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Über den Kurs

Interest in meditation, mindfulness, and contemplation has grown exponentially in recent years. Rather than being seen as mystical practices from ancient Buddhism or esoteric philosophy, they are increasingly seen as technologies rooted in evidence from psychology and neuroscience. Mindfulness has become the basis for numerous therapeutic interventions, both as a treatment in healthcare and as a means of enhancing well-being and happiness. For millions around the world, mindfulness has become a life-style choice, enhancing and enriching everyday experience. Mindfulness is big business. But, what actually is mindfulness? Is it really good for you? Can anyone learn it? How can you recognize charlatans? Would you want to live in a mindful society, and would it smell like sandalwood? What does it feel like to be mindful? Are you mindful already, and how would you know? Evolving from the popular Honours Academy course at Leiden University, this innovative course combines conventional scholarly inquiry from multiple disciplines (ranging from psychology, through philosophy, to politics) with experiential learning (including specially designed ‘meditation labs,’ in which you’ll get chance to practice and analyze mindfulness on yourself). In the end, the course aims to provide a responsible, comprehensive, and inclusive education about (and in) mindfulness as a contemporary phenomenon. During the production of this course, we have been supported by Willem Kuyken, Director of the University of Oxford Mindfulness Centre, and Stephen Batchelor, co-founder of Bodhi College. And we gratefully acknowledge the contributions made by Mark Williams, co-developer of Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), and Rebecca Crane, Director of the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice at the University of Bangor. We have recently added expert advice from Dawn Scott (Spirit Rock & Barre Centre for Buddhist Studies), Sydney Spears (University of Kansa), Elisabeth Stanley (Georgetown University), Susan Woods (Centre for Mindfulness Studies), Patricia Rockman (University of Toronto) and Jeff Corntassel (University of Victoria). "A deep and profound dive into the ethical, social, psychological, and philosophical implications of modern-day mindfulness practice. The course is not for the faint of heart, perhaps, but it is also full of practical, guided exercises for the uninitiated! Thank you for redefining my relationship to Mindfulness in a completely new and thought-provoking way" 28 april 2021 "The course enabled me to explore the mindfulness construct at its deeper lever from philosophical, psychological and political lenses. The mindfulness labs were very useful in practicing the skills of being mindful." 23 nov 2018 "i took this course after a period of time when I was trying to practice mindfulness and meditation, but with doubtful success. The course answered many questions to me, and I needed that to keep me motivated. It really helped me understand the origins and, more importantly, benefits of mindfulness practice and made me persist in my attempts. I'm really glad I took the course, I find it interesting, well taught and very useful for all those seeking deeper explanation in why trying mindfulness." 9 Oct 2018 "I have taken other courses in other online platforms. However, this has been one of the best courses I have found online." 3 Oct 2018 "I really like the invitation to us, the learners, to rethink our preconceptions and beliefs, and then make our own judgement about mindfulness. The overall tone was very friendly and open, resources very useful." 12 Dec 2017...


20. Juli 2020

A course that will open your mind and heart. I thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt so much about Mindfulness and how I want to incorporate it into my daily life, relationships and personality. Thank you!

2. Feb. 2020

It is such a useful and practical course. The contents, discussions, assignments and quizzes are extremely insightful. I truly enjoyed the course and awaiting a second phase of the course in future.

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von Bharat G

23. Apr. 2019

If you're undergoing a tumultuous time in your life, this course will definitely be of value.

von menningen

28. März 2019

Cours très complet, à suivre avec attention et surtout prendre soin de pratiquer les MED LAB.

von Rodrigo L

15. Juni 2018

Very good course. Interesting concepts are disscused, and it has also very practical aspects.

von Shamna n

27. Nov. 2020

I really loved the courses and all the content the lectures are wonderful. Thank you so much

von Christophe F

11. Feb. 2020

Very nice course ! You will learn practical tips and daily practices for your everyday life.

von Zhivko J

26. Juli 2020

Solid background material and plenty of resources and mindfulness practices to choose from.

von Stephen B

15. Mai 2020

An excellent course. Provides a solid foundation for further practice and study. Demanding!

von Riun B

18. Juni 2019

This course gave me the objectivity to face my difficulties and move ahead in my attitudes.

von Shangyan Z

8. Okt. 2018

This is a great course, the professor is highly qualified, and the content is very helpful.

von Ingo B

8. Mai 2020

Enjoyed the instructors, presentation of materials, practical sessions. Jump in and enjoy.

von Roni B

18. Apr. 2020

interesting material that pour light on this subject, the lecturer is cool and interesting

von Sharon D

16. Nov. 2020

I enjoyed the course and learnt a great deal of information about mindfulness. Thank you.

von Juan J C G

2. Feb. 2020

Gives a profound and wide view about the past, the present, and the future of Mindfulness

von Patrick W

20. Feb. 2021

Take this course seriously - if you put in the time and do the work it is life changing.

von Nathalie H D

30. Juni 2020

Ce cours est très complet, il permet également d'améliorer sa pratique, ou de commencer.

von karen s

24. Jan. 2018

Excellant course. Well presented and accessible. Easy to navigate and excellant content.

von Vlad B

23. Juni 2017

Eye opening. More than I expected from a online course. Highly engaging and informative.


19. Apr. 2017

I now have a better understanding of mindfulness.

The course increased my Mindfulness X2

von Douglas R

2. Juli 2019

Loved the content and community. I continue to refer to this in my continued practices

von Bindiya S

13. Sep. 2017

It was an eye-opener and every module felt like a journey of self discovery.

Thank you!

von Viviane G

8. März 2021

Exceptional experience that de-mystifies mindfulness and allows you to experience it.

von Naufal A

20. Mai 2020

I am proud of my achievements and I will continue to learn, thank you for everything.

von yasunari k

26. Juni 2020

I am thankful for the given opportunity though I am still mystifyed by mindfulness.

von KFL

15. Mai 2018

Perfect for anyone trying to sort out the complicated status of “mindfulness” today.

von Michael N

15. Nov. 2017

An excellent course, informative and challenging both academically and practically.