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This introduction to Python will kickstart your learning of Python for data science, as well as programming in general. This beginner-friendly Python course will take you from zero to programming in Python in a matter of hours. Module 1 - Python Basics o Your first program o Types o Expressions and Variables o String Operations Module 2 - Python Data Structures o Lists and Tuples o Sets o Dictionaries Module 3 - Python Programming Fundamentals o Conditions and Branching o Loops o Functions o Objects and Classes Module 4 - Working with Data in Python o Reading files with open o Writing files with open o Loading data with Pandas o Numpy Finally, you will create a project to test your skills....



Mar 14, 2019

Every course has offered something interesting, challenging, and surprising. I am glad I have spent the time with this class. I would strongly recommend it to others with an interest in data science.


Dec 07, 2018

With MATLAB being my programming fluency, Python was very confusing at times.\n\nThis was the course I needed to explain the most common data types in python in a clear and very concise manner.

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von David J

Apr 20, 2019

Course focuses more on forcing you to sign up for various IBM cloud tools than learning python. The final assignment has a 300+ reply thread in the discussion forum because you are graded on the ability to integrate your IBM Watson Notebook with IBM cloud storage, but the instructions have multiple errors, such as not working if you provision your storage in the wrong region.

This class is a shameless excuse for making you sign up for products you don't want, and then grading you on your ability to use them, not your ability to write python code.

von Jiayang Z

Feb 11, 2019

The worst course I took. I couldn't believe the course is provided by IBM. The slide is completely unclear and there are some small mistakes in that. And the final project is aimless, I don't know why you come up with such a project for the beginner. Anyway, I'm so disappointed with IBM and this course.

von Ruben F S

Nov 26, 2018

Still I don't understand the relation of the course' content and the final assignment.

In addition, I would like to see how should have been done the final assignment, i.e an example corrected and done correctly.

this is the 4th course and still I can't understand anything of python. I haven't learn anything... my money is going to the waste.

IBM says that you don't need previous knowledge of python or programming...that is a lie. I am biochemist and I have a MSc in One health, and during mi years we had lessons of R and R deducer. During that lessons, the materials given by the professors were clear and easy to follow. But this course has been awful..... I am feel like if I were an idiot but I know for sure that I am not. The problem is this rubbish course.

von Aykut Ö

Mar 04, 2019

As in the other parts of the certificate, the tasks are simply too easy. The content in the videos (many typos!!!!) are really valuable but the tasks man... Only the surface of the surface will be discussed, no deeping down into the wild. In this course the libraries numpy and pandas are presented but in the final assignment we actually don't needed the libs... When I read the description of the final assignment, I was excited because I assumed we will need to code EVERYTHING ourselves. So really do the thinking of how to solve the requirements, testing it in a notebook out, reading the docs, discovering new cool stuff... But unfortunately my dream did not come true. The most exciting function was already provided and some of the answers were little bit of copy and paste instead of really recalling newly learned knowledge. Before this review I really wanted to give 4 out of 5 stars but after writing this review I will now give only 2 stars. Actually, 2 stars are in my opinion unfair, since the creators have put a lot of time and love in the course content. Unfortunately, so much potential is thrown away

von Robert

May 10, 2019

I had a lot of problems with the Peer Assignment, which had nothing to do with Python Programming. The Watson environment has changed a lot compared to the learning materials.

I should not recommend this Specialization, because of the difficulties with the Watson environment. I am willing to help solving the problems.

von Steve O

Oct 30, 2018

The IBM cloud "service" leaves much to be desired. Multiple times I've experienced outages while I was in the middle of lab assignments. It's a paid course where they give you "free" credits to do the course work in their cloud "service." But the credits are inadequate for the labs and they constantly ask for your credit card to buy more "service." While the class is okay I wouldn't recommend it to anyone because of the poor IBM cloud support.

von Julian L G

Jan 03, 2019

It is amazing how bad this is considering that it is marketed as an IBM product. This is not the level of quality people expect when they hear the name IBM! You'd be better off paying 9.99 for a Udemy course than taking this course. It is not in depth at all and does a stunningly poor job at building real understanding and competency. The videos and labs are full of sloppiness and errors... again, not living up to the IBM name. I don't know about y'all, but I'm probably never going to pay money for a coursera course again... not really worth it.

von Declan H M G

May 22, 2019

The course content is good. However, the instructions for the final peer graded assignment are unclear. It appears to me that we were graded on our ability to interact with IBM cloud and Watson service not so much python skills also. Although I completed, I would not recommend to other until changes are made. It seems I'm not the only one that is unhappy or who had difficulties, just look at the week 5 discussion forum!

von Sujai C

Apr 18, 2019

The programming assignment had errors and it took a long time to figure out (e.g. wrong endpoint was specified). I ended up having to waste a lot of time on this.

von Fredrik R

Mar 17, 2019

Seems to teach fundamentals but the final graded assignment had very little to do with what was taught

von Jason A C

May 09, 2019

The final assignment changed during the course from fake album cover to economic data analysis and dashboarding.

The code provided in the work book was incomplete and not sufficient to generate the dashboard in the note book.

Instructions were not sufficiently clear to help the students figure out how to create a url link to their dashboard.

von Sukanto M

Feb 27, 2019

Good course but final assignment is very poorly designed in terms of instructions.

von Het P

Feb 17, 2019

Time waster, doesn't go in depth, the total video content is of less then 2 hours. The quizzes and assignments are too easy.

I recommend Lynda or youtube(derekbanas/thenewboston/CoreySchafer/telusko) or anything but not this course.

Really disappointed.

von Vigneshwaran P

Mar 01, 2019

Need detailed explanation for the topics, course need to be rephrased accordingly.

von Simon O

Apr 20, 2019

Final test needs to be actually tested by instructors. Has a few bugs in it. You would learn more about python reading a book.

von Asim I

May 21, 2019

(5 stars): Course was great!!


(0 stars): Instructions for IBM Watson and how to setup the assignments are outdated/incorrect. It took me less time to finish the course, and a lot more time just to figure out how to setup Watson based on the instructions (website & course material do not match). This is something that IBM can greatly improve without a lot of effort, imho.

The final assignment was an exercise in Watson, and barely on the course material :-(

von Jason U

Nov 14, 2018

The final project at week 5 needs to be completely revamped. Poor learning experience...absolutely ridiculous and is creating tremendous frustration amongst all students.

von Michael R

Aug 31, 2018

No support from moderators, plenty of typos.

von Jennifer P

Dec 27, 2018

This class was supposed to be for beginners and most of the information in the videos was easy to digest, however, the final project had elements and questions that were never covered. Also, there were many, many spelling and context errors in the videos and quizzes. This lead to a tremendous amount of confusion and I am not happy with this course or my grade. Please consider reviewing the lessons and final project to cater this course more to beginners.

von Nhan T N

Mar 02, 2019

Excellent outline. This course performs fabulous way for beginner can achieve the python language effortlessly.

von Julio E L C

Mar 02, 2019

From zero knowledge to a good knowledge on Python.

von Juan P D

Mar 06, 2019

the final assingment is somewhat tricky, but it's ok

von William B L

Mar 14, 2019

Every course has offered something interesting, challenging, and surprising. I am glad I have spent the time with this class. I would strongly recommend it to others with an interest in data science.

von Troy L Y X

Mar 31, 2019

The lessons are very concise, the most fundamental concepts are taught appropriately, and beginners can learn quick. The exercises are not too hard to make you lose interest, and not too easy that they become boring. I was totally immersed in the course so I found this greater than any physical classroom lessons. 6 STARS!