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Functional programming is becoming increasingly widespread in industry. This trend is driven by the adoption of Scala as the main programming language for many applications. Scala fuses functional and object-oriented programming in a practical package. It interoperates seamlessly with both Java and Javascript. Scala is the implementation language of many important frameworks, including Apache Spark, Kafka, and Akka. It provides the core infrastructure for sites such as Twitter, Tumblr and also Coursera. In this course you will discover the elements of the functional programming style and learn how to apply them usefully in your daily programming tasks. You will also develop a solid foundation for reasoning about functional programs, by touching upon proofs of invariants and the tracing of execution symbolically. The course is hands on; most units introduce short programs that serve as illustrations of important concepts and invite you to play with them, modifying and improving them. The course is complemented by a series programming projects as homework assignments. Recommended background: You should have at least one year programming experience. Proficiency with Java or C# is ideal, but experience with other languages such as C/C++, Python, Javascript or Ruby is also sufficient. You should have some familiarity using the command line....



Sep 24, 2019

As expected Martin is awesome in explaining principle of functional programming. I have started reading the book as well to make sure I keep up with the knowledge which I have gained from this course.


Oct 09, 2016

Really good explanation by the instructor. Good assignments. The assignments gave a good insights into functional programming. I loved the way the problems were decomposed into neat smaller functions.

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von William S

Jul 25, 2017

Good starting course, helps to have a little knowledge of Scala or Java already and also a decent understanding of recursion.

von Xiao L

Nov 30, 2017

very good course. good organize and materials, and homework assignments.

homework is hard, hope can provide more test cases.

von antonin p

Apr 02, 2017

Excellent, still maybe, not enough teacher - students interactions for person who paid for the course. (in forums etc...).

von humberto c

Mar 04, 2017

It was good fun to complete it but some of the assignments did take more than 3 hours, more like between 4 and 5 hours

von Walid E H

Apr 27, 2018

Cours complet avec beaucoup d'exercices pour la prise en main des principes de programmation fonctionnelle avec Scala

von Seongsan K

Feb 20, 2018

I really enjoyed the videos and the assignments. I wish there were more simple exercises for week 5 as an assignment

von John M

Feb 07, 2017

Scala from the source! Great way to get a great introduction to the language and how it is best applied to problems


Oct 16, 2016

This course really helped me to understand the basics of SCALA. I really enjoyed the challenges of this course.

von Denilson A C

Sep 22, 2017

I liked this course, have been a great experience..

I would like that the Sound of Videos could be improved

von Rajiv T S

Jul 27, 2017

The course was a little more involved than I expected, but nevertheless worth the time you invest in it.

von ravi c

Jul 01, 2017

Need a bit more active participation in discussion forum. Other than that very well articulated course.

von Carlos G

Apr 24, 2017

This course is very good, but subject sequence, presentation design and user interaction could improve.

von Edward P

Feb 02, 2017

I took more than 12 hours to finish the assignment for week 4. The estimate (3h) is likely to be wrong.

von Arnoud H

Jun 02, 2019

Bit chaotic at the start. Later some nice functional programming paradigms and scala internals.

von Kelvin G

Jan 02, 2019

Not very (functional programming) beginner friendly, but absolutely worth the pain and effort!!

von Michał P

Jun 13, 2017

A bit dry at times but overall a comprehensive introduction to functional programming in Scala.

von Marco v S

Aug 07, 2016

Covers fundamental theory well and examples and exercises are chosen well to make it practical.

von Alessandro M

May 28, 2020

Course is very good and is explaining very well how to start Functional Programming in Scala.

von Michele L

Jun 19, 2018

great course but missing the possibility to download the code of the exercises in the videos

von Pooshan V

Oct 19, 2018

Need more practice walk through exercise. Need more example and steps. Overall really good.

von Wolfgang M

Mar 31, 2018

Very good introduction to Scala. Elegant programming shown by Mr. Odersky was fun to watch!

von Vilmos Á

Oct 21, 2016

I really enjoyed completing challenges, but videos were a bit too theoretical for my taste.

von Kevin T

Jun 30, 2016

Assignments up until the last one were relatively easy, which is the only criticism I have.

von Obada J

Oct 01, 2016

the only problem here is the assigments, they are hard and unrelated somehow to the videos

von Edgar K T

May 02, 2020

Great introductory course for those starting a journey in Functional Programming or Scala