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Stufe „Anfänger“

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Introduction, Quality Metrics, and Contracts

Successful projects do not just happen. They are planned. Understanding what success for a specific project means is part of the plan. Take the opportunity to understand how you will measure success. Does your project require assistance or materials from the outside? If it does, will you know what type of contract will support your success? When you understand these basics and you know how to identify the risks you face and how all of this information shapes your estimates, then you are ready to consider committing to a schedule and a budget. This course will take you through critical project planning basics so that when it is time for your schedule and budget, you are well informed. Once you have some planning basics under your belt, we will draw upon your knowledge to logically map out what will happen and when it will happen. You will begin thinking about your project schedule, estimate how long the work will take, arrange the project work in the required sequence, and develop an understanding of what it is meant when someone refers to the critical path. This course will complete the project schedule, and consider who will perform the work and what they need to perform the work. This course will also discuss how to approach planning your project using Agile. This course will utilize the project artifacts previously accomplished in Project Launch course. This course will utilize the project artifacts previously accomplished in the Project Launch course.

12 Videos (Gesamt 21 min), 8 Lektüren, 4 Quiz
12 Videos
The New Restaurant Project2m
Examples of Quality Metrics1m
Hints from Margaret: Project and Product Quality Objectives 11m
Hints from Margaret: Project and Product Quality Objectives 21m
Project and Product Quality1m
More on Contracts (1.070)3m
Risk Management (1.080)3m
When All Goes Well... (1.090)39
Hints from Margaret: Contracts1m
8 Lektüren
Course Information and Syllabus1h
Course Deferral and Cancellation Policies10m
Coursera Technical Support10m
Reminder: Live Session - Week 110m
About the Instructor10m
Module Readings1h
Interactive Video: Types of Contracts10m
Module Wrap-Up2m
2 praktische Übungen
Ungraded Quiz: What is a Quality Metric?6m
Quality Metrics and Contracts20m
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Risks and Estimates

What is project risk? How can project risks be identified? How does the project manager respond to project risks? How does the project manager estimate cost and duration?

11 Videos (Gesamt 28 min), 7 Lektüren, 3 Quiz
11 Videos
Hints from Margaret: Risk1m
Estimating Challenges (2.070)3m
Overview: Types of Estimates (2.080)2m
Parametric Estimating (2.100)2m
Basis of Estimates (2.110)1m
What Is a Cost Baseline? (2.120)2m
Hints from Margaret: Getting Ready to Estimate1m
Hints from Margaret: Detailed Estimating1m
7 Lektüren
Module Introduction2m
Required Reading40m
Interactive Presentation: What is Risk?10m
Reminder: Live Session - Week 210m
Interactive: Identifying and Analyzing Project Risks10m
Video Presentation on Analogous Estimating4m
Module Wrap-Up5m
1 praktische Übung
Risks and Estimates20m
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More on Estimates

What are the 'Golden Rules' of estimating? How to estimate using your WBS (Work Breakdown Structure)? What will it take to complete the project work?

7 Videos (Gesamt 16 min), 7 Lektüren, 4 Quiz
7 Videos
Estimating Duration Is Just the Beginning of Your Schedule2m
Effort Versus Duration: Real Life Examples (3.080)3m
Hints from Margaret: Making Estimates for Work Packages1m
Hints from Margaret: Effort and Duration Estimates1m
7 Lektüren
Module Overview1m
Required Readings1h
Reminder: Live Session - Week 310m
Link to Video: What Exactly Are You Estimating?3m
Video: Effort Versus Duration3m
Module Wrap-Up;10m
Midterm Survey1m
1 praktische Übung
More on Estimating20m
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Network Diagram, Critical Path, and Scheduling Software

Congratulations! You've nearly finished the second course of the Project Planning Specialization. In this module, we will review what you have accomplished so far and orient you to the next steps in your Project Management journey.

10 Videos (Gesamt 33 min), 5 Lektüren, 4 Quiz
10 Videos
Hints from Margaret: Sequencing the Work1m
The Critical Path and Float3m
Gantt Chart6m
History of Scheduling3m
Factors to Consider When Selecting Scheduling Software3m
Hints from Margaret: Scheduling Software1m
Hints from Margaret: Creating a Network Diagram1m
5 Lektüren
Module Overview1m
Required Reading1h
Reminder: Live Session - Week 410m
Interactive Scenario: Making Project Scheduling Decisions10m
Module Wrap-Up1m
1 praktische Übung
Network Diagram, Critical Path, and Scheduling Software20m
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von TCJul 28th 2018

Very valuable information from this section of the four part course. Most of the info learned was used to some degree in my daily activities, or the concepts were considered and discussed or shared.

von NSFeb 25th 2018

Margaret was great at providing feed back, her course videos were brief and to the point, and she was quick and replying back to any emails that were sent to better understand the material!



Margaret Meloni, MBA, PMP

Instructor, University of California, Irvine Division of Continuing Education

Hassan Kafshi


Megan Williams

Project Management Instructor
UC. Irvine Continuing of Education

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