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Interest in meditation, mindfulness, and contemplation has grown exponentially in recent years. Rather than being seen as mystical practices from ancient Buddhism or esoteric philosophy, they are increasingly seen as technologies rooted in evidence from psychology and neuroscience. Mindfulness has become the basis for numerous therapeutic interventions, both as a treatment in healthcare and as a means of enhancing well-being and happiness. For millions around the world, mindfulness has become a life-style choice, enhancing and enriching everyday experience. Mindfulness is big business. But, what actually is mindfulness? Is it really good for you? Can anyone learn it? How can you recognize charlatans? Would you want to live in a mindful society, and would it smell like sandalwood? What does it feel like to be mindful? Are you mindful already, and how would you know? Evolving from the popular Honours Academy course at Leiden University, this innovative course combines conventional scholarly inquiry from multiple disciplines (ranging from psychology, through philosophy, to politics) with experiential learning (including specially designed ‘meditation labs,’ in which you’ll get chance to practice and analyze mindfulness on yourself). In the end, the course aims to provide a responsible, comprehensive, and inclusive education about (and in) mindfulness as a contemporary phenomenon. During the production of this course, we have been supported by Willem Kuyken, Director of the University of Oxford Mindfulness Centre, and Stephen Batchelor, co-founder of Bodhi College. And we gratefully acknowledge the contributions made by Mark Williams, co-developer of Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), and Rebecca Crane, Director of the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice at the University of Bangor....



Nov 02, 2017

Awesome!\n\nLots of valuable theory, which includes uncovering fears and doubts. And the most important: practice. You can learn meditation here, and truly understand why the hell it's so important.


Feb 07, 2019

An excellent MOOC course with in-depth exploration of the mindfulness concept, with interviews of experts in the field and critical appraisal of the subject matter. I loved the course !

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von Hellen P

Feb 09, 2017

The course was well organized. I like the structure of the course: watching the theory videos, practicing various meditations and reflecting on the experience, and summarizing or deepening the knowledge. I was not interested in the written assignments at first because I complete the first one haphazardly just to complete the assignment. However, I spent more time reflecting on the rest of the assignments, and it was important to give oneself time to actually reflect and write a meaningful written task. The workload was manageable. I fell behind on an assignment, but I submitted it late. I was happy to have had the chance to submit and receive peer feedback. I really liked receiving the peer feedback. Thank you for the course. I really enjoyed it, and it has deepened my practice and my knowledge of mindfulness.

von Lilian A

Jul 06, 2017

I loved it! Well balanced combination of mindfulness' history, theory and meditation practices. The creative course material, awesome artwork and excellent storytelling skills of the teacher made this a very enjoyable 5 week course.

von José V N S

Dec 25, 2017

Excelente curso Gorgeous Course!

von Niranjan V

Mar 04, 2018

A great introduction to mindfulness practises. I like how the course covers various aspects of mindfulness, why people are drawn to it, different traditions and commercialization of it. The creators have done a good job at making this course as interactive as possible by use of various discussion prompts and peer graded assignments. I had to do my own reasearch at various times to fill in on various aspects in the evaluation. This is a good starter course for various mindfulness techniques, their efficacy and their relevance.


Mar 03, 2018

Great course! A serious approach to mindfulness with kind teachers and high quality materials! 100% advisable!

von Claudia C M C

Feb 15, 2018

Es un curso con una mezcla de herramientas que permiten aprender de manera fácil, las exposiciones del maestro son claras y su nivel de conocimiento sobre el tema se refleja inmediatamente, además de que transmite tranquilidad, el material de apoyo y los ejercicios son de excelente calidad.

von Angel R

Aug 03, 2017

The overall experience is great. The course is very well prepared and nicely presented. If follows a logical, comprehensive sequence from beginning to end. Instructor is excellent in every sense.

von Bindiya S

Sep 13, 2017

It was an eye-opener and every module felt like a journey of self discovery.

Thank you!

von Barbara O

May 07, 2018

I loved the great mix of theoretical background and the weekly practice elements.

von Dominique F

Jun 05, 2017

Great pace, fresh and stimulating material, science based.

von Rajendra J

Aug 06, 2017

it is a great course. Enjoyed it and felt enlightened. I would recommend it to my friends for sure.

von Syed M U

Mar 27, 2018

Just awesome.

von Carolina

Nov 17, 2017

Very nice course.

von ROSA L C S

Apr 11, 2018





































and helped me to understand more about my biases with the mindfulness

von Subbalakshmi K

Oct 16, 2017

This course does what it seeks to do! It is a great introduction to Mindfulness, what it is, what it is not and unravels the many misconceptions about it. This is a course for one an all - whether you are a practising Buddhist or belong to any other religion or even a non-believer. It gives you more clarity about mindfulness.

von Heather M

Jun 06, 2017

A great course, I enjoyed the balance between practical and theory and felt a real benefit from completing the course. I especially love how the course challenged me to think about all aspects of mindfulness in a way I would never have thought on my own.

von Binoy B

Jul 28, 2017

Excellent material. Great teacher.

von Bert B

Oct 29, 2016

An excellent summary of Mindful practices, both the theory and the meditation. Recommended for everyone who wants to understand mindfulness or needs a moment of reflection in his or her own mindful practice

von Andrew

Jul 02, 2017

The course is very good. Really high-quality materials.

von Hari N

Sep 20, 2017

Excellent course! Highly recommend it for everyone :-)

von Marc C M

May 03, 2017

Curso altamente recomendable para quien quiera aproximarse al fenómeno Mindfulness desde una perspectiva científica. El módulo combina de una manera muy acertada teoría y práctica personal, un ejemplo de cómo abordar esta práctica basada en la experiencia subjetiva. Además el profesor se comunica muy bien, de manera que no se hace nada aburrido. Me gustaría leer sus libros.

von Evelien E

Jun 30, 2018

Iam in week 2 of the course and already learned a lot

von Pamela P

Sep 05, 2017

Very well designed and implemented. Enjoyable.

von Dr. T B

Feb 12, 2017

Awesome course. I very much enjoyed the videos, the readings, the discussions with the international crowd and especially the practice involved. Didactics and flow of this course are excellent. I very much recommend it to everybody who is interested in the topic.

von Marcelo B

Oct 15, 2017

Great course to know more about mindfulness!