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This is the second course in the Google Project Management Certificate program. This course will show you how to set a project up for success in the first phase of the project life cycle: the project initiation phase. In exploring the key components of this phase, you’ll learn how to define and manage project goals, deliverables, scope, and success criteria. You’ll discover how to use tools and templates like stakeholder analysis grids and project charters to help you set project expectations and communicate roles and responsibilities. Current Google project managers will continue to instruct and provide you with hands-on approaches for accomplishing these tasks while showing you the best project management tools and resources for the job at hand. Learners who complete this program should be equipped to apply for introductory-level jobs as project managers. No previous experience is necessary. By the end of this course, you will be able to: - Understand the significance of the project initiation phase of the project life cycle. - Describe the key components of the project initiation phase. - Determine a project’s benefits and costs. - Define and create measurable project goals and deliverables. - Define project scope and differentiate among tasks that are in-scope and out-of-scope. - Understand how to manage scope creep to avoid impacting project goals. - Define and measure a project’s success criteria. - Complete a stakeholder analysis and explain its significance. - Utilize RACI charts to define and communicate project team member responsibilities. - Understand the key components of project charters and develop a project charter for project initiation. - Evaluate various project management tools to meet project needs....


10. Mai 2021

Excellent content, wonderful use of multi-media interaces and check points to keep the pace moving and great introduction of different stories and people with real life perspectives and experiences.

30. Juli 2021

This was a pretty informative course. I did enjoy the activities they pushed me to learn new tech. good job. I only had a major technical issue with one activity, it was in week four.\n\nThank you!

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von Natasha S

24. Aug. 2021

V​ery well done, lots of useful information, but what I was missing is a high-level step-by-step practical guide, maybe one-two lessons. Other than that I am very satisfied!

von Ramanan K

2. Nov. 2021

Great course lot of useful tips and real world examples. Wish they also provided more course notes / materials to keep and follow with. I'd highly recommend this to anyone.

von Welly L

27. Sep. 2021

i think personally problem will be on when piers rate your submission. its quite diff to know whether they rate it rightly or just cos want u to rate theirs afterwards

von Tarryn W

17. Apr. 2021

Great course materials - sync between devices isn't great. Often I complete a a section on my ipad and it doesn't update / mark as complete when I am on desktop.

von Lauren P

8. Sep. 2021

I learned a lot...incredible amount of material!!! However, I preferred the instructor from the Foundations course. Totally personal opinion, of course.

von Syllar C

29. Apr. 2021

The lancing and landing section was a bit unclear and the tools week(4) should have been more interactive with some of the tools it was show casing.

von Shudhanshu B

5. Dez. 2021

Overall the project experience was good. I would suggest Including more case studies and interactive exercises to make the course more interesting.

von Erika S

1. Mai 2021

I enjoyed learning about all the different tools used to assist with project management, as well as how important it is to document everything.

von Steven O

5. Juli 2021

I do not like the peer graded portion. It delays the course completion time if a peer does not grade the assignment. Otherwise, good course.

von Muhammad J A b Z

13. Mai 2021

I somehow having difficulties to connect with the instructor when compared to the first one (course 1). Everything else was fine.

von Andrea C

7. Dez. 2021

Corso molto utile l'unico problema riscontrato è stato sui lavori di gruppo. Infatti non puoi sapere quando verrai valutato.

von sisipho m

18. Okt. 2021

This course was very informative. I liked the peer-graded activities which were challenging and required much thought.

von Mario S

13. Dez. 2021

Good course, but I don't like the way the instructor says success, she says susses. What the hell is susses

von Amber B

11. Juli 2021

Peer review process created a schedule and timing issue for me. Otherwise the course was very informative.

von G W R

6. Dez. 2021

I found this course to be very helpful and provide tools for future application in project management.

von Franco B

2. Sep. 2021

I​ am eager to know more about the tools for project management! but overall, the course was great.

von Sean-Douglas K H

4. Nov. 2021

A very informative and great course for anyone who wants to pursue a career in project management.

von guesmia m

3. Sep. 2021

I have successfully completed this course thanks to the staff of qualified professors and peers

von vedika d

19. Nov. 2021

good course, it gives through idea for initiating project. looking forward to the series.

von guadelmae e

31. März 2021

The voice of the instructor is very mellow, but other than that, it is a great course!

von Haridev W

8. Aug. 2021

Could not access Google's version of Excel to practice with this organizational tool.

von Muhammad H

31. Okt. 2021

It was very beneficial course as i am about to start a new projects. Thanks Google.

von Tess N

29. Sep. 2021

s​ometimes reviews become tricky as some students do not give constructive feedback

von Greg C

16. Apr. 2021

Good course. lots of good information. Not the most rigorous but good presentation.

von Paola B

21. Mai 2021

The courses are good. However, I do wish they spent more time on certain topics.