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In today’s world, mental illness and distress are common and these account for a significant burden of disability within our community. At the same time, there is a growing interest in understanding and enhancing positive mental health and wellbeing; particularly from developments in the fields of positive psychology and mental health promotion. Positive Psychiatry is a new term (Jeste et al 2016) that describes a dual approach to mental health, where we build strengths, supports and healthy lifestyles as well as treating illness and distress. In this course, we will explore different aspects of good mental health as well as provide an overview of the major kinds of mental disorders, their causes, treatments and how to seek help and support. The course will feature a large number of Australian experts in psychiatry, psychology and mental health research, and we will also hear from “lived experience experts”, people who have lived with mental illness, and share their personal stories of recovery. We take an evidence-based approach to a range of strategies that anyone can use to enhance their own mental health and that of others, from exercise and relaxation techniques through to the role of love, relationships and 'good' types of work. We cover topics from creativity and yoga through to psychiatric medications and psychotherapies....


17. Juli 2020

Excellent course specially in current scenario i.e. Covid 19 situation. This course helped me to understand not only my mental conditions but also my near and dear ones mental health and conditions.

5. Feb. 2019

I learned what expected to learn from this course. I love the presenters and the manner of delivery. Resources abound too. I'm purchasing this course. I hope to meet you, guys in persons. Thank you.

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von Empress S

21. Juli 2021

Awesome presentation of concepts, interviews, flow of the lessons, references and all. I am not a psychiatrist nor a psychologist but I wanted to be one. I am a grade school teacher. I loved learning on my spare time and Coursera has been very kind to us for delivering this mode of learning. My respect and admirations for all of the members of the committee from the University of Sydney, and to Miss Tina, for sharing her wonderful artwork, and her miraculous story. I am awed and I am happy to have had a chance to learn. I shall use this as my stepping stone for my life-long dreams for myself and for humanity. God bless our hearts. <3

von Georgina T P

18. Jan. 2021

Shalom en este curso aprendí muchas y muy distintas cosas, me ilumino la forma en que desde hace varios años se esta apelando a una forma distinta de ser, hacer y trabajar, me siento satisfecha y con muchas ganas no solo de seguir aprendiendo, me interesa aplicar esto en mi área personal de trabajo que era la principal idea y en mi familia, al trabajar con pacientes con diagnósticos tan serios y severos como el cáncer, me hizo abrir ventanas a la esperanza . Gracias por el apoyo y de verdad me gustaría que me siguieran apoyando, compartiendo y obsequiando sus saberes, estoy dispuesta a seguir, . Maseltov

von Gabriela L R M

10. Juli 2020

Excelente curso donde aprendí que Salud Mental Positiva es una una manera de afrontar los trastornos mentales así como la angustia y el miedo desde una nueva perspectiva en donde se integran elementos como la recuperación personal tomando en cuenta los objetivos y metas del paciente además es importantísimo las practicas de ejercicio de diferentes estilos y formas y poder elegir el que más se adecue al estilo de vida como también aprender a manejar el stress, la angustia, el miedo y poder integrar actividades creativas como la música o el arte y ser productivo en en trabajo

von John B

19. Feb. 2019

Very insightful course into getting a better mental health. I have lived experiences with mental health problems also and the combination of proffessionals and people with lived experiences provide a thorough allround course experience. This course is a natural extension for me and the peer education I took here in denmark in 2017. I look forward to broadening my own personal development even more now and I would like to say so much thanks you to all the people involved in creating this course. Thank you so much! Many many appreciations here from me:) John Beltran

von Mala D

11. Sep. 2020

I joined the course to help me learn how to understand people better and to effectively help them, and in the end I completed the course having a better understanding of myself and now have a much improved mental health.

Completing this course helped me to understand not only my mental conditions but also my near and dear ones mental health conditions. This course is very beneficial to improve my personal and professional insights and be a Carer to people who need it.

Excellent course specially in current Covid 19 situation.

von Salma K

25. Juni 2020

As a last year medical student who is highly passionate on mental health, this course has gave me a lot of new insights and knowledge that I did not know before. The materials are very practical, the information is compact with just the right duration and not overwhelming. The assignments are also helpful to help us better understand the materials, and also reflect on how to apply them in our lives. Not only have I enriched my knowledge, I am also now more aware of my own mental health. Thank you so much!

von Anne A

28. Juli 2020

This course holistically approaches mental health. This course covers material from mind & body connection, social environment, mental disorders, and also the therapy and the recovery. I also love that this course also includes subjective experiences of mental disorder, so it is not only just about the theory of positive psychiatry and mental health but also about the personal experiences of individuals who have first-hand knowledge of their conditions. It has been very fun and helpful, thank you!

von Renato P T

2. Juli 2020

Great course, helped me a lot about the understanding of my own related issues to mental health and well-being, and the understanding of the aspects related to recovery and resilience.

