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This course will show how one can treat the Internet as a source of data. We will scrape, parse, and read web data as well as access data using web APIs. We will work with HTML, XML, and JSON data formats in Python. This course will cover Chapters 11-13 of the textbook “Python for Everybody”. To succeed in this course, you should be familiar with the material covered in Chapters 1-10 of the textbook and the first two courses in this specialization. These topics include variables and expressions, conditional execution (loops, branching, and try/except), functions, Python data structures (strings, lists, dictionaries, and tuples), and manipulating files. This course covers Python 3....
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18. Juni 2020

This course was really interesting and did a good job introducing complicated topics in usefully simplified form. It was a pleasure to listen to the instructor and I got everything I wanted out of it.

2. Dez. 2016

I have not found an easy way to learn how to code with python language. Mentor are really helpful and Dr Chuck is one of the most self explain professor that I have met in my three university career.

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von Matt M

4. März 2016

Took the first two courses which were fine but this one started off poorly and just got worse, unfortunately. I'm wondering if I can get my money back.


28. Mai 2020

explanation was not up to the mark.

von Asem A N

23. Mai 2019

really hard assignments

von Misha

30. Nov. 2018

Time wasting & rubish

von J A M

23. Dez. 2015

Yet another excellent course... My prior reviews were so ravingly positive that I now feel compelled to offer a very minor area of potential improvement: Dr. Chuck might have considered going a bit deeper into Geojson API and perhaps even done a second API. Also there were some glitches in the Geojson assignment: My python Spyder was left frozen a couple times before I got things working.

I understand that some students would have complained due to the length of Week 6, but if you requested the simple first assignment completion after the first 10 minutes of video lecture, you could have snuck in two concrete API assignments later on. Also, you could have had a Week 7 with the second API and alternate Web Access assignments. In sum, I was left wishing I had a bit more API experience.

Nevertheless, I give this class 4.75 stars, which rounds up to the usual 5 stars. I've completed three of Dr. Chuck's classes and I'm on the fourth. Dr. Chuck is the incarnation of the super MOOC professor. Long live Dr. Chuck!

von Michael O

29. Okt. 2019

Disclaimer: If you're taking the Python for Everybody Specialization, I HIGHLY suggest starting the Python 3 Programming Specialization (also University of Michigan) after completing the first two courses. Get to Week 2 of Course 1 in that specialization and then start Course 3 of Python for Everybody.

I really appreciate the University of Michigan and the staff involved in providing these courses.I completed the first two courses of Python for Everybody and started the Python 3 Programming Specialization (another University of Michigan specialization) before taking this course.Unlike the first two courses in this specialization, I do not feel like I've committed the code to memory. Especially when it comes to XML. I can comfortably talk someone through the steps of working with XML/JSON, but would likely need to look up the syntax to code it (which I hope was the intention of the course).

von Avisek G

13. Sep. 2017

The course teaches the basics of how to interact with the internet using Python. The course is simple, well explained, has great interviews with people who were part of the creation of the internet.

von Ichiro H

8. Juli 2019

Great course for introduction to parse Web Data. However, google map and twitter API seems to be changed a lot, so those examples won't work any more. It took me a few days to figure that out and felt a bit stressful. Hope re-recording take place soon so that many other students would not stuck there.

von Nicolas C

18. Mai 2019

I think that the average user will be overexerted by the complexity of this course after week 4. You have to consider that most participants barely have experience in programming at all and I am pretty sure that some will get lost, lose interest and definitely will not be able to reproduce this kind of web scraping for their own projects.

The step from scraping through simple HTML to using libraries and APIs was too much in my opinion.

von Hakan T

31. Dez. 2019

Horrible TAs. They should all be changed. They are extremely rude and annoying.

von Minhao S

29. Juni 2019

teaching good, helpless

von Ayush B

9. Feb. 2019

I would give 0 stars if I could

von Karpushkin E

17. Feb. 2021

When I was about to start this course after the introductory ones, I was a little upset by the reviews I spotted. The average rate of this course is high, yet the "most useful" reviews are negative. Maybe because of this, my own opinion about the course is "well above expectations". I will try to address most common points of criticism from other reviews, and hope this helps future students to make a decision.

