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Leaders in business and non-profit organizations increasingly work across national borders and in multi-cultural environments. You may work regularly with customers or suppliers abroad, or be part of a globally dispersed cross-functional team, or an expatriate manager on an international assignment. You may be a member of a global online community, or a development aid worker collaborating with an international network of partner organizations. In all of these contexts, your effectiveness as a leader depends on how well you understand and are able to manage individual and collective behaviors in an intercultural context. In this course – together with a team of Bocconi expert faculty and Bocconi alumni – we’ll explore the theory and practice of international and intercultural leadership and organizational behavior. Social science research has revealed systematic ways in which our behavior differs across cultural contexts – enabling us to more effectively work across borders. Insights from psychology, neuroscience, sociology and anthropology, from communication studies and from management scholarship allow us to understand what shapes individual and group decision making, what enhances or weakens team performance, and how we can build and use our social networks. And the shared practical experience of international leaders allows us to identify concrete steps to enhancing intercultural leadership competence, and to be cognizant of common leadership challenges. Learning about organizational behavior provides a great opportunity to develop your leadership skills and to reflect on your own behavioral tendencies. How do you usually make important decisions? What motivates you and how do you try motivating others? How successfully do you leverage and integrate diverse skills and views in a team? Do you prefer professional relationships with a close-knit group of trusted colleagues, or with a far-flung network of acquaintances from all walks of life? If you really want to learn how organizations behave and take decisions and at the same time develop leadership skills, then this is the course for you. We are looking forward to welcoming you and supporting you on this journey of learning and discovery. COURSE SYLLABUS Week 1 - Leadership Acumen. International perspective on leadership, common traps & challenges, and opportunities of intercultural leadership. Week 2 - Navigating Culture. Impact of cultural differences on organizations, decoding culture, culture classifications and stereotyping, developing intercultural intelligence. Week 3 - Communication. Communication and its impact on leadership identity and relationships, managing communication to improve decision making, steps for developing your intercultural communication skills. Week 4 - Motivation. Views on individual motivation, cultural differences in motivation, developing motivation and commitment in teams. Week 5 - Networking. Patterns of interpersonal relationships in/across organizations, strategically developing social networks and social capital, norms for networking across cultures. Week 6 - Conflict. Effective / defective conflict management approaches, dealing with ethical dilemmas. Thanks to the participation of our alumni and of the Bocconi Alumni Association, participants will have practical insights on international leadership. RECOMMENDED BACKGROUND All are welcome! Some prior exposure to basic issues of organizational behavior (communication, decision making, motivation, etc.) is useful, but not required....


6. Jan. 2017

I completed this course while working abroad and I loved it. The course helped be to have a better understanding and respect for different cultures in life and in the work environment.\n\nThank You!

12. Aug. 2018

Very interesting course. Alumni viewpoints, pop-up questions, and interactive dialogues all made the course more engaging. Each video was a good length for informational content and attentiveness.

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von Jayanta B

17. Juli 2021

I would like to share my sincere gratitude for developing such a wonderful program which is filled with insightful rich knowledge and practical experiences from global leaders. I am very happy to choose this program and complete it and have gained tremendous level of knowledge. I am confident that this program will add high values to whoever go through it and highly recommend it.

von Vijay B

13. Mai 2021

An excellent course that has been strategically conceptualized thoughtfully designed. This course would be a "must" for all budding managers and leaders aspiring to pursue careers at international levels and also for all those who deal with people from multi cultural backgrounds. The course is well structured and paced. I thank all those who are involved in designing this course.

von Sara D G

3. Mai 2020

Extremely useful and interesting course. It gave me more insights on effective communication, cultural understanding, motivation and conflict management. It will surely have a positive impact both on my professional and private experience. The lessons are well structured. Professor Franz Wohlgezogen is an outstanding professional and teacher, always very clear and entertaining.

von Anjali

6. Juli 2020

This was a wonderful course and I have learned so much from it. The way it was organised and planned was the best thing about it. The lecturer was really good, he knew how to present the knowledge in a fun, applicable way and always gave us different examples and sources from where we could learn a lot more about the topic in hand. Thank you so much it was very useful for us.

von May K K O

4. Dez. 2020

I really really like this course. This course is very effective for me. I am very thankful for the course instructor because I can feel his effort for this course. The video and reading materials are very useful and give a chance to learn more about leadership and other skills like communication.

