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This is the fourth course in the Google Project Management Certificate program. This course will delve into the execution and closing phases of the project life cycle. You will learn what aspects of a project to track and how to track them. You will also learn how to effectively manage and communicate changes, dependencies, and risks. As you explore quality management, you will learn how to measure customer satisfaction and implement continuous improvement and process improvement techniques. Next, you will examine how to prioritize data, how to use data to inform your decision-making, and how to effectively present that data. Then, you will strengthen your leadership skills as you study the stages of team development and how to manage team dynamics. After that, you will discover tools that provide effective project team communication, how to organize and facilitate meetings, and how to effectively communicate project status updates. Finally, you will examine the steps of the project closing process and how to create and share project closing documentation. Current Google project managers will continue to instruct and provide you with hands-on approaches for accomplishing these tasks while showing you the best project management tools and resources for the job at hand. Learners who complete this program should be equipped to apply for introductory-level jobs as project managers. No previous experience is necessary. By the end of this course, you will be able to: - Identify what aspects of a project to track and compare different tracking methods. - Discuss how to effectively manage and communicate changes, dependencies, and risks. - Explain the key quality management concepts of quality standards, quality planning, quality assurance, and quality control. - Describe how to create continuous improvement and process improvement and how to measure customer satisfaction. - Explain the purpose of a retrospective and describe how to conduct one. - Demonstrate how to prioritize and analyze data and how to communicate a project’s data-informed story. - Identify tools that provide effective project team communication and explore best practices for communicating project status updates. - Describe the steps of the closing process for stakeholders, the project team, and project managers....



8. März 2022

facilitators for this whole programme have presented this so well, I would recommend the course to anyone wanting to start a career in project management as I believe they will be set up for success.


27. Juni 2021

Outstanding course!\n\nSummarizes several different skills to manage a team.\n\nIts real life approach goes much beyond the project management boundaries, can be useful to anyone!

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von Denny M

14. Okt. 2021

I appreciate your time, I learnt a lot, I will be forever grateful, I liked the presentations and the different styles, it keeps me engaged. Looking forward to a career in Project Management after the completion of Google Project Management.

von Rebecca K

28. März 2022

Thie lecturer in this course was my favourite so far. She was full of energy and passion, and delivered the course well. The course is packed with lots of information and activities that are a great challenge to test your skills. Worth it!

von Jorgeacostajr

26. Okt. 2021

T​his was a great course, some if it was review for me, but I did enjoy the leadership and influencing part of the course. The information that was shared there, was quite valuable and useful not only in the workplace, but everyday life.

von Yanina R

10. Juli 2021

The course is very helpful in understanding how to run a project from start to finish. The prepared material, video, and tasks are very useful and exciting. I am very glad that I took this course as part of a professional certification.

von Beyene G H

29. Dez. 2021

I​t was very well organized. I would like to comment on peer graded assignment. After I completed the course , I waited long to get my assignment peer graded. You need to change the way we will be getting evaluated. Time is priceless.

von Rachel R

21. März 2022

This course was long but thorough!!! I learned a significant amount pertaining to accessibility, soft skills and overly communicating and ensuring everyone is on the same accord. It is definitely worth adding to your repertoire.

von adeola a

22. Okt. 2021

Compared to the first 3 courses in this specialization, this one was quite some work... Just like it is supposed to be when you are running a project. I love how the facilitator ensured that it was engaging and a good vibe.

von Hugo M A B

19. Jan. 2022

I could tell you that this one is likely the one I have enjoyed more so far. The content on leadership skills through the project is quite interesting and I found it very valuable, regardless of the role on a project team.

von Daniel M d S

29. Jan. 2022

Very good course, well explained by the trainers and in fluent language that anyone, regardless of nationality, can understand. Good tools to work with. It really helps the real examples in each course. thank you so much

von Dmitry B

24. März 2021

The course offers a great framework for running cross-functional projects at various scales. It's rather an overview than a deep dive. It is good for exploring relevant topics, but you need to look for details elsewhere.

von Faheem K

26. Jan. 2022

It was a great course. It will help me out in my project task, special the concept of clouser repot at the end of the project. Beofre this course I don't think that it was that much important with this much inforamtion.

von Edwin M A

1. Aug. 2021

C​omprehensive; well planned, organized, and sourced; easy to understand and thought-provoking. Processes courses tend to be dry and devoid of inspiration; the professor is motivating, well-spoken, candid, and succinct.

von Jiljo J

10. Juli 2021

It was really a great learning on execution part. Especially the process for closing and impact reporting was really a eyeopener. Really thankful to the team and Elita for delivering such a wonderful learning experience

von Dmitry R

2. Dez. 2021

Great presentation of the material! Excellent motivating lecturers! This tutorial demonstrates why Coursera and Google are the best! Many thanks to Coursera and Google for the opportunity to gain new knowledge !!!

von Mahmoud A

26. Sep. 2021

Very useful and inclusive course that brought and linked all what you've learned in the previous courses into action, in addition of providing new techniques for trcaking, completing and closing a project.

von Ashok C

20. Jan. 2022


Iam happy to announce to that the course is very good with nice content this is very helpful for my future very very thankful to team providing the great online platform for me .


Ashok Chandra

von natalienarainsamy

9. März 2022

facilitators for this whole programme have presented this so well, I would recommend the course to anyone wanting to start a career in project management as I believe they will be set up for success.

von Jason L

23. Sep. 2021

Great basics. Some link or reading referencing Earned Value Management would be great. However, incredible value here just like all the courses before it in the series. Way to go Google!

von Jorge H T

13. März 2022

It was awesome!! It was the hardest one so far, but I enjoyed it a lot. The teacher was so clear and I loved the way she talks and explains. It was really a great course. Thanks a lot!!

von Matthew F

17. Mai 2022

As a project manager with no formal school training, I found this to be a good mix of academic and immediately relevant material for new project managers. I'm glad I took it.

von Iqbal

16. Dez. 2021

Highly recommended for someone who wants to kick-start their learning in the field of Project Management. The series of this course will help you acquire so much knowledge.

von Luiz G R

28. Juni 2021

Outstanding course!

Summarizes several different skills to manage a team.

Its real life approach goes much beyond the project management boundaries, can be useful to anyone!

von Annalisa C

16. Sep. 2021

Thanks Coursera and Google for this comprehensible and complete course, which allowed me to have the effective overview (both theoretical and practical) that I wanted.

von Akshat B

20. Feb. 2022

Covers real life examples and if you really want to learn take all the courses from start to finish - this is my 4th Course, can't wait to complete the last two.

von Adil A

22. Dez. 2021

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