get hands-on experience with the product. To be successful in this course, you need to have basic computer literacy and proficiency in the English language. You should be familiar with basic computing concepts and terminology, general technology concepts, including concepts of networking, storage, compute, application support, and application development. You should also be familiar with the concept of application programming interfaces or APIs. It is beneficial to have a high-level familiarity with relevant Microsoft products such as Dynamics 365 and Office 365....



4. Juni 2021

Concepts are explained very nicely so that the learner evinces keen interest in the subject. The instructors and content creators took lot of efforts so that the learners can learn effortlessly.


14. Sep. 2021

Good preparation. I passed the exam.

I thought the instructor was particularly good. I assume she's an actress just reading a script, but I enjoyed her presentation.

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4. Juni 2021


von Rahul K

21. Juli 2021


von Dario S

4. Mai 2022

The course offers an overview on Azure cloud services sometimes in a very clear manner, sometimes in a boring manner. Some technical issue cannot allow me to rate the course better (i.e. there's a wrong guided exercise that has not been fixed for months despite users' reports asking for help.

von Ashley F

27. Juni 2022

The language is not beginner-friendly though the course states that it is for all new users. Too much video content and not enough reading. I have a different learning style and audio learning is difficult for me. Audio with visual cues is easier for me to learn from.

von Jason H

8. Apr. 2022

This section showed the capabilities but I felt like it was more advertising for Azure than instructional material. If I were a salesman or someone purchasing the product, it would have been perfect.

von Helder J T P

9. Jan. 2022

t​hank for the course, even though i feel that it has too much abstract talk without material support. pls add more hands-on and graphics to support it.

von Lucian D

18. März 2022

Speaker was not engaging, looked like she was just reading a teleprompter. The excercises were very basic and the first excercise was not functional.

von Marco L

20. Juli 2021

Nice course, but the instructor don't give you all the usefull information and some time is very boring. It could be done better

von Polla T

22. Mai 2022

It would be nice with more hands-on , practice on Azure learner subs where you can try out the course materials.

von Bryan M

6. März 2022

Needs some updating one of the assignments is out of date and the links no longer work

von Austin

9. Nov. 2021

T​he course often had things out of order and it was a little all over the place.

von Nikita N

8. März 2022

felt more like advertising and less of a practical knowledge and implementation

von Sachin D

20. März 2022

Some of the case material is old and some exercise dont work

von Shanmukha S K K

19. Dez. 2021

Not interactive enough, its more of reading news

von kishor s m

12. Okt. 2021

Only 2 modules availbale


1. Jan. 2022

von Dan M

9. Nov. 2021

There were n​ot enough oportunities to practive things in the Azure cloud in order to explore the theoretical concepts introduced in the course. Also, some of the links to the Azure learning environment (i.e concierge subscription) provided in the course instructions did not work, which made it difficult to do the excercises without a lot of searching around for fixes.

von Maja F

11. Apr. 2022

Don't fall for the trap like I did. There is no voucher for 50% off the AZ-900 certificate exam. The links to the Microsoft Sandbox where the exercises are to be done are broken. There is no moderator in the forums and questions are not answered. The content is not too terrible so if you want to learn, just audit the courses.

von Niko T

24. Jan. 2022

Honestly this course feeled like a glorified add. It told us stuff we can do and what advantages we have, but failed to mention what disadvantages there are against similar solutions, thus giving us very narrow minded approach.

von Ferran G i B

17. Dez. 2021

A​ bit of a commercial approach. More schemes and representations needed, as well as explaining key concepts more extensively.

von Charles C

29. Jan. 2022

There is a lack of summary notes as a take away, only videos and links to microsoft website

von Luigi A D S

1. Juli 2022

T​his course seems more like a marketing tool for MS services and products.

von Nancy K

7. Dez. 2021

Labs didn't work as described. No response to requests for help.

von Ahmed A

20. Jan. 2022

Not Bad

von Julie S

17. Juli 2022

This course is not worth taking. I've been having issues completing the assignments, none of the links are working like they should. I'm very dissappointed in this course since no one can fix the links to complete the assignment; even the chat specialist can't help. If you want to learn more about Azure, I'd suggest taking the course somewhere else or at another instituation. If I don't hear from someone soon about my problem, I plan to cancel my subscription.