I am very happy about this course and I have a great time attending this course.

von Paula B

20. Aug. 2020

Very informative and interesting. The professor of the course taught in a way that engaged me in the course and made me want to learn more. I would recommend this not only to a person who wants to learn about organizational leadership but to anyone who is interested in group work and developing a sense of how individuals or a group works, communicates or resolves conflicts.

von Massimo C

23. Sep. 2019

I really appreciated the course. Lessons are study material are of very good quality. I saved them and I am sure I will go thrugh them again and again. After a couple of weeks I already started to pay attention to details in my behavior with international contacts that I was not considering before. I liked the focus on netwrok a low as well as the conflic resolution week.

von Pawana S

18. Apr. 2020

The course is quite helpful in todays context of globalization where you have to interact with cross cultural behaviors and work values it gives good insight with case studies ,However it would be more helpful if there is live examples of role play not just descriptive but also like in real term as an example to relative directly.

von Venkatesh

20. Juni 2017

Really loved the course and learnt a lot. Thanks to Assistant Professor Franz Wohlgezogen for giving this MOOC a wonderful structure. Thanks to Università Bocconi and all the others who contributed in making the last 6 weeks very engaging and interesting. Hope to be an alumni of this prestigious institute one day and share my learning with the future generations :)


28. Juni 2020

It´s been really interesting and easy to follow. I have enjoyed all the readings videos and I have got quite a lot of information to be read and followed from now on. The topics are very well explained and presented so that even a person out of the business world can fully understand it all. A very good approach, a good practice for what they preach :) Grazie!

von LF E

12. Mai 2020

This course gives you a theoretical understanding of leadership in transcultural teams or followers. It helps you understand the importance of motivation, engagement, networks and conflict resolution strategies a leader should work on when dealing with a transcultural teams. I really enjoyed it! thank you so much for giving us access to such amazing material.

von tzenh.nana

16. Okt. 2016

it wat the first course i manage to complete and i'm very exitied about that! Nevertheless i found this course very helpful and even though my current job has nothing to do with leadership or something intercultural i was actually pleased to learn all this and i will definitely start to use them when i finally work on this field-which i would like to do.

von Anne C

7. Sep. 2016

Professor Franz Wohlgezogen delivers this course with excellence and precision, as well as making it interesting and interactive. He is an engaging and charismatic teacher and seems to be able to cater to several learning styles. The content, delivery and layout of materials is such that the student is well supported through to success.

I highly recommend.

von Filippo C

4. Juni 2020

A very complete overview of the main pillars of International Leadership. The participation of many Bocconi alumni was really effective in order to exemplify how these concepts are applicable in the everyday life of an international leader or of a manager in a multicultural organization. Last but not least, a very kind and effective professor and host.

von Mei M

8. Aug. 2021

Thanks a lot for such a great course. Truly appreciate it when you try to varies the background and kinds of approaches to keep the lessons interesting & enjoyable over time.

I did apply tons of lessons learned from the lecture throughout the time I enroll the course. One of my best decision during the Covid lock down is to have enrolled in the course.

von Pawan A

5. März 2018

It is a nice introductory course. It provides insight to many leadership qualities. It also provides exposure to many common challenges and solutions to the scenarios in international arena. There are links to many resources for further exploring the leadership qualities which provide additional information. Overall it is a money well spent course.

von Bill T

20. März 2021

A well designed/delivered program which provides a good foundation for future learning in the field. The sessions were professional, informative and engaging with nice balance of video/reading and reinforcing activities. Quizzes reflected the material and were sufficiently challenging - though not overly. Enjoyed the learning experience - thanks!

von Shivani S

17. Juli 2021

I was excited to learn about the qualities a leader must possess, ways of effective communication, how to tackle the cultural conflicts within the organization and how organizational culture influences leaders’ responsibilities and methods. I am grateful to the faculty members and this course has definitely polished my skills as a professional.

von Angela / K

24. Jan. 2021

Very interesting course with a perspective that is new to me in my non-traditional organizational background. I took this course in the midst of alot of chaos in my life and on the virge of a 2nd lockdown. It made me realize how the level of distractions impact decision maiking too. I now have a reading list with updated editions to complete.

von Đina V

3. Apr. 2020

This course is my first window to how the corporate culture and international leadership really work, as I come from a Technical/Natural sciences background. You can gain a lot of insight into Leadership (especially on an international level), Principles of managing people, Working in a multicultural setting, and much more. Strongly recommend.

von Makis I

7. Mai 2020

Very good course. Instructor is very effective, very clear and show great and contagious interest on the material; interactive sessions with market practitioners well designed and delivered for max understanding. I recommend it to anyone that needs an intro to multicultural leadership but especially to young professionals with "big dreams".

von Alfred L

18. Juni 2020

This is an excellent course that helps us to understand how our leadership has a deep impact in our followers and how intercultural relation will make us to manage situation inf different ways.

I want to thank to Frantz and Bocconi for this well-structured course and all the knowledge that I completely sure I will use in my daily work life.

von Marcos S

14. Nov. 2020

This was my first course here in Coursera plataform..and I was luck to have a first experience with Bocconi! Great course and Great University with the most talent professors and professional who support all this course (behind the scenes!)...As I said, I was lucky...Then definitely I will continue with other courses in Bocconi!

von Jorge B P

16. Juli 2020

It was an amazing experience. Excellent course and opportunity to keep learning about leadership and organizational behavior. Great course and the Professor Wohlgezogen was clear and targeted the most important and relevant information about the topic. Thank you all professor and staff members. Regards from Tijuana, México.

von Janani

1. Mai 2020

This course is a fantastic, comprehensive learning experience that teaches you so much about Cross-cultural Leadership and OB with real-life examples and crystal-clear theories. I thoroughly enjoyed the curriculum and am grateful for the insights that I have received from this course. Thank you, Bocconi and Coursera!