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You are encouraged to take the first four courses of the Foundations of Positive Psychology Specialization before starting this course and completing the Specialization Project. This course, taught by Dr. Martin E.P. Seligman brings all the key concepts from the first four courses to practice as you develop and test a new positive intervention for an audience of your choice. You identify opportunities in your daily life to increase the wellbeing by using knowledge you developed in the first four courses of the Specialization. In this final project, you evaluate the efficacy of a positive intervention based on subjective and objective measures. Then, you compare how empirical and non-empirically-based positive interventions can be applied to influence a person's wellbeing. Lastly, you reflect on how the fundamental elements of research methods are important in the everyday application of positive psychology. After completing all five courses, learners earn a certificate signed by Dr. Martin E.P. Seligman, Dr. James Pawelski, Dr. Angela Duckworth, Dr. Claire Robertson-Kraft and Dr. Karen Reivich....



10. März 2018

A thought provoking workshop. How mental illness can be the lack, opposite or excess of our strengths. I enjoyed delving more into strengths and also having to come up with a positive intervention.


16. Okt. 2020

I would first all love to thank all my course lecturers and professors, I am able to understand how the design process of an intervention in positive psychology work

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von Rob P

19. Feb. 2018

Handy life turnaround tool!

von Alessandro G

25. Sep. 2019

thank you to all teachers

von Jane H W

21. Juli 2017

Great learning

von Meziane L

27. Juli 2020

amazing !!!!

von Silvia B

28. Aug. 2017

Very good!!!

von Ruben D C

21. Sep. 2020


von Lydia O

17. Aug. 2018

Loved this!

von Jacobson C

3. Nov. 2017


von josé m z b

11. Jan. 2022

very good

von Martha A M M

20. Apr. 2021


von Edith G G

30. Aug. 2020


von Lidia N D W

12. Okt. 2018

The best!

von Hugo A J C

23. Okt. 2019


von Fernando S D

31. Dez. 2017


von Diana K O O

21. Mai 2022


von Gencay I

9. Apr. 2020


von Lei L

26. Juli 2019


von Josefine B

23. Sep. 2018


von Christophe T

26. März 2021

Probably the weakest course of the 5 included in the Positive Psychology Specialization. A lot of notions already seen including some videos. And very few courses. I would have liked the concept of absence, excess etc. of strengths much more developed. It's a brilliant idea.

Last thing concerning the certificate of the specialization. It looks nice but although I'm fully aware it's not worth an on campus diploma, half of the text written on it is to say how low quality it is related to a full on campus degree. And it's written twice ! Even the idea that someone else could have followed the course is too much in my opinion. I was proud and eager to receive it but it lowered a bit the sense of positive sensations I should have felt when looking at it for the first time.

Here's the text written twice on the certificate :

"The online courses named in this certificate may draw on material from courses taught on-campus, but it is not equivalent to an on-campus course. Participation in this online course does not constitute enrollment at the University of Pennsylvania. This certificate does not confer a University grade, course credit or degree, and it does not verify the identity of the learner."

von Bre O

29. März 2021

I enjoyed every module of the 5 specialisation project. I have added a few lovely tools to assist in improving my well-being. I loved that the videos and texts were short and succinct and I loved the extra readings. Thank you to Martin Seligman, Angela Duckworth, James Pawelski and Claire Robertson-Kraft for sharing their knowledge and making this course accessible to everyone. One issue I have to advise is that the Authentic Happiness site problems I had with trying to get my password changed and the lack of replies on several occasions. I eventually had to set up a new account. The other issue is that it would be helpful if some of the lecturers were online to answer some questions as I was a bit lost on a few occasions and my fellow students don't have answers either. Overall 4 out of 5 from me.

von Amy H

29. Apr. 2021

I really enjoyed this course and appreciated the research assignment. For content alone, I give this course 5 stars. I especially loved the feature on Peterson's unfinished work. This is information I hadn't seen anywhere else, and I have already applied it to my personal and professional life.

It surprised me that a couple of the videos in this course were ones also used in previous courses of this Specialization. Also, I was disappointed in the number of participants that seemed to not take the assignments seriously. At times, this meant that grading my peers was difficult and frustrating. All that aside, I highly recommend both this course and the 5-course Specialization.

von Malva D R

10. Nov. 2020

I found this course to be repetitive of the previous courses and that may have been how it was designed. I did not find the review the information help for the project. I recommend that more time be spent on explaining the project and how to put the project together.

I have been a "fan" of Positive Psychology for many years and was elated to find this course. I am re-reading the books and they make so much more sense now that I have had this foundations course. I am very grateful (signature character strength) to have found, taken and successfully completed this specialization. I will be joining the Association.

von Bruce N

26. Aug. 2021

I've read other reviews of this project and while I agree there is much duplication I found that duplication helpful as a review prior to the project which I also found quite challenging. I am grateful for each one of the professors whose time, talent, and expertise provided the opportunity to learn what I did not know before. Keep it simple!

von Thomas N

31. Okt. 2021

Should be more interaction with someone managing course. In one instance I believed that I received failing grades for peer reviewed assignments because the reviewers retaliated against me for giving them low grades. To whom would I appeal? Transcripts of videos could be done better - many errors.

von chiujane

30. Juni 2021

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to know the details of Positive psychology and I appreciate that Dr. Seligman's and colleagues' effort to bring this theory into real life. In this advanced technology time, positive psychology surely improves people's life quality and depth.