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In this course, students learn to recognize and to apply the basic concepts that govern integrated body function (as an intact organism) in the body's nine organ systems....



1. Juni 2016

I'm a high school student interested in human physiology.\n\nThis course is AMAZING! Though sometimes I felt overwhelmed and couldn't remember everything, I think it was worth every effort and energy.


3. Jan. 2021

Best course I've ever taken! Detailed and thorough explanations of the systems of the body. Fascinating, enlightening, and enjoyable. Highly recommend for anyone interested in how the body functions.

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von Rafael M d S

21. Feb. 2016

The course should give more details.

von j

12. Aug. 2017

A lot of WHAT, but very little WHY. Instead of going from the whole to the detail, the minutia of selective parts are laid out. Old-school schooling, not conducive for understanding principles. Not recommended.

von Andrew

17. Jan. 2021

I’m pretty new to Coursera. Little confused though. I started the mind shift course and finished it in a few days, remember taking quizzes and stuff, but I signed in today to coursera and it says I never completed the course and I missed deadlines. Very strange .

That brings us to this course. A review by Joshua s. Stated - “It is so hard to learn from a professor who can't get through 2 sentences without stumbling over her thoughts, mumbling, trailing off and not finishing her sentence, etc.” I have to agree this course needs structure, style, and a textbook. I listened to both presenters and have to agree that they both need to practice and perfect the presentation of the material. I decided that this course would not give me what I was looking for- which was not so defined, but maybe just a look at the subject. I’ve taken college human anatomy and physiology, but again it cut corners, and was not entirely what I was looking for.

I see all the good reviews and am tempted, but can’t take the presentation at all it was very frustrating. I wish that when I hit the unenroll button something would happen- like unenrollment.

von Suzanne M

6. Okt. 2020

I was told to come to this site to cancel my enrollment in the coursera course "Introductory Human Physiology". As usual, the directions I received were inaccurate. I must cancel because the course as presented is too far above my academic preparation in math and chemistry. This is NOT an introductory course. It is as challenging as the Vander text which I purchased to assist me. I also purchased the supposed $5 notes for the course and printed them out. Fooled again. They bear no resemblance to the course materials. By the way, I received a scholarship for the Certificate in this course based upon my performance in my two previous courses at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and the University of Michigan. I appreciate your consideration but the course advertising does not fit its content. Suzanne Masson

von Amber S

13. März 2022

Course helped me lose 15LBS. Warning: Not for novices in anatomy. The E-book is a life-raft!

From the start, I realized this was NOT an anatomy course but plowed through. I learned key concepts of how the body and system worked. You need a background in anatomy to avoid transposing the many opposing, binary terms: such as “afferent arteriole” vs “efferent arteriole” as an example, which I did on exams. THE E-BOOK GOT ME UNSTUCK MANY TIMES, IT’S WORTH THE MONEY! I’m glad I paid attention in health class. I was able to calculate the equations accurately, as math doesn’t change much. However, I will need additional courses to retain the more detailed verbiage. The concepts, however, will stay with me for life.

The surprising thing was how I applied it to things I’ve been doing wrong: not drinking much water, avoiding foods with potassium because of their carb content, coffee as a meal replacement--the advice of fad-diets or the business of life. It’s a miracle my kidneys aren’t 2 raisins. While I still love coffee, I drink potassium rich black tea and bought a water filter for great tasting water. When I exercised, I also overdid it, not focusing on breathing, or replacing electrolytes. Sugar, salt and even fats aren’t the enemy, but the excess or imbalance of these macronutrients and the failure to drink enough water to regulate the systems.

von Matthew B

12. Dez. 2021

Outstanding course, excellent professors! Sadly, as in most Anatomy or Physiology introductory courses, the immune system and genetics aren't covered, although briefly alluded to :( Nonetheless, I understand the course is not system-specific, and it's rather meant to provide any medical pro or healthcare provider with the essential knowledge on the human body's function. Prof. Jakoi features as a co-author in a myriad scientific papers (pleasantly astonished face!!!), so fellows, beware you're learning from a 1st class star, and who needs Shakira when you have Jakoi and Carbrey? :)

von M Y

4. Nov. 2021

I received a wonderful Introduction to Physiology course from two valuable faculty members who are full of enthusiasm to teach. I had the opportunity to quickly review all systems. I listened to the lectures and answered the exam questions in the early hours of the morning when the day was the most productive. If there is a course that is a continuation of this course, I will follow up on taking it.

