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This is a survey of modern history from a global perspective. Part Two begins early in the twentieth century, as older ways of doing things and habits of thought give way. What follows is an era of cataclysmic struggles over what ideas and institutions will take their place. The course concludes in the present day, as communities everywhere are transitioning into a new era of world history. Again we work hard to grasp what is happening and ask: Why? Again we are drawn to pivotal choices made at key moments by individuals and communities....



11. Dez. 2021

Excellent course. I learned a lot, enjoyed the experience. Prof. Zelnikov is a master teacher. Thanks for the opportunity to listen and learn even after eight years after production of these lectures.


18. Mai 2022

Our professor, Philip Zelikow is amazing!!!! I truly appreciate the time he spent making these outstanding lectures because I very much enjoyed every minute of them. Thank you so much for this course.

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von Helena K

9. Jan. 2019

Great information, engaging unbiased tutor (with the talent of a gifted storyteller) and at last one course that really talks about modern world history as a whole without just remaining and focusing on the WWI and II from only our western world's perspective. Thank you!

von Bryan C

4. März 2018

Excellent survey of history, and I personally appreciate the amount of effort the professor put into organizing the material. He really sets the bar for online presentation, and I would not hesitate to recommend this course to anyone who is interested in world history.

von Albana

5. Mai 2020

It was a real pleasure to participate in the course. Professor Zelikow has all the skills of an excellent teacher. He is not just demonstrating what he knows, he also guides our attention to sensitive and key points that clarify complex situations. A wonderful course!

von Parthiban N

21. Juli 2020

suggest to issues a single unified certification for those who passed both parts or don't print the word Part One and two as both are covering different period of history. having printed part 1 and 2, almost suggests that ,there might be more parts than indicated.

von Neil H

16. Jan. 2019

An exceptional experience. I did it first back in 2014, with all the tests. I have since downloaded it and been through the videos for parts 1 and 2 several times. If you want a broad understanding of the last 250 years of history you will find this hard to beat.

von Brian J

10. Jan. 2016

This is an excellent course. It provides a very good overview of world history since 1910, highlighting key events and providing the context in which decisions affecting those events were made. It whets my appetite for a more detailed treatment of this period.

von Linda

9. Jan. 2016

It is a wonderful course. I highly recommend taking it soon after completing part one because of the way it builds on information described in part I. Information about money systems and thoughts the key world leaders thought at crossroads in history were fa

von Adriana A

5. Jan. 2016

Excellent course, professor Zelikow is an excellent teacher-speaker who not only explain the history but also helps us to understand why things happen, the situation, the choices made and it effects. I took the two parts, I highly recommend both of them.

von Steven C

21. Dez. 2017

A great, encompassing course on the global history of the past century. Professor Zelikow is a fantastic lecturer and has plenty of experience from his time as a diplomatic and government official. Highly recommended if you're interested in history.

von Owen W

13. Aug. 2017

Prof. Zelikow gave a thorough analysis of 20th century history up til 2013, sticking to analysis of causes, decisions, and consequences of people and states. This course gave me the context to understand, not just spectate, our current events today,

von Yvonne N

2. Juni 2020

An excellent overview of 250 years of history by an engaging tutor that kept encouraging us to ask the reasons why things happen, the context that shapes events, and the choices countries take at a certain moment in history to solve their problems.

von Heike R

9. Dez. 2019

I'm really enjoying this course. There are so many new aspects and perspectives presented that challenge my understanding of the historical facts I have learnt so far. It's been an eyeopening experience. The presentation is also great.

Thanks you.

von Rishav K

21. Aug. 2020

The second part, of course, was no less enlightening or engaging than part one. My sincere thanks to the University of Virginia and Professor Philip Zelikow. I shall recommend this course to anyone remotely interested in the history of the world.

von Raju G

11. Nov. 2017

Excellent Course. Recommended for everyone interested in international relations, public policy and of course any student of history. Unlike most history courses which try to recount events, this course puts emphasis on global historical trends.

von Gary S

5. Mai 2022

I​ have completed 1 & 2 an found both the content and the lecturer engaging.

In particular, Part 2, where I had missed details in world events due to being so busy working and raising a family. The course filled in the missing pieces!

T​hank you

von David K J

10. Feb. 2022

Philip Zelikow does a masterly job at explaining the major influential events of recent centuries. I appreciate his clear explanations in describing the context and repercussions of those events and how they have shaped the world we now inhabit

von Ahmed M A H

29. Sep. 2015

Great Instructor/Course from great University as great as the rest of Virginia university courses. Well respected Universities in addition to Duke, San Diego and Michigan Compared to the very short courses from other reputable Universities

von Dimitris S

11. Mai 2019

Just like the sunbeams sneaked inside your office during the last minutes of your last presentation ...your arguments sneaked in our minds enlighting aspects of the human route and endeavour during the last two centuries. I'm so grateful.

von Jennifer S

19. März 2016

Fascinating consideration of Why history took the turns it did and what alternatives there might have been. As a professor in the area of biology, I admire his organization and I admire the extent to which he excites curiosity. Excellent

von Lucas M S

24. Juni 2021

Al igual que la primera parte de este curso, la explicacion es estupenda, el enfoque sobre los sucesos historicos es fantastica, y los temas abordados no solo son interesantes, si no de suma importancia para entender nuestro pasado.

von Heather Z

26. Sep. 2017

Wonderfully taught! Not just what happened but why it happened. This course, part one and part two, have really turned the light on for me, to see the significance of people's choices and how deeply every choice influences another

von Manuel A A

1. Aug. 2020

El curso es un viaje durante la historia contemporánea del siglo 20, con una ayudas como vídeo expeditos , mapas de los lugares destacados en la historia, que cambiaron el curso de esta. Muy enriquecedor lo disfrute muchísimo.

von David B

22. Aug. 2021

Gives a great overview of the key points that have shaped the world we live in today. Does not get too bogged down in dates and personalities, but concentrates on the broad reasons for what happened and more importantly why.

von Alexandre M

17. Mai 2017

I´m a 17-year old pupil and this was my first experience with on line University courses. This course is very clearly structured and Professor Zelikow did a very good job at explaining worldwide history in an unbiaised way.

von Nikunj B

30. Juni 2020

This set of two courses is basically what we should be teaching in schools. Schools often miss out modern history and especially overarching themes in history. I loved these two courses and the effort put into making them