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Kickstart your learning of Python for data science, as well as programming in general, with this beginner-friendly introduction to Python. Python is one of the world’s most popular programming languages, and there has never been greater demand for professionals with the ability to apply Python fundamentals to drive business solutions across industries. This course will take you from zero to programming in Python in a matter of hours—no prior programming experience necessary! You will learn Python fundamentals, including data structures and data analysis, complete hands-on exercises throughout the course modules, and create a final project to demonstrate your new skills. By the end of this course, you’ll feel comfortable creating basic programs, working with data, and solving real-world problems in Python. You’ll gain a strong foundation for more advanced learning in the field, and develop skills to help advance your career. This course can be applied to multiple Specialization or Professional Certificate programs. Completing this course will count towards your learning in any of the following programs: IBM Applied AI Professional Certificate Applied Data Science Specialization IBM Data Science Professional Certificate Upon completion of any of the above programs, in addition to earning a Specialization completion certificate from Coursera, you’ll also receive a digital badge from IBM recognizing your expertise in the field....


17. Nov. 2019

it becomes easier wand clearer when one gets to complete the assignments as to how to utilize what has been learned. Practical work is a great way to learn, which was a fundamental part of the course.

16. Mai 2020

The syllabus of the course takes you in a roller-coaster ride.\n\nFrom basic level to advance level and you won't feel any trouble nor hesitate a bit.\n\nIt's easy, it's vast, and it's really usefull.

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von Ytzen v d W

9. Juni 2019

Fairly good course, but a terrible assignment. This assignment was not testing what we learned but added all sorts of fairly irrelevant different issues.

von Aaron M M

6. Mai 2019

Some of the instruction at the end of the course was not very helpful and there were some errors with information or links. Overall it is a good course.

von Pamela R

30. Jan. 2020

I wish there had been alittle more assistance when I needed it, some things are implied, and therefore can take longer if not explained appropriately

von Nathan D C

2. Dez. 2020

While I enjoyed the labs, the videos do not explain the concepts well. They assume you know certain aspects of python, such as syntax and structure.

von Bernie M

3. Juni 2020

Good course but very superficial, in order to truly create skills to find a job more projects may be needed per course to truly master the concepts.

von 丁灵君

10. Apr. 2019

A fast paced course. Good in some ways. But I feel the course is missing a lot details. And there are waaaaaaaaaay to much typos for a coding course

von Kai K

3. Sep. 2019

class is not that much challenging

but it's okay maybe this is for beginner

but IBM lab tutorial needs some effort to let user use it in daily work

von Alisson d S B

23. Juli 2019

I hoped to have learnt a bunch more stuff on programming in python.

It was a nice start though. Full with some nice and practical tips and methods.

von Ahmed J

29. Sep. 2019

Trés bon cours en terme de comprehension, parcontrel es exercices Quiz sont parfois banal, je propose qu'on y ajoute un peu plus de complexité.

von Abby M

17. Sep. 2018

Decent intro to python programming. The videos and labs need additional proofing. The labs need some off script activities in the later labs.

von Esosa G A

6. Mai 2020

It's an okay course, but it can be better

And I wouldn't advice it for total beginners cause they skip steps and sometimes write wrong syntaxes

von Alok R S

24. Dez. 2018

There's no fun in doing assignment in lab as almost all of the coding is done by them only , although we can learn lots of syntax and tricks .

von Paul B

16. Jan. 2020

Course was ok. Some random concept thrown in half way through. Assignment wasn't explained particularly well but overall a good introduction

von Yi C

21. Apr. 2019

Apparently the tutorial is a bit out-dated. Not able to generate plot using codes provided in Jupyter. Can't find my access_id stuff either.

von Tharusha M

23. Aug. 2019

I don't think the study material was as informative - the assignment was straight out different to what was taught in the videos and labs.

von Rūdolfs L

8. Aug. 2018

Good overall if you already have a grasp of python. Lots of mistakes with the coherency of the text vs the things displayed on screen.

von Cindy N

27. Mai 2019

Course was easy but instructions for the exercises and the projects were very unclear, confusing, lacking and difficult to interpret.

von Enikeev A

13. Sep. 2018

course is good, but final task is awful! It took me 4-5 times to finally upload it correctly, so other students may have seen my work

von Christian M

29. Apr. 2019

The code that the teachers for this class wrote contains numerous errors and poor instructions leading to a great deal of confusion.

von Nakshatra G

10. Apr. 2020

Modules Such as Pandas, NumPy, API weren't clear it'd be good if we had a human instructor and the topics were explained in detail

von Ayse A K

13. Okt. 2019

Thank you all for this well structured, clean and concise course. Some in-depth examples on python functions could be more useful.

von Sudhanshu M

16. Mai 2020

Week 4 of this course felt very rushed and many of the functions/methods used were not explained, especially in the API sections.

von Victor I S

3. Aug. 2019

The final test is so hardest than rest of the curse, I think that the curse should be faster in begginer and slower in the end.

von Rosana R

23. Juli 2019

IBM Cloud storage has to be explained more deeply, and please update the material according to the actual state of IBM platform