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This course combines the essential elements of Project Management and Team Leadership into one course. Through class engagement and reflection, you will acquire further understanding of the responsibilities of leadership and become better prepared to apply this knowledge to the project environment. Upon completing this course, you will be able to: 1. Learn about the role of high performance teams and leadership in project management 2. Learn about the tools and techniques for developing and strengthening high performance teams and team members 3. Learn about the stages in project cycle 4. Apply best practices to develop competencies and skills in planning and controlling projects to ensure successful outcomes 5. Learn how to monitor project activities and assess progress 6. Learn to communicate proficiently to report project status and performance to stakeholders and contribute to organizational knowledge base...



3. Dez. 2020

the best starting point to continue your knowledge on the relevant and basic skills required in managing a project. Effective notes and referral videos for further understanding of project management.


19. Mai 2020

Thank you to Coursera for such a great platform to improve our skills and literacy.The learning environment offered here is completely a learn at your own pace environment,making it flexible to learn.

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von Carole C

24. Sep. 2016

As a new operations supervisor, eyeing a PMO position in the future, this course has greatly given me an idea and good foundation of what Project Management is all about. This course has all the more sparked my interest in the field and would definitely pursue it one way or another. The instructor was very engaging, gave good illustrations/examples for every topic/sub-topic. I like how fluently he spoke of the subject/course and made things simple to understand. Thank you Coursera for this venue to learn more!

von Johannes K

29. Dez. 2016

The first three weeks are totally trivial. I hardly doubt that anyone learns something except how certain practices are called. (Maybe good for school students.) Week 4 is better. I recommend the lecturer to improve the previous weeks and to redistribute some of the contents of week four. Some real-world examples which point out typical mistakes or give useful hints would be welcome in the first three weeks as well.

von Tanaya G

5. Nov. 2020

The audio at the first 3 weeks are sounded like it was breaking. And it made me frustrated and couldn't even grab the points prof were discussing.

von Anant S

5. Juni 2020

Course was perfect for beginners. Instructor Rob stone is really a simple man and his ability to make learners understand is phenomenal, initially in few minutes of first video i thought he is boring but i was wrong. Would recommend to everyone who wants to learn basics of project management. Course is worth the time. Could easily be completed in less than a week.

von Kunbossynov O

25. Nov. 2020

Thank you to Coursera for such a great platform to improve our skills and literacy.The learning environment offered here is completely a learn at your own pace environment,making it flexible to learn.

von Vera D

9. Feb. 2021

Excellent! This is a very informative course and I learned a lot from it! I also understand my project manager better now. It helps in identifying expectations from managers and decision makers.

von Sanju D

29. Juli 2020

The instructor explained all the key facts very nicely and attractively. He has great knowledge and experience about project management, Thank you very much for providing such a valuable course.

von Richard R

17. Jan. 2016

I enjoyed the overview of project management and the detailed explanations that were immediately helpful in my work. Lots of great information! Many things for me to think about over a long time

von Shorya P

3. Okt. 2020

It was helpful for knowing more about team management, communication skill

von Roger A S

9. Mai 2021

Ofertaron el curso en varios idiomas sin embargo, los videos voluntarios están en ingles sin subtítulos en español. y para el colmo, el examen esta en ingles. esto es una abuso, me siento engañado.

von Oscar C

13. Juli 2020

Some of the quiz questions are very vague, and easily result in getting wrong answers.

von Alexander W R

21. Juni 2020

The information in this course helped me to understand the processes of project management, and it also gave me excellent guidance in dealing with problems that may arise during the duration of a project. I feel that information and guidance through project management was the intent of the course, and that intention was realized efficiently. I wish the quizes could have been geared more towards developing experience in problem solving within the context of project management.

von Literally K

15. Aug. 2018

thank you for giving me a chances for a basic impression of project management. The course is clear and it's very well to understand. I've carry out the project for years but not have any courses related to that until now. I think it may be a big changes after go through all the specific lessons, it's funny to figure it out that there would be other skill to deal with the difficult problems in the project. The samples are really help. many thanks

von Ronnie M

19. Nov. 2015

Thank you so much University Of California, Irvine this class has been one of my favorite since I've joined Coursera. In the course I've learn so much about project management & everything related to this subject. One of my favorite part of this course is when I can take the quiz as many times as I want in order for me to get right & pass the course.

