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This class provides an introduction to the Python programming language and the iPython notebook. This is the third course in the Genomic Big Data Science Specialization from Johns Hopkins University....



16. Juli 2018

A very good course for its length and the amount of time it requires. It improved my python skills and knowledge of Genomics. I'm more engaged in my pursuits than before taking the course.


14. Juli 2022

It was easy in the beginning but gets hard and changing at the end.

It was such an honor th have a course with Professor Salzburg.

I would recommend it to all bioinformatics lovers.

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von Miglė Š

16. Nov. 2020

I give 3 stars because I did learn a lot, however it should be known that this course is abandoned by the staff, the quizzes have errors in them and difficulty is very high if you don't have any prior Python experience. However it is a good way to see how you can apply your Python knowledge for biology.

von Kerry A

6. Sep. 2020

The final exam was too much of a step up from the course material. Not having official solutions to refer to afterwards also sucks, because I'm not sure how to improve my code. Really struggled with the coursework, and even though I passed the exam I feel quite disappointed.

von Manuela L

16. März 2021

This is the second specialization I take in Coursera (I took Statistics with Python from Michigan University). I am really disappointed with this course. It was clearly made years ago and dropped on line but is not really an online course. There is no interaction between the teachers and the students, questions in the forum remain years unsolved and there are no actualizations. The videos are very basic and the level of final exam is extremely high. What I can say is that almost all that I learnt was by myself on the internet trying to solve the final exam.

von Carmen B

22. Aug. 2021

A very large portion of the code in this course material does not work, even when copied directly. Moderators don't post the discussion forums where students are trying to help each other due to lack of guidance. Some of the moderators have never posted in the forums at all - 1 of them has only posted 3 times.

People who have used Python have commented in the forums that the code formatting in the quizzes is terrible, and that they have to use their existing understanding of Python to be able to get to correct answers. This course is marketed to people who have no prior knowledge of Python. Many are just completing quizzes by repeating them over and over until they get the right answers.

In short - don't do this course if you are looking to learn. It has been abandoned by Johns Hopkins University. If you just want the certificate, just keep trying till you get the right answers and youll be fine.

von Ahmed F

28. Juli 2016

Poor lectures by one of the instructors makes it hard to listen.

von Nur A A P

20. Apr. 2020

Nothing about genomics is taught.pretty much disappointe.

von Mahmoud m M

2. Okt. 2016

Very poorly organised material and illustration

von Dr K R

24. Apr. 2017

terrible course

von Andrés H P C

12. Juli 2021

I recomend this course to any person interested in bioinformatics. Amazing teachers all along the specialization!. My conclusion is the following: I have lots of experience working in java development, and I know very well what is about to construct a software solution. But this course is not about that, this course at the end is about understand some main problems in genomics, like mainly the analysis of Open Reading Frames, and then start to give it our version of the solution, in this case using Python as a tool for the explotation of data and analysis. Easy are the modules about Python if you are programmer, but in my experience the final assestment is far as being easy. Thank you! to any one who was involved in the development of this course, I learned and enjoyed very much!

von Michael J M

11. Mai 2016

Really good introduction to Python, Genomics in the two together. This was the first Python course - of many - I've since done and then gone on to use Python professionally and for my own 'Hacker/Maker' projects.

A few typos / mis-alignments between the slides and the explanations - but nothing serious. The presenters know the material and present it well.

A couple of good TAs (full disclosure - I am / have been one of the less good ones!)

von Charles W

21. Juni 2020

Out of what I have tested so far, I think this is the best Coursera course for beginners.

I frequency use regular expressions, so I think that might be helpful. However, you also thought of things that I frequently use that I might not have remembered were important for beginners. So, perhaps there could be a recommendation of what to do to learn more intermediate skills?

von Zirlane P d C

22. Juni 2020

The course was very good, in general. The instructors and classes were also good. I'm a beginner in python, so I had a lot of difficulties. The final test was difficult for me, I couldn't solve all the questions. I think the course could offer more basic classes, but I intend to study more to understand some points that were not clear to me.

von 李居祚

24. Nov. 2016

Thanks for the interesting course made by two brilliant teacher. This is my first time to learn something about computer science on coursera and I really enjoyed this kind of experience. As a beginner of Bioinformatics, this help me a lot. In the futrue I will continue focusing new courses on coursera provided by Johns Hopkins University!

von Animesh U

25. März 2019

This was an in-depth course about python. Being a doctor, it was tough grasping all the content. And considering the short amount of time I have, this course taught me a lot; however I needed lot of external help to finish it thoroughly. Thank you so much for this one, it will really help me in my future endeavors.


15. Mai 2020

Great way of teaching. Hats off to the teachers. This course is excellently designed for biologists like me. The basics were clearly explained with subject examples. This created more interest in sticking to the videos and course. Thanks to the academic faculty.

von Ziliang L

2. Aug. 2018

This is a very good course. I do learn some useful stuffs for biological analysis. But I want more from the Biopython section, that's the reason I register this course. It would be nice if they can provide the test data and expected result for us to test our code.

von Tim B

6. Juni 2021

Finally found a python course that works with a fasta file. I think I would have struggled if I didn't take some python intro courses before taking this. I enjoyed this because I can apply what I learned toward the sequencing data from my work.

von Borys J

29. Sep. 2016

Really fun and well explained but very basic. It's just an introduction to Python with a brief presentation of the Biopython module. I guess the next course, Algorithms for Dna Sequencing, is meant to give more grasp on Python for Biology.

von Gustavo D O

16. Jan. 2017

Very good course. The course material goes from basic to more advanced content in a very catching way. The quizzes were well structured with very interesting challenges. I definitely improved my python skills a lot in this course

von Nicolas C

9. Jan. 2022

Excellent course, would love to have more time allocated to study Biopython. Learning Python in itself is fairly accessible today and any good quality Python course could be listed as pre-requesite for this one.

von Kushal R R

29. Sep. 2020

Thanks a lot Professor Steven and Partea for giving me to such opportunity to attend the course. . I would love to show my heartiest gratitude to coursera for giving me chance to learn and hope to never give up .

von Ajay K

11. Mai 2020

Initially, I thought it's a perfect course for Biopythons' neophyte learners later I realized in week-4 I realised its quite intermediate but in final quiz activity, It opened my eyes (Difficult than expected).

von Hari S

23. Juni 2016

The best introductory python tutorial I've come across.......concise, very well organized.......

I wish this team come up with a series of courses gradually introducing more advanced topics in this area.....


5. Mai 2020

Clearly explained about the concepts of Python programming and Biopython. Biopython should have been discussed a little more precisely. Overall I enjoyed learning the course. Thanks to both the professors!

von Negin H

13. Mai 2022

It was a great course, even if you do not have any knowlege about Python. I work with Python but it was so interesting for me especially with the application in genomic data science.

Thank you so much.