I hope that more courses in this area could be available soon

Thanks for the opportunity that made me able to better understanding reasons and answers to my mental status and the explanations about the ways I took without prior learning that resulted in confirmation for many believes I had.

von Dr.SEENA G

8. Sep. 2020

The course on Positive Psychiatry was really useful to me. It helped me gain insights into a lot of areas on mental health. The simple but effective measures that can be taken to ensure positive mental health for ourselves and to our dear and near ones were also understood. The video lectures were truly inspiring. The lecturers are highly appreciated. A Big Thanks to the University of Sydney and Coursera for giving me this amazing opportunity to learn this course.

von Low M Q

23. Okt. 2020

This is a very comprehensive course which allow participants to understand about positive psychiatry and mental health in a progressive manner. I personally enjoyed this course and gained a lot of knowledge from this course. There is a quiz included in each lecture video which enhances my understanding. The assessment for each week's lesson also very engaging and allow me to do a lot of extra reading from journals and gained so much insights and knowledge.

von Prem A

3. Juli 2020

I congratulate Dr. Kumar for exposing us to this course “ Positive Psychiatry and Mental Health”. I enjoyed every bit of it and in particular, various videos by renowned professors who narrated each

subject in a very concise form. I will mention about Tin story; after watching her videos, I am sure, lots of people must have felt better. I am vert happy for her and hope every going through rough time must be that courageous and optimistic. GOD BLESS.

von Worlanyo K S

12. Nov. 2019

Excellent course. Worth every minute of the time spent! I enjoyed all the lectures and read through all the recommended resources. I couldn't get enough. I have learned a lot about Positive Mental Health and Positive Psychology and the very practical approach to assignments gave me confidence as well. Having consumers educate us was priceless. Grateful to them for sharing their lives with us.

Highly recommended for anyone who cares about Mental Health.

von LUZ E L Q

5. Aug. 2020

El contenido y el material muy apropiado. Con respecto a la forma de calificar me parece válido pero sugiero mayor claridad al momento de redactar las preguntas para presentar los productos finales dado que se presta para diferentes interpretaciones.

Con respecto a las calificación falta objetividad de parte de compañeros y la producción de algunos estudiantes es muy pobre, sugiero que un profesional calificado sea el que emita las valoraciones.

von Nathan P

10. Feb. 2021

The course coordinators cover many aspects of psychiatry, as well as many different therapeutic processes to be engaged with. This actionable approach to education has been an enjoyable experience.

As a psychology graduate, it helped me to reengage with my degree, though for those looking to learn something to add a lot to their understanding of psychology might feel like it is lacking in detail.

I can recommend this course to most people!

von Özge E Y

24. Jan. 2021

It really helped me to understand my feelings and thoughts by embracing as a whole of me during the course and offered good solutions for common mental health problems that one can face during his/her lifetime. Moreover it also gained me a general overview about the other less common mental diseases. I'have eally appreciated your work and thank you for introducing the Perma Model which is the main key point of this lecture, I belive.

von Hemant R

12. Aug. 2020

Throughout this course on positive psychiatry, I have been able to dive deep into the complexities involved in mental health and the different pathways available for effective recovery. The videos are most informative and have enabled me to understand better the mental health scene in the Australian context. On top, I highly recommend this course to anybody ready to explore deeper into layers of mental health recovery and well-being.

von branki c

4. Mai 2020

one of the best courses I have ever participated in! very helpful and informative I gained a lot of new knowledge and learned a lot of things about what contributes to mental health and knew that there is a lot of rumours surrounded psychotherapy and medications and rather you studied psychology or no this course is for you and for everyone out there who is willing to promote his health or the people around him health and wellbeing

von Angelica G

12. Mai 2020

I am glad I actually took this course because not only I learned more in depth about good mental health and positive psychiatry, I was able to interact with students online with their discussion posts about week's we have learned and discuss our opinions about any subject we thought was needed to be focused on. However, the professor's videos, articles, and other resources were very helpful to understand the course.

von Aline M d O

21. Juli 2019

I thoroughly enjoyed the course. The lectures are informative and the instructors are not only knowledgeable, but also nice to listen to; they sound empathic and non-judgmental. Additionally, the inclusion of Tina’s journey told by herself is, at the same time, enlightening, moving and motivating. Highly recommend this course to anyone interested in educating themselves and becoming better, more empathic people.

von Jaqueline V E H

5. Aug. 2020

Aprendí como influyen tus emociones a nivel psicológico, neuronal y biológico podemos realizar un cambio basado en un plan de vida que nos integre a un sistema donde el bienestar mental nos adelanta a una cultura con valores, sumado el método de estudio ha sido ameno y apasionante, los vídeos, las lecturas me han ayudado entender mucho más esta ciencia tan hermosa que es la Psicología y Psiquiatría Positiva.

von Tatiana G

14. Juli 2020

This course is interesting and has great importance as it offers a well structured understanding of mechanisms of mental distress and techniques that lead to recovery. The lectures are read by different specialists from all fields. This is excellent. It promotes the idea that a recovery and positive outcome is possible and provides examples advocating this idea. The positive approach is extremely important.

von William W

1. Feb. 2020

This course improved my knowledge of how the mind and body interact. The link between mental and physical health in much stronger than I believed before taking this course. the knowledge that I have gained will help me be and better care giver to the person I support with a mental illness. The course had given me more hope for people with mental illness to recover and live and procudive full life.

von Tahnea R

25. Juli 2020

I really enjoyed studying Positive Psychiatry and Mental Health. I'd be happy to recommend the course to anyone interested in a career or interest in mental health. The course would benefit friends, family and patients with a primary focus in understanding how to cope with the challenges of Psychiatric mental health impacts in their daily lives while earning a University level certificate.


von Renee K

5. Nov. 2020

I personally enjoyed this course since I take a keen interest in learning psychology and furthering my studies on it in the future.

Thank you to the many representatives that took their time to produce meaningful and informative lectures on positive psychiatry and the readings they provided.

I would recommend this course to any person interested in psychology and the clinical side of it...

von Anand N R

28. Mai 2020

I am into the profession of therapy and healing and this course equipped me with the necessary knowledge and also provided me with a lot of additional inputs, techniques and tools that would come in handy as they are resourceful and applicable in the practical setting. I would like to thank and appreciate Dr. Sonia Kumar and all the teachers for putting such a fantastic course together.