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In the fifth course of the Deep Learning Specialization, you will become familiar with sequence models and their exciting applications such as speech recognition, music synthesis, chatbots, machine translation, natural language processing (NLP), and more. By the end, you will be able to build and train Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNs) and commonly-used variants such as GRUs and LSTMs; apply RNNs to Character-level Language Modeling; gain experience with natural language processing and Word Embeddings; and use HuggingFace tokenizers and transformer models to solve different NLP tasks such as NER and Question Answering. The Deep Learning Specialization is a foundational program that will help you understand the capabilities, challenges, and consequences of deep learning and prepare you to participate in the development of leading-edge AI technology. It provides a pathway for you to take the definitive step in the world of AI by helping you gain the knowledge and skills to level up your career....



30. Juni 2019

The course is very good and has taught me the all the important concepts required to build a sequence model. The assignments are also very neatly and precisely designed for the real world application.


29. Okt. 2018

The lectures covers lots of SOTA deep learning algorithms and the lectures are well-designed and easy to understand. The programming assignment is really good to enhance the understanding of lectures.

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von Valentina I

1. Mai 2022

Detailed in covered topics. Also interesting topics and the way they are brough in the material really triggered my couriosity

von Jamie K

24. Dez. 2019

Things step up in terms of complexity with this course but it builds on everything you've learnt so far so it all makes sense!

von Thiago G M

22. Dez. 2019

O curso é muito didático e consegue passar os principais conhecimentos sobre Deep Learning de forma direta, concisa e precisa.


2. Mai 2019

Andrew Ng is really best teacher in the world. In this course, He has explained such complicated topics in so much easy ways.

von Pascal W

23. Okt. 2018

Very good content! I suggest using "Ears: Bass Boost, EQ Any Audio!" extension to dampen the painfully high audio frequencies.

von Wei X

1. Mai 2018

As the other course in this series, very informative. Learned a lot. Hope he can come up with others likes reinforced learning

von Piyush R

18. Aug. 2021

The course is brilliantly designed and gives you a balanced understanding of theoretical concepts and practical applications.

von gjycoursera

17. Aug. 2020

Great course for NLP. It's difficult for me to finish this course, but I have made it! Thank you Andrew, Thank you Coursera!

von Shobhit K T

10. Juni 2020

Great course with lots of details and hands on programming assignments covering state of the art neural network architecture.

von Lakshmi T

18. Mai 2020

Excellent course. Lectures are very informative. Programming assignments helped a lot to understand core concepts. Thank you!


28. Apr. 2020

It was an exceptionally good course and the theory part of the course was really the best. I enjoyed completing it. Thank You

von Mohammad H

10. Feb. 2020

I didn't enjoy this one as the previous courses, maybe because I'm not interested in its topic, or I wanted just to finish it

von Alejandro J M R

14. Nov. 2019

El curso tiene un valor incalculable para mi formación profesional. El aprendizaje y el conocimiento adquirido es invaluable!

von Gogul I

21. Juni 2019

Best ever course I have learnt in Coursera. Thank you so much Andrew NG sir for explaining complex concepts in an easier way.

von Kamyar A

16. Jan. 2022

Best Course ever in Time series! Helped me so much that I can't thank Andrew and others making this course available enough!

von Juan C J

8. Feb. 2021

Great option to introduce yourself to NLP, Recurrent Neural Networks and Sequence Models in general! Andrew Ng is the best!!


28. Juni 2020

This is an amazing course for the ones who want to explore and dive deep in the world of RNNS and NLP. totally recommend it.

von Utkarsh H

2. Mai 2020

I am working with all my heart and soul from last few months it literally made me cry a little seeing my first certificate!!

von Deepesh N

27. Okt. 2019

Loved the Sequence model chapters especially with word embeddings, sentiment classification and Speech recognition exercises

von Prakash C

21. Okt. 2019

Extremely powerful course to get hands on intuitive as well as application level understanding of sequence models. Thank you

von Endi N

6. Juni 2018

Intuitive explanations, easy to follow programming assignments. The best starting point to learn NLP and RNNs. 100% 5 stars.

von Amalan T

4. Juni 2018

It was a great platform for me learn and implement deep learning concepts. It was fun and the learning experience was great.

von Yonatan N

7. Apr. 2018

I am now able to read and understand the latest research publications in this field! Pretty amazing for a three week course.

von Tony C

18. Feb. 2018

Prof. Ng is the only person who illustrates everything about machine learning and deep learning clearly and throughly to me.

von krishan s

26. Juli 2020

Would love a course on reinforcement learning by Andrew Ng, he gives you a clear intuition about the topic which is amazing