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Welcome to our the third course in the School Health specialization: Providing Social, Emotional, Behavioral, and Special Education Services in School. In this course, you will learn about how social-emotional skills, mental health, and learning are related. We will focus on how schools can support social-emotional learning and promote mental health for all students. We will walk through the reasons that schools should promote student mental health. Next, we’ll review school wide activities to support skill development and prevent social, emotional, and behavioral challenges. Then, we’ll identify strategies for students at risk of developing problems. Finally, we’ll highlight interventions that can be used for students who have significant mental health needs. We will emphasize the ways that schools think about mental health problems and provide services for students with disabilities, which is different than in medical or mental health settings. As part of the course, we will introduce two students to help all of this information come alive. Prepare yourself to learn about an essential piece of student wellness—social-emotional health....



3. Juni 2019

I absolutely love this course! I wish that I knew and understood this information when my children were in school. I am much better equipped to help other parents and students now.


29. Dez. 2019

VERy important information. However, quizzes seemed to test memory rather than critical thinking, If you misspell a word or provide an original response yo will be marked WRONG.

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von Aiman m

19. Aug. 2021

g​ood course


18. Sep. 2021

thank you

von Dr. R E M

22. Okt. 2020

Very good

von Diana G S

27. Aug. 2019


von Charmaine S

23. Mai 2019

Great job

von Jackeline E V M

7. Mai 2020


von Sohan L B

3. Juli 2020

Good !!

von amala s

1. Mai 2022

I have got a great opportunity to understand the social, emotional, behavioural and special education services at school and the role of a school social worker . Along with that 504 Plan and the importance of identifying the challenges faced by the persons with disabilities. Overall, the course provided me an ouline about how to deal children with disabilities.

von Sharlene W

3. Okt. 2020

I found this course very informative and useful however, I was disappointed with the quizzes as the questions did not permit me to think critical or analytical apart from defining mental health and listing of 3 things I recall from the video about the characters; kelsey and Javier.

Overall, the it was well received.

von Oleksandra V

23. Juni 2020

For me this cource was very helpful and could clarify a lot of approaches of social services in school in the USA. I'm sure the materials were not so complicated to know them by heart and at least tell them, not read like our lecturers did. imho

von Nathália P T B d M

20. Mai 2020

I think the material provided by the course is quite rich in information of different natures, however I believe that researchers could have explored this information better

von Meenal K

1. Sep. 2021

including case studies was great but could have provided some orientation to the required reading material

von 18_143_Zakaria A

17. Okt. 2020

I like the video, but not so much for the reading. I prefer to have primary sources like academic journal

von Ajmal A H P

22. Mai 2020

One more case study will make this course more understandable and clear

von LuXinyu

21. Juli 2020

Very nice! But I hope there can be more examples

von PUJA G

18. Juli 2020



18. Juni 2020

Good course and useful for society.

von Shruti M

12. Mai 2021

Something that the course equipped me with is the understand of how to scaffold structures of support in line with Tier 1,2 & 3 interventions. To be able to contextualize the learnings from the course to my context in India, I would have appreciated reading/learning more about practices that can be executed in the absence of availability of a variety of support structures by the state/school.

von Jemilie P

21. Juli 2020

Though the course was meant for an American school setting, some of the methods were applicable for schools in another country.

von Lisa M

21. Jan. 2021

Lectures are good. Reading material is out of date.

von Amina Z

27. Sep. 2020

I really liked this course