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In this course, we will define what open source software is, we will go over the history of open source software and what benefits it has provided to the world’s technology infrastructure over the decades. The course aims to teach you how to work in open source projects productively and gain a lot of benefits from it, and really understand what the advantages are. You will learn about collaboration best practices, and how to encourage diversity in open source projects. We will discuss the different licensing models that are available, as this will help you decide what the best license is for your project. We will talk about methods that are commonly used, such as Continuous Integration, and use of GitHub and other hosting providers as a central meeting place for open source projects, and we will provide some examples of successful open source projects....


20. März 2021

This course is very useful. I have completed the course and I was very satisfied. I will continue the other courses of the series and learn more.\n\nThanks to everyone who contributed to this course!

3. Mai 2020

Honestly, this course provide introduces the world of open source projects and development to anyone. It's really explanative and helpful. I suggest this to anyone who want to understand what OSS is.

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von Qin W

25. Jan. 2019

Very Introductory. Maybe can even been summarised by one 20 mins video instead of 3 week's course.

Not much solid stuff.

von Archana R

19. Apr. 2019

Content is useful, but not a fan of the peer graded assignments.

von Shubham C

11. März 2020

This course is designed to start you on a path toward future studies in web development and design, no matter how little experience or technical knowledge you currently have. The web is a very big place, and if you are the typical internet user, you probably visit several websites every day, whether for business, entertainment or education. But have you ever wondered how these websites actually work? How are they built? How do browsers, computers, and mobile devices interact with the web? What skills are necessary to build a website? With almost 1 billion websites now on the internet, the answers to these questions could be your first step toward a better understanding of the internet and developing a new set of internet skills. By the end of this course you’ll be able to describe the structure and functionality of the world wide web, create dynamic web pages using a combination of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, apply essential programming language concepts when creating HTML forms, select an appropriate web hosting service, and publish your webpages for the world to see. Finally, you’ll be able to develop a working model for creating your own personal or business websites in the future and be fully prepared to take the next step in a more advanced web development or design course or specialization.


18. Aug. 2020

This course was really great and helped me to proceed with my OSS knowledge further. I will surely complete the specialization to obtain more knowledge and get familiar with OSS Development methods.

von Niranjan P P

15. Juli 2020

A great course on the history of Linux. Generally, courses start with the History of Linux as just an introductory video/week. But this course took a deep dive into the topic.

von Nima F

4. Mai 2019

Great introduction to OSS. It provides a good overview of its history and how it got started plus the basics of contributing to various OSS Projects.

von Hariprasad M

23. Juni 2020

The course contains comprehensive knowledge about development methods in Open Source Software. I would recommend this course for anyone who is interested in OSS and wants to have a proper idea of it.

von AMAL S

4. Mai 2020

Honestly, this course provide introduces the world of open source projects and development to anyone. It's really explanative and helpful. I suggest this to anyone who want to understand what OSS is.

von Raghav T

8. März 2020

Great introductory course. Great content. Only suggestion would be to improve audio quality when reading from slides.

von Jeremy C

4. Apr. 2019

Thought there would be more hands on. My mistake. Still great material and learned a lot.

von Vicki B

23. Aug. 2020

Glad I didn't pay for this one - nothing hands on, just some pretty obvious advice which boils down to: 'don't be a jerk when joining an open source project'. Good info on the differences in open source licensing models. Audited the course, and couldn't even submit the quizzes.

von Lee M

23. Aug. 2020

Lacks technical content. Really just a long introduction to the subsequent courses providing background. Most of the content could be covered as part of the other modules instead.

von Irina B

14. Feb. 2021

Very good course! I liked that the videos and information were only about the case and with a good explanation and presentation of the information.

The course covers the basics of the concept of OSS and the necessary details, such as the relationship between employees, as well as the relationship of open source with sites like GitHub.

Thank you very much for your work!

von Iswarya K V

25. Mai 2020

I really enjoyed the course. I was initially skeptical about taking a course on a topic I was new to but the content delivery was extremely simple and easy to understand. The method of making the learner think of the topics and submit their views has helped me increase my understanding of the subject. Thank you.

von Danilo B

15. Sep. 2020

Very theoretical course that introduces students to all concepts behind Open Source Software, which I didn't know about and I feel that I have a much better understanding now. Perhaps it might offer content a little more advanced than for a "beginner" student as stated in the course.

von mostafa i

21. Juni 2020

it is very good course to understand the OSS world and how to contribute wit it, and if you are working for a company use an open source components you will be aware which component license you can use it or avoid it based on your company product strategy

von Carlos E E R

5. Apr. 2021

Excelente curso, observando los temas que se nos muestra, pude identificar muchas cosas que utilizo día a día en mi trabajo, y lo importante que son mantener esa constancia en ser muy organizados, el control del código abierto, un buen liderazgo, etc.

von waqar r

15. Apr. 2020

A really good course for patching some of the basic knowledge. Open Source Software development is not just about writing code and making it public and this course explains it in really nice and structured way. Glad to be a part of this course.

von Muhannad A

8. Juni 2020

This course has introsuced me to fully new ideas and thoughts about OSS.

Even though, I am a Linux user for more than 10 years, I am now open and ready to contribute more to an OSS project. even I have the courage to create a new one.


20. Juni 2020

The course was very helpful and I am interested in

doing all the remaining courses to get specialization in the Open source software development methods because it is very useful learning in scripting languages.

von Abdullah A M

29. März 2020

You can gain knowledge about the open-source platform as well as the strategy , policy, type of workflow of any open source project. Beside it, you will able to get to know about the basic concept of Linux.

von Muhamamd U F

25. Juli 2020

Honestly, this course provide introduces the world of open source projects and development with real world examples, i recommend this courses to everyone who really want to learn about open source world.

von Doğacan D A

21. März 2021

This course is very useful. I have completed the course and I was very satisfied. I will continue the other courses of the series and learn more.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this course!

von Harry A H

27. Juni 2020

Good introductory course about the landscape. You don't have to agree with everything, but gives an overview of the main personalities in the field. Lectures are short and well prepared.

von Alexander K

10. Juli 2019

Good introduction. If this course aimed to raise my ideological conscience and to inspire my creativity, it did its purpose greatly. I hope that practical parts will be equally useful.