Thank you so much University Of California, Irvine & Coursera

Keep up the good work.

von Nusrat J

17. Nov. 2020

This course is completely amazing in a word. I was thrilled with the beauty of project management. I used to think project management is some sort of coding, and other related works. But, this course changed my view. Project Management is more of managerial skills, leadership skills, and many more. I am feeling overwhelmed as I got the chance to learn this course. Thanks a lot Rob sir for making this course so much understandable.

von 이예찬

7. Apr. 2019

Wonderful and Great course! I really get good information about business. And the course target the basic understand of the business field. It is easy for novice to understand terms and how to use these therms such as SQCT Targets, WBS, PM Role, Scheduling.

I hope you who are not familiar with business that you can try this course.

This course so help you to improve your skills and mindset for starting business!

von Moraa N

26. Dez. 2020

Well packaged course, complex material delivered in a simple way making it possible to grasp, and understand with ease. Topics also well designed to flow building on the subject well with videos well explained and effective quiz to gauge understanding of the topics. Thanks so much to UCI, Coursera for the opportunity. Much thanks to the course instructor Rob Stone for the commitment, dedication and time.

von Yalchin M

22. Juli 2020

I really, truly, honestly, literally loved the way how the instructor teach. Examples were so good and relevant to the topic. So, worth taking this course. Just one little thing that I wanted to be modified. In the week 4, instead of having just one big quiz after all those big videos, in my opinion, it would better to involve multiple quizzes in different sections of week 4. Thanks for everything.

von Loki Y

28. Feb. 2016

Good teacher !

Introduce the basic of engineering project including the elements of the engineer, WBS, how to be a good project manager and so on.

Very helpful for the beginners.

What I suggest is the teacher could use more gesture or facial expression or more vivid examples rather than cilck the mouse and just read the PPT.

Anyway, that's helps me have a rough view of the PM, thank you!

von W. S N I

12. Juli 2020

I am grateful of the well-thought out procedure of the course, which made it very easy for me to follow up despite my busy life style. It was very easy to understand and I would say that anyone can start learning project management and it will give 100% of basics with examples. The lecturer teaches with patience, I love it. Take this course, you'll be happy and grateful at the end.

von Kerdia J

27. Okt. 2020

I thoroughly enjoyed learning in this course, the best thing is the instructor's personality which made it fun. When explaining, he defined terms in his own words and used examples, which was great! I love the part about dealing with people, because that is so important, not just in the workplace but in life in general. Thank you Professor Stone, you are amazing! 🎉🎉

von Richard K A

3. Nov. 2019

Simple, no long notes coupled with simple but great video materials. This course scaled up a new paradigm shift in my personal life and managerial / leadership skills. Initiating and closing projects is almost an everyday activity in my daily transactions. This course came at the right time and I am more than glad I took this course. Great course. Thanks Coursera

von Stefan M

26. Jan. 2021

Great course to get a first glimpse about project management. For me it was a refresher after a course I attended a decade ago. I experienced even new topics which were not known to me. And I can only recommend to take this course if you have to manage or lead even a small project. This course is superhelpfull for the "junior non-technical" project manager.

von Abdullo G

25. Apr. 2020

Great, but distribution of the materials among the weeks is not appropriate and convenient...

For instance, i could totally miss the first 3 weeks and on week 4 work the hardest to get the best grade, but the effort was initially put accordingly (cause i did not know)... But in general, better than the majority of courses i have looked through, Danke Schon

von Anika F

17. Okt. 2020

This course is an excellent course for anyone who is working in teams. It not only teaches how to manage a project, but also how to negotiate, pursue and lead a team. The course instructor is exceptionally good. He uses examples and draw a scenario to explain various points, which make the whole course interesting and easily understandable.