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An introduction to the Objective-C programming language. This will prepare you for more extensive iOS app development and build a foundation for advanced iOS development topics. Objective-C programming requires a Mac laptop or desktop computer. An iOS device is optional if the learner is willing to working exclusively with the simulator. Some learners have been able to work with an OS X virtual machine on Windows, but explaining how to do that is beyond the scope of this course. Upon completing this course, you will be able to: 1. Read and write Objective-C 2. Have a strong grasp of Objective-C objects 3. Organize their code professionally using objects and blocks 4. Prototype several entry-level apps...



May 10, 2017

A very well organized step by step introduction to iOS Application development using Objective-C. The course content is good and the instructor is good explaining clearly and in a detailed way. Thanks


Dec 11, 2015

I am just a beginner and i Love apple inc and its products. I would love to learn this course and the instructors are cute and amazing. We will have a good communication and relation here. Thanks

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von Brandon G

Mar 19, 2018

You'll have to work around a bit of out-dated stuff from iOS 9 days (particularly how constraints are set up). But well worth the effort :)

von Miciah D

May 14, 2018

This has been one of the most frustrating, excruciating educational experiences of my life. The instructor constantly makes students copy what he's doing, without explaining the code he's using or syntax. The peer review assignments are guided to the point of absurdity, so you're not actually learning but instead parroting what he's doing, hoping that someday you will understand intuitively what you've just done. Further, he's constantly hemming and hawing, making typos, and generally being distracting with his lack of presentational confidence, so that you can't focus on the material.

The hemming and hawing I could deal with, if only the content were well thought-out and facilitated the learning process; sadly, this is not the case. For the first app wherein we do anything useful, we have to use someone else's previously written object, CurrencyRequest, without any explanation of how it works or the syntax required to invoke it. We have to change permissions in some file--again with no explanation as to what we're actually doing--then assign variables with--big surprise! new syntax which is not explained!

Extremely disappointed, wish I could get my money back. I hope I can find a good course with a good instructor.

von Cheung H K

Dec 20, 2018

Good for beginners!

von Лавров С

Mar 04, 2019

It's interesting lectures that help understand main principals of Objective C

von notsoseamless

Mar 19, 2019

Excellent course

von anand k

Sep 24, 2015

Good course, good tutor, looking forward for next one.

von 王成昊

Sep 17, 2015


von Manish K

Jan 28, 2017

Excellent starter course

von ping

Oct 21, 2015

Very nice course

von Anatoliy C

Jun 19, 2016

This course is very well elaborated and gives strong practical knowledge.

von Jifeng J

Dec 12, 2015

Nice course! Nice teacher! Hope there could be more challenging assignments in the future.

von An L

Jan 16, 2016

Well-organized class, nice choice of self-pace and well-chosen assignment, worth taking as the first step in developing iOS application

von David F M A

Nov 16, 2015

nice course! it helps with the basics of objective-c

von Gustavo M

Oct 17, 2015

Great intro to Objective-C.

von Лялин Л

Nov 16, 2015

If it was a dish I would say "Delicious"! A way to expand programming horizons!

von Avishek A

Feb 26, 2016

good course

von Vamsi R J

Feb 28, 2017

Course is designed very well. One feedback though is I had to go through other books or sources for practice exercises and if they can be added to course it would be complete and give more confidence to students

von prashanth p

May 24, 2016

Really awesome tutorials ever seen

von Saurabh T

Aug 07, 2016


von Naga S P P

May 18, 2017

The instructor is very knowledgeable about Objective-C and iOS programming. The walkthroughs were very well done. It doesn't matter if you are a rookie or a veteran programmer, this course will help you start iOS development with ease.

von John M

Nov 16, 2015

Excellent course for starting out with Objective C development.

von Dominic C C Y

Oct 06, 2015

Good stuff. The Professor explained the concepts clearly.

von Reinier K

Feb 12, 2016

Maybe not for the real beginning programmer, but a great way for your first steps with XCode and Objective-C.

von Sol M

Jul 06, 2016

Great intro course for those who'd want to learn how to make iOS apps!

von Anis D

Mar 15, 2016