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Welcome to Necessary Condition Analysis (NCA). NCA analyzes data using necessity logic. A necessary condition implies that if the condition is not in place, there will be guaranteed failure of the outcome. The opposite however is not true; if the condition is in place, success of the outcome is not guaranteed. Examples of necessary conditions are a student’s GMAT score for admission to a PhD program; a student will not be admitted to a PhD program when his GMAT score is too low. Intelligence for creativity, as creativity will not exist without intelligence, and management commitment for organizational change, as organizational change will not occur without management commitment. NCA can be used with existing or new data sets and can give novel insights for theory and practice. You can apply NCA as a stand-alone approach, or as part of a multi-method approach complementing multiple linear regression (MLR), structural equation modelling (SEM) or Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA). This course explains the basic elements of NCA and uses illustrative examples on how to perform NCA with R software. Topics include (i) Setting up an NCA study (ii) Run NCA and (iii) Present the results of NCA. We hope you enjoy the course!...


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von Diogenes B

15. Juli 2022

NCA is not just a method of data analysis, it is another way of thinking about the relationships between variables (assuming that most of us are used to regression or modeling of structural equations – sufficiency logic).

I recommend this course to all those interested in understanding and researching necessary conditions (critical success factors).

The course contains videos, examples, and suggestions for readings that will make life easier for those who are new to this method and update the knowledge of those who have already read the 2020 book (*)

I really enjoyed it and recommend it.


Dul, J. (2020) Conducting Necessary Condition Analysis. Mastering Business Research Methods Series, London: Sage Publications

von Indy O

6. Sep. 2022

Intuitive emergent methodology, clearly explained in these MOOCs. The flow and content of the weeks, with the practice questions ensured a good knowledge on what NCA is, how to use it, and how to interpret it. The "pitfalls" or common misunderstandings helped me be cautious of not making the wrong assumptions when evaluating the results.

von Sina B

20. Juli 2022

As a researcher, I found the logic of NCA so exciting and at the same time, the course design was perfect.

von Walanchalee W

3. Jan. 2023

Great course with a lot of useful information!

von Thomas T

19. Juli 2022

Exams of week 4 and 5 require knowledge beyond the taught content.