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This course provides students an understanding of important human parasitic diseases, including their life cycles, vectors of transmission, distribution and epidemiology, pathophysiology and clinical manifestations, treatment, and prevention and control. Tropical Parasitology is taught by faculty from an area highly impacted by tropical parasites- the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University College in Moshi, Tanzania. The faculty include Drs. Frank Mosha and Mramba Nyindo (and two lecturers, Drs. Johnson Matowo and Jovin Kitau). Dr. John Bartlett, Professor of Medicine, Global Health and Nursing at Duke University, joins his faculty colleagues in this effort....



9. Dez. 2019

I really enjoyed doing this course, I was a bit worried about the final exams but I had so much fun doing them. Really happy that I registered for it and I would advise anyone to take part.


2. Feb. 2017

best course than ever straight forward presentations,reports,clinical cases than have improved my knowledge about tropical infections especially ectoparasites & helminthes(worms)

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von Anina V

4. Aug. 2020

I like this course and I can understand many diseases that coused by different types of protozoa, nematodes, ectoparasites like ticks,mites,louse and I can understand different medicines that given to different diseases. And iam careful in this disease and I surely keep personal hygiene . This course is very good and I like it.

von B J T

7. Jan. 2019

The outside videos were most informative. The lecturers were often easy to follow and the presentations logically and very well presented. There were several times that words were listed inaudible, that could be heard (and mis-hearings of a few terms). An excellent course, well worth the effort of taking it. Thank You!

von Mark J S

1. Aug. 2017

If you want to expand your knowledge in an (for most people) unknown field, this is the course you'd take. You'll definitely be amazed by the multitude of parasitic diseases and their ways to invade and infect our bodies. Medical knowledge is necessary if you want to understand all lectures.

von ABBA B

28. Jan. 2019

Bonjour à tous!

Je suis ABBA Babo, ingénieur des Travaux en science vétérinaire et je suis ravi de participer à ce MOOC, car j'ai enfin eu la chance de comprendre les enjeux des maladies parasitaires auxquelles je travaille dessus. Ce cours mérites d'être inscrit au programme Master.

von Juan A P A

23. Sep. 2020

This course is definitely one of the best I've taken. It have great contente presented in a very smooth way (not very dynamic nor boring). The videos where they visit the high transmission sites are very cool and important. It's a must take course if you are in the health field.

von Elizaveta P

22. Sep. 2020

This course was great - with an easy layout and navigation, and the amazing professors! Thank you so much! An absolute beginner can definitely enjoy and follow along also. Wonderful in depth and real world videos, and interviews with proffesionals in the field.

von Felipe R

11. Juni 2021

Excelente contenido, he aprendido lo esencial que debe abarcar esta carrera llamada control de vectores, muy afortunada de poder completar el curso de la mejor manera y llevándome estos conocimientos adquiridos, Gracias por su tiempo y dedicación, Saludos.

von Melinda S W

7. Nov. 2022

This was an exceptional course. I have had difficulty getting a comprehensive parasitology course in Utah. Thank you very much. I admit that I wasn't familiar with many of the organisms featured, but I know this information will be very valuable.

von Aya A

19. Apr. 2020

Create course . It helped me a lot reviewing my knowledge about Parasitology . The most I liked were the field lectures as it is like someone is attending a field trip . Case studies in the final exam were exciting . Thank you for your efforts .

von Adi P

10. Dez. 2021

A very practically oriented course! very very well structured. The final exam quiz is based on case studies and is a real pleasure to apply what is learnt in the course. I also appreciate the efforts put in to structure the course so well.

von nyamwiza b

13. Apr. 2018


von Joshua S

26. Mai 2017

I very much enjoyed this class and would only have preferred that it be longer and that more organisms were discussed. Thank you for this engaging opportunity and I look forward to future opportunities as they may arise!

von Juan A G S

21. Apr. 2021

It is a great course to know more about parasites and how they are around us. Honestly, I realized how good it was until the middle of the course. Biological, Clinical and Social implication of each disease. GREAT WORK.

von RAUL V C

11. Juni 2021

A very nice course for those that like this area of Microbiology. Highly recomended, the ponents explain very well the clinical histories and give good examples of what the vectors and symptoms of the disease are.

von Betty H J

1. Nov. 2020

This was a very well organized course!!! It was very helpful to be able to listen to lectures a second time and to read the transcripts for study purposes. I especially like the lectures that took place on site.

von Jomar F J

23. Juli 2017

O curso foi de grande ajuda na minha formação, indico ele a qualquer um que deseje conhecer mais sobre parasitologia, já que seu conteúdo é ensinado de forma clara e objetiva. A equipe está de parabéns.

von Shamsheer K

27. Apr. 2021

it was a very good experience with international doctors.

The course I think was designed for me. 😁

At last I am very thankful to all of the instructors

Special thanks to sir Dr. Mramba Nyindo


1. Okt. 2020


Un très bon cours que j'ai aimé.

Ce cours a renforcé mes capacités en matière de parasitologie humaine et je suis content tout en remerciant les organisateurs du cours

Bravo à eux.

von Enyerbert G

6. Sep. 2020

I'm really excited with the course, specially cause the final exam were clinical case so improve our capacity of diagnosis. I'm honored of doing this course and all the material was useful

von Oliver M

19. Juni 2021

Excellent course, I learned and saw very interesting and important things for my professional development, such as improved translation advice or eloquence for greater understanding.


3. Feb. 2017

best course than ever straight forward presentations,reports,clinical cases than have improved my knowledge about tropical infections especially ectoparasites & helminthes(worms)


3. Sep. 2020

El curso es muy completo, muy lúdico e indudablemente aporta grandes conocimientos en el ámbito de la parasitología. Altamente recomendable para aquellos interesados en el tema.


7. Jan. 2018

Thank you so much, Duke University and Kilimanjaro University for giving me the possibility to learn from all of you. I really enjoyed the course. Kind regards from Spain!


16. Mai 2020

Thank you for Coursera to open the courses for anyone in need.

I thank Coursera again for the financial aid provided to me to complete my Tropical disease courses.

von Mubashra S

22. Mai 2020

I have learnt a lot through this course. I am really thankful to coursera for offering this course. This will help me a lot in my future research. Thankyou