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By the end of this course, you’ll be able to manipulate files and processes on your computer’s operating system. You’ll also have learned about regular expressions -- a very powerful tool for processing text files -- and you’ll get practice using the Linux command line on a virtual machine. And, this might feel like a stretch right now, but you’ll also write a program that processes a bunch of errors in an actual log file and then generates a summary file. That’s a super useful skill for IT Specialists to know. We’ll kick off by exploring how to execute Python locally, and organize and use code across different Python files. We'll then learn how to read and write different types of files, and use subprocesses and input streams. We'll also dive into Bash scripting and regular expressions -- both very powerful tools for anyone working with systems. We'll even touch on automatic testing, which allow us to automate how we check if our code is correct. To finish, we’ll put all this together by using the tools that we’ve acquired to process data and generate automatic reports. We’ll also explain how to set up your own developer environment in your machine. This is a key step in being able to write and deploy powerful automation tools....



19. Nov. 2020

Great course! I had some previous knowledge, but this was perfect to fill in the gaps. Also, unit testing was completely new to me and will be very useful in future projects. Thanks for making this!


15. Juni 2020

In starting five weeks , all answers were directly provided and week 6 and 7 were very tough. So i suggest to equalize the toughness level in all weeks ,ie, no direct spoon feed nor abrupt toughness

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von Will I

20. März 2022

This course was a good challenge and by no means am I an expert, but the course has given me a good working knowledge with regular expressions (regex), using Bash in Linux. I took my time on this course and took a bunch of notes to use as a reference down the road.

von Victor T

10. Mai 2020

It was a great course for me as I have a decades of windows background, where you can point and click a visually represented object. Now I started to scratch the surface of programmatical interaction with the OS, which is my main goal of enrolling in this program.

von Maricel E

19. Mai 2022

Happy that I have learned how to code with Python!! I have watched videos online how to code.

With a certification I could say that It was an Amazing learning to actually do the Quicklabs Assessmen, quizzes and all. Thanks coursera/google for this great chance.

von amirhossein T

26. Sep. 2021

This course was great for me . I learned many subjects in python and BASH script .

The only catastrophic Issue was QWIKLABS . I have to give exam several times per week , because of it didn't confirm my progress and I have to quit and enter again to pass my exam .

von Khaterine B d O S

5. Aug. 2020

Esse curso é excelente! Oferece todos os recursos para aprender os desafios sugeridos. Muita informação de qualidade e o professor é super didático. A plataforma para realizar as atividades oferece a oportunidade de ver como tudo funciona na prática. Recomendo!

von John A O

18. Mai 2021

Python is indeed powerful. This course has opened my eye on the power and flexibility of Python.

The Course was well structured.

The lecturer very eloquent, clear and gives you the heart to push on and not give up.

The Labs were very interesting and challenging.

von Joel W

30. Mai 2022

I liked this course. Some of the exercises were difficult and took longer than the labs allowed. This was due to extra research and play-testing that needed to be done to understand the course concepts. However, it was overall a very informative course. 8/10

von Bruno J G

21. Aug. 2021

It is a great resource for initial and intermediate levels in the management of both python and the bash shell, with a very friendly language it helps you throughout the course. If you want to start automating tasks, do not hesitate for a moment to sign up.

von Pranjal G

17. März 2020

This is another great course.I learnt how to manage files through python, regex expression, Testing code with automation, Bash Programming and Linux basic commands. Overall It is a great course and suitable for beginner who has a little knowledge of python.

von Jee Y

17. Apr. 2022

Highly insightful course with great sharing on working with the operating system. Would have been great if there was further elaboration on working with Windows Command Prompt as opposed to just Linux since Windows is still widely used by most corporations

von Oguz A

3. Feb. 2020

Getting experience on files, logs, csv module writer and Dictwriter, Regex, Batch Scripts, shell commands, using parameters on python..etc.. It was a tailor-cut course and address almost everything that I need in this spesifik area. I can only say; Thanks!

von Rafael S

23. Juli 2020

Excellent course. It was a kind of demanding one for me because I do not have ant background in IT. However, I learned a lot and I found it very useful and necessary. Labs at the end of each week were encouraging and difficult sometimes. Thanks, Google!!

von Gigi M D

11. Aug. 2020

It was really fun because I learnt a lot of concepts of python and the ton of uses it has, plus some in depth knowledge of regex and bash script. In rest, the instructor was really nice and knew how to explain a lot better than any of my school teacher.

von Bonthu S

22. Aug. 2020

The best part about this course is graded assessment which is like solving real world problem.

The course is designed by lots of planning so that what we learn can be implemented in the graded assessment. I can't wait to apply these skills in my carrer.

von Brent W

6. März 2021

This course propelled me very quickly into a depth of understanding into how python can be used to interact with the operating system, file systems, and directories. Fundamental knowledge that will support almost any problem I ry to tackle in python!

von Farouk L

5. Dez. 2020

Wow! Really really worth the effort and time. I really love the instructor. Somehow I am beginning to have the feeling that Google takes her staff through teaching methodology and techniques. haha. Thank you for the awesome eye-opening experience.

von oon