First, it has been claimed that the difficulty of this course is so much higher than in the previous two courses of specialization. I would not say so. Surely, it is more difficult, since it is expected that the students progress as they learn, but I have not felt that the material was enormously sophisticated. Also, the "entertainment" pieces have made a good deal of pushing the brain to relax.

Then, it has been argued that the stuff in the forums is not polite and does not want to help, mainly making fun of the students. To tell the truth, I have not used forums much. I have asked one question and looked at about 20 most recent conversations at random. I have to say that I noticed noting rude in the stuff replies. In contrast to many other courses I have attended, the forum is alive, which is great! I have received a polite and comprehensive answer to my question in just about 4 hours, amazing! One thing is that the stuff is extremely attentive wiping out the code of the assignments and preventing discussions spoiling correct quiz answers. This may seem "rude" to somebody loving to have the assignments partially disclosed in the forums - but guys, we are not for cheating here.

Finally, I will cite some reviews. "Some assignments basically require you to have previous programming experience"; "If you're a professional looking to learn Python for the first time, you're better off buying a book that provides the answer to an exercise with step-by-step rationale for the process"; "There was not a single assignment that I did not have to rely on reading tons of extra info from Overstack or other coding sites.". "The explanations are lacking and I'm left super confused."

I would say - nothing personal, everybody has its own opinion, and impressions can be different. But these seem incorrect _to me_. Yes, this course does require some prior programming skills - but this is course 3 in the specialization, and previous courses are intended to get the required experience. As for the book - I cannot imagine number of pages (guess would be thousands) to cover every bit of access to each type of web data step by step from scratch. The same about lack of details. Come on, you cannot expect learning, say, XML at the level sufficient to apply for a job after 30-60 minutes of lectures! This is enough to give an impression and possibly guide the students in future courses choice, but not to start as a professional programmer. Moreover, I am not sure I will need to parse json a lot, and I would be unhappy to have a separate course on this. Yet, it is good to know that such thing exist not to be confused facing it, and the lectures in this course are perfectly suitable. As for the assignments being poorly related to the in-class material... Well, I would say I have been upset by the _presence_ of too detailed "working examples" preceding the assignments! I ended up with making my assignment first and then watching the example to possibly find some drawbacks in my work. And I have never used anything besides the examples provided in the textbook and python documentation to pass the assignments.

Ok, I feel that I have written too much already. The last point is about the amount of assignments. During the previous courses it seemed to me that there could be more of programming tasks - 1 or 2 per week is not enough to cover, say, lists, which is essential to whatever you use Python in future. (On the other hand, since we have learned the basics, a lot of calculus tasks are available to us for practice on our own) Well, as for _this_ course, I feel that the assignments are just fine. I cannot claim that I can solve some arbitrary json or xml issue - but if I need, I have gained proper basement to learn the necessary details and features and to understand tutorials.

Hope this helps future students whether they enroll in this course or no.

von Rory P

23. Sep. 2016

Professor Severance is awesome. I really like how each video is an in-depth look at a specific example and that he tells you what to ignore and when. I think his sense of what's important is spot on as I've already started to apply some of his lessons to personal work and find that as I work through personal projects, the next question I have is usually covered in the next lecture or soon thereafter. The videos build on one another in a very coherent manner and the assignments are applicable to what you learned. I think the assignments could be a little more challenging and that more references to the book should be included in the lectures as the book is also very helpful and a great primer for each week's material, especially when it comes to understanding parsing XML and JSON more. I think more chapters on this in the book could be very helpful though.

von Sarvesh

26. Nov. 2020

This is the third course of Python for Everybody specialization. I love this specialization and I hope whoever took this specialization is greatly benefited by this specialization. I started with the first course which laid the foundation of my python journey. That first lecture in which we learnt the hardware of computers got me a lot more interested in computers and technology. I have to thank UMICH and Coursera for all these courses and I have to thank the instructor, Dr. Chuck for this wonderful specialization. I look forward to meet you in the next course of this specialization which is Using Databases with Python. Thanks a lot and I would encourage anyone who is planning to learn python programming to enroll in this specialization and complete it. This is just awesome if you want to learn python programming. Thansks a lot.

von Ed H N C

1. Nov. 2020

Thank You Lord for the strength!!!

Thank You for the support of my family for not bothering me during days and days of solving these assignments.

Thank you DOST Caraga for the the learning opportunity.

