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This course is intended for learners with some experience using Microsoft Windows, who are seeking to build presentation skills with Microsoft Excel. To be successful in this course you should have an understanding of the basics of using a Windows-based computer. Experience with printing and using a web browser are an asset, but not required. Knowing how to use Microsoft Office products is essential in any professional setting. Whether you want to expand your expertise to apply for a new role, start your own business, or simply develop a new personal skill this course is for you. This course will introduce you to Microsoft’s powerful and easy-to-use spreadsheet program, which provides you with an extensive set of tools to organize, analyze, present, and store data. If you are familiar with Excel’s basic features you can take your skills to the next level. If you are a beginner you will get the opportunity to develop basic Excel skills. In this course, you will become comfortable with creating a new spreadsheet, working with basic formulas and functions, making your spreadsheets look professional and presentable, and saving and printing a spreadsheet. By the end of this course, you will be comfortable creating advanced formulas, analyzing data with functions, analyzing data using functions and PivotTables, working with tables, visualizing data with charts, working with graphical objects, and enhancing workbooks. This course will help you prepare for Exam MO-200: Microsoft Excel (Excel and Excel 2019). You will get opportunities to demonstrate the ability to create and edit a workbook with multiple sheets and use a graphic element to represent data visually. You will also show that you can apply the correct application of the principal features of Excel and complete tasks independently....



9. Apr. 2022

This is a great course. I am a first-time Excel user, but now I am much more confident in my newfound skills. thank you, coursera.


10. Juni 2022

I think my excel skills have improved after this course and would recommend this course to those with only basic excel skills.

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von Diane J

31. Jan. 2022

There is so much info with Excel. I don't think anyone could of done a better job.

von AungZaw N

30. Mai 2022

The course is only good for very basic users. It has no advanced calculations like data validation and so on. But it is easy to understand and memorize.

von Gaurav

24. Feb. 2022

Macros are not included in this course.

von David B C

29. Jan. 2022

Good intro course for learning the range of tasks Excel can be used in, as well as tool combinations to solve them.

von Elijah D F

26. Jan. 2022

​an in depth and thorough guidance to upgrade Microsoft Excel skills

von Ronit B

2. Apr. 2022

i have completed the course and the honors too but i cannot see honors written on the certificate which i have recieved

von Aditya S

11. Feb. 2022

This is just amazing and fun to learn Excel 365.

von Lucy O

26. März 2022

I enjoyed learning new functions in Excel. I have previously worked with Excel but did not take a course. I think the pace is good and I was motivated to finish the course prior to the deadlines Coursera had. The initial Introduction and Intermediate sections were easy to follow with the Instructor speaking in a very good flow of information with a smooth steady voice with not too much info presented. So it was great to follow. The Instructor for the Advanced Section spoke too fast and shared too much info to follow in an acceptable fashion. I felt that with the Advanced section, the Instructor should speak more slowly and not cover as much info in the timeframe. How to improve this is to slow down a bit and add a few more minutes to the videos as the info was too much to be absorbed. I felt that I needed to access other instuctional info to absorb and learn the information.

von Ace X

10. Apr. 2022

This is a great course.  I am a first-time Excel user, but now I am much more confident in my newfound skills.  thank you, coursera.

von Md Z E

31. Mai 2022

This course was amazing. it's cleared my each and every basic concept of excel. I'll suggest this course to every biggner who wants to start their journey with Microsoft Excel.

von Aditya S

31. Mai 2022

Didn't teach me about data analysis using macros, solver etc.

Alsomneeds to teach more about fuctions and formulas.

Not a very detailed Course, not Advance Excel.

Though the videos are extremely well paced and short which doesn't require a large attention span , tests need to be more detailed and quizes are good.

von Christopher F

7. März 2022

It's a good course and I defeintly leanred a lot. Having said that, vocabulary needs to be its own section as well.

von henrique c

13. Mai 2022

I'm so grateful for doing this course, it have elucidated a lot of doubts which i had regarding excel ! The language used, during the course, is very clean, everyone can easily understand what to do in the tasks!

von Tshering C

13. Juli 2022

Work Smarter with Microsoft Excel is a very useful and relevant course. The course is well designed and suitable for beginners.  Gain knowledge on how to work smarter in excel. Looking forward to the next level.

von Chan W

11. Juni 2022

I think my excel skills have improved after this course and would recommend this course to those with only basic excel skills.

von Elizabeth D

25. Juni 2022

Very detailed with good exercises to strengthen my skills. My speed, presentation and even thinking will be clearer.

von Gautam C

27. Juni 2022

This course is very interesting and detailed. I personally enjoyed it and learned many things throughout the course.

von mohamed z

8. Apr. 2022

that is really amazing place to get a high techniques on microsoft excel, I am glad to have this course with you

von Mrinmayee D

30. Juli 2022

Had a good experience on Excel and could learn many things which I did't know existed.Fun learning.

von Prof. A E S

6. Juli 2022

Excellent course. Well supported with exercises for clarity and understanding concepts more easily.

von Khan S U

17. Juli 2022

Great course, easily learnt the tips and tricks of MS Excel, to use in my professional life.

von Shara V A

1. Mai 2022

It is great that I came across this very in-depth lesson. Thank you for this opportunity!

von shantanu c

10. Juli 2022

Amazing Course that will provide you all the necessary knowledge and much more

von Malcolm S

3. Juli 2022

E​xcellent course to get a initial understanding of excel and what it can go.