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Interest in meditation, mindfulness, and contemplation has grown exponentially in recent years. Rather than being seen as mystical practices from ancient Buddhism or esoteric philosophy, they are increasingly seen as technologies rooted in evidence from psychology and neuroscience. Mindfulness has become the basis for numerous therapeutic interventions, both as a treatment in healthcare and as a means of enhancing well-being and happiness. For millions around the world, mindfulness has become a life-style choice, enhancing and enriching everyday experience. Mindfulness is big business. But, what actually is mindfulness? Is it really good for you? Can anyone learn it? How can you recognize charlatans? Would you want to live in a mindful society, and would it smell like sandalwood? What does it feel like to be mindful? Are you mindful already, and how would you know? Evolving from the popular Honours Academy course at Leiden University, this innovative course combines conventional scholarly inquiry from multiple disciplines (ranging from psychology, through philosophy, to politics) with experiential learning (including specially designed ‘meditation labs,’ in which you’ll get chance to practice and analyze mindfulness on yourself). In the end, the course aims to provide a responsible, comprehensive, and inclusive education about (and in) mindfulness as a contemporary phenomenon. During the production of this course, we have been supported by Willem Kuyken, Director of the University of Oxford Mindfulness Centre, and Stephen Batchelor, co-founder of Bodhi College. And we gratefully acknowledge the contributions made by Mark Williams, co-developer of Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), and Rebecca Crane, Director of the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice at the University of Bangor....



Nov 02, 2017

Awesome!\n\nLots of valuable theory, which includes uncovering fears and doubts. And the most important: practice. You can learn meditation here, and truly understand why the hell it's so important.


Feb 07, 2019

An excellent MOOC course with in-depth exploration of the mindfulness concept, with interviews of experts in the field and critical appraisal of the subject matter. I loved the course !

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von Usha V

Sep 10, 2017

Excellent Course, designed to drive self awareness and inculcating the attitude of experiencing the present nature rather than worrying about past and future. The course is well designed to engage with the virtual learners throughout the five weeks; In fact this is my first MOOC training and that too on a philosophical topic, but I really enjoyed the course and have recommended to my colleagues. Hats off to Chris Goto-jones and the entire team for coming up with this Great Course that is sure to uplifts the humanity.

von Vita d G

Feb 04, 2018

When you take this course seriously, it will change you for better

von Thanh L T

Aug 23, 2017

Very good and useful, I need finish it for along period and it's worth time.

von Rebecca T V

Oct 10, 2017

Great course, well structured and all information was clear and well explained. really feel I achieved a lot in personal development. I will continue to educate myself more in the field of mindfulness and looking forward to do so. Massive thanks to the instructors and in specific to Chris Goto-Jones for their patients and efforts in putting this course tog

von Patricia A P

Nov 19, 2017

This is an amazing course. Life-changing.

von Romed B

Jun 14, 2017

Perfect for me.

von Gabriela G

Nov 17, 2017

This course was a very smart and wonderful experience! I am so grateful! (I have stopped drinking coffee after finishing it, it was not something I ever wanted or thought of, it was absolutely after the course being able to listen to my body and my mind and know that coffee it was not something my mind needed! thank you so much! and congratulations to the creator of the course.

von karen s

Jan 25, 2018

Excellant course. Well presented and accessible. Easy to navigate and excellant content.

von Melissa B

May 26, 2017

Professor Goto-Jones is an excellent teacher. I have a more in-depth understanding of what Mindfulness is and this course definitely covered all sides of the subject. I appreciate the professor's sense of compassion through his lecture videos and his calming attitude in giving me options on how to be kinder and gentler with myself. I really loved this class. I would like to see similar classes taught by Dr. Goto-Jones. Thank you for this opportunity to learn.

von Lee L

Nov 28, 2017

Opened my mind.

von Dechaume M

Apr 08, 2018

I highly recommend this Course to understand and practice Mindfulness.

von Paul F

Feb 26, 2018

Absolutely fantastic. To get a 5 star rating from me you have to pull me in when I'm least expecting it. Informative and challenging. Perspectives and experiences from the global community. Tremendous supplement or preparation for classroom exploration of the roots of Mindfulness. Highly recommend!

von Louy S F M

May 05, 2017

The course is changing my life... Even the mentor speech is teaching me.

von Lise H

Sep 15, 2017

Very informative and useful for daily life.

von Joann T

Oct 16, 2017

This course is very interesting and more importantly helpful. The professor is clear and presents the subject in a logical, concise manner. I really appreciate this course and hope that Professor Goto-Jones adds more soon.

von Linda M

Aug 08, 2017

Very interesting and informative course.

von Sherry S

Jun 22, 2018

A great review of the history and philosophy of mindfulness. Professor Goto-Jones will give you things to think about that you never considered in relation to mindfulness. The exercises in the labs are very helpful.

von Melinda R

Apr 04, 2018

I really enjoyed the course. It gives a thorough overview of mindfulness, meditation and it's ever evolving place in western culture. The instructor was very knowledgeable and encouraging towards the students. The mentors did an incredible job answering questions in an inviting and friendly way and so quickly! I'd like to make particular mention of JC Desai, who was the one that responded to most of my inquiries. I was impressed the quick response time. And being new to online classes, I was a little nervous about a few things I didn't understand, so it was nice to know the mentors were there providing extra back up for us when needed.

If I had to make any constructive criticisms they would be:

1) That there may be a bit too much material for a beginning course.

2) And the other would be that I didn't like that our passing or not passing the course depended on whether or not there were students available to grade our peer graded assignment on the deadline date. I was a little too close to the deadline, and was not sure if there would be anyone left to grade my peer graded assignment. As I understand it, that would have meant me having to do that part over again. As it turned out that did not happen, but if it had, I felt it was unfair to have that as one of the last assignments. All else was fabulous. I feel that my practice has deepened and that I learned a great deal about the different intellectual issues surrounding mindfulness and its place in the western world. Thank you all!

von Vítor O

Jun 11, 2018

Week 4 of this course. Best thing I ever did

von Emily L

Mar 03, 2018

Improved my mental health and provided me with a new perspective. Beautifully laid out and very calming. Learning has never been so relaxing.

von Kim

Feb 22, 2018

I found the course to be very interesting, informative, and challenging. It was what I was looking for on the subject of mindfulness. It is well done and worth the time and effort. Thank you very much.

von Emily F

Jan 26, 2018

Excellent introduction to the complex world of mindfulness! You will learn both the theoretical background and complex issues of mindfulness in modern society, as well as experiential learning through mindfulness practices.


Apr 19, 2017

I now have a better understanding of mindfulness.

The course increased my Mindfulness X2

von Ivan L O

Jul 13, 2018


von Dawn H

Apr 16, 2019

Maybe the best class I've ever taken.