Thank you for the loads and loads of coffee.


von Monirul H

12. Apr. 2020

It's not that easy like previous two courses. But I'm glad that I had a little bit idea about regular expressions, networking, xml and REST before starting this course.

von Ashwin L

20. Feb. 2021

The course gives good start to python programming. Wanted little extra knowledge on the data structures in python but that maybe a story in some other python course.

von Prajanand k

30. Jan. 2021

Using Python to Access Web Data of good coursed of python skil

von Ayatullah K

19. Nov. 2020

The first two courses needed to completed this course successfully.

I have previous experienced of programming with c++ and javascript. So this wasn't

difficult to me. However, I have learned a lot of about web services. How to retrieve

web data with python and manipulate them. From week 1 to week 4 was, how can you

retrieve web pages, how to request a server and get back web data using some python

libraries like urllib(a python library to retrieve web page). Overall, for the assignments

you have to know programming logic a little bit. After retrieve web pages you need to work

with data. So you have to know conditon, loop, list, dict etc. All the assignments of this

course is calculate sum or count of a list of data.

The last two weeks you will get familiar with xml and json. These two is the communication system for

service provider and consumer. How easy they communicate and exchange their data.

It uses for the service oriented approach mostly.


19. Juli 2020

This course is very good except the API part. I think they must upgrade this part and elaborate this concept.

von Alexander C

18. Nov. 2015

Compared to other Python Courses I have taken this is course has no meat on them bones and is NOT worth $80 at all even for a certificate. However for FREE? ok. Worth the introduction to some useful tools. Spend your time and money on a more valuable course like Fundamentals of Computing Specialization, which is awesome, and is about the same price as of this writing.

This course offers no challenge, little content, and the assignments let me down. Assignments are basically handed to you where you only need to alter one line of text to get the right answer on what is supposed to take an hour.

Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python thru Rice U has content and weekly mini projects that really push your learning ability and after taking the courses, I felt like I really got something out of it.

This course barely scratches the surface of "Accessing Web Data" and does nothing to challenge your coding skills. The positive side, it introduces you to Web API's, the basics of Beautiful Soup, and other BUZZWORDS. At least structure assignments to combine all of the efforts learned in previous chapters onto one another.

Side note... what is the professor doing filming lectures on vacation or at lunch? This does nothing to add to the content of the course and is distracting and unprofesh.

The meaningless assignments let me down.

von Alexandre n M p

7. Nov. 2019

After finishing this last part of this Specialisation I fell completely frustrated and agree with other feedbacks in this list. The first part of this Specialisation was really inspiring and I feel that learned a lot. In parallel to those courses, I was able to apply the knowledge acquired in the Py4e to learn Matplotlib, Pandas and Numpy and I was very excited applying that learning in my own research.However, this last course, ‘Using Python to Access Web Data’ was ridicule difficult. The exercises were impossible to my knowledge and understanding. There must be something wrong, since I was able to complete the first courses. The exercises were always challenging, but I was able to accomplish them. While the first courses I was able to understand and find the sources on the readings; this last one was awfully dispersed. I simply didn’t understand the codes, the structures and how to parse the information.While I was exciting discussing and suggesting those first courses to my colleagues. Sorry, this last one I cannot recommend, since I did not understand the codes. I am really sorry for this feedback; but I know that I gave my best and I was unable to enjoy this course. Now I feel that I need to search for another course to learn how to access the web with Python.

von Josh H

18. Juli 2020

Dr. Chuck seems like a great professor and I would love to take a course with him in person if I attended the University of Michigan, but I felt I didn't really learn much due to the extremely low difficulty of assignments. Most involved literally just taking the sample code provided and modifying a few lines slightly. I guess it's somewhat forgivable given the difficulty inherent in packaging so many deep, nuanced concepts into a digestible course for the masses, but it still doesn't change the fact that I don't feel like I really learned much of anything. While in the course, I stressed out a bit over the assignments, thinking I was expected to understand all example code provided, until I realized the assignment involves changing like two lines and that's it.

von Yixin W

29. Mai 2018

This course is really really challenging if you only took the first two courses before this. The tests are quite hard to get. there are many moving pieces and it is hard to know where to begin with. I tried very hard to understand the lectures but i would say it just doesn't help with the tests.

I wouldn't recommend to beginners like me. but if you know python for a while maybe that's another story.