Murat Yağmurca, Bursa, Turkey

von Muhammad Z M

15. Aug. 2015

i learn here how to learn....really fabulous ,method of teaching ...i like both teachers and their way of speaking...i like course contents i.e. they are really arranged in professional manner....thank you DUKE university and its teachers for giving me such a important platform for learning.........

von 张智澎

2. Okt. 2018

I used two months to finish the course. I really appreciate Dr. Carbrey and Dr. Jakoi, who piqued my interest in human physiology. The materials are logical, though a little challenging for a freshman. I hope more courses will be provided by Duke University soon, and I cannot wait to learn more.

von Laddie M

24. Sep. 2020

Extremely thorough and very well organized. The additional resources and transcript for each video is an immense help. I would highly recommend going through this course before taking one at any college you plan on attending. You'll have a huge head start and a deeper insight for the material.

von Bohdan M

23. März 2020

Thanks a lot to Emma Jakoi and Jennifer Carbrey. It was brilliant course, еspecially lections about respiratory, cardiovascular and endocrine systems. That helped me to understand such processes as action potential, membrane potential,differences between pressures within thoracic cavity etc.

von Kyle b

23. Juli 2021

This was an excellent, in depth view of human physiology, to a point of what an entry level physician/PA/Advanced Care Paramedic should know. This course has definitely helped reinforce information and I can use the knowledge gained in this course to assist in teaching my own. Well done!

von Ho J W B

10. Dez. 2016

The instructors were very helpful! Emma is a great educator who responds almost instantly to your questions in the forum, making learning so much accessible! Definitely a great course even for someone who does not have any biology to pick it up! Don't be hesitant to learning! Go for it!

von Ahmed S S

19. Mai 2020

Amazing course, I've learned some outstanding physiological concepts, which helped me a lot understanding different concepts about the human body. The course instructors, Dr. Jennifer and Dr. Mimi was so kind and helpful. Thank you for providing such a helpful course for everyone!

von swarupa k

13. Okt. 2020

Thanks to Dr. Jakoi and Dr. Carbrey. Enjoyed the sessions so much. I come from Engineering background with no prior knowledge of biology and wanted to understand my system. This course hes helped me to meet my objective. Thanks both of you for your effort and time. God bless!

von carlos d

26. Juli 2020

I think that this course is very complete, videos are well explained, there are many good resources and archives, the teachers help with kindness students with some troubles or some confusing topics. I'm very grateful and glad to have completed and participated of this course

von Ananya G

7. Aug. 2020

I found it a bit tough because I'm only a high schooler but it was an amazing course. The teachers were very engaging and I definitely learned a lot. If you're interested in physiology and have a good understanding of chemistry and biology, you should definitely try it out.

von Hao C

15. Juni 2020

A very comprehensive introduction to human physiology, but the course material is very demanding and takes time to memorize. If you want to take this course, it'd be better to have some basic knowledge of elementary biology (Biology 101) and a general idea of human anatomy.

von sara a

19. Aug. 2021

To say it all, things made simple for a student to learn and understand at a study pace. This subject was very much necessary for my course, and as it was not taught in class our teachers recommended us to do it on Coursera, and it was worth learning after all the efforts.

von Dr. R R

31. Juli 2021

I am a member of the teaching staff of the Department of Physiology, at Lyceum Northwestern University College of Medicine. Taking this course helps me to refresh myself with the basic of Physiology. It also gives me confident teaching this subject to our medical students.

von Qoimam Z

14. Juli 2020

I love this class. The lecturers are so brilliant, passionate. We are directed to learn a concept! worth to try. Basically i love neurology, endocrinology, pulmunology parts. but the rest parts i still don't have a courage to learn more (you know it's solely my interest)

von Victor M

17. Aug. 2017

The course is amazing, and thanks to the lecturers which have done such a great job building up their presentation. By experience, it is rare to find highly qualified researchers who are also ready to share their expertise through well-prepared motivational pedagogy.

von Elza P

13. März 2018

Wonderful course! I enjoyed learning about the human physiology holistically by understanding connections between organ systems in various physiological pathways as well as by the review of disorders that truly help understand better how the body works. Thank you!

von Rohit P

4. Juni 2020

What an exceptional amount of good information here. I am a Zoology student and this course helped me brush up my skills alongside adding more to my knowledge. The tutors are lovely, always smiling and explaining things with great efforts. You'll enjoy this one!

von Mostafa E

28. Aug. 2017

this full course about physiology really is amazing and very informative. it really cover most of the topics in the short time with extensive amount of information which is presented in an amazing way that gets you to complete the course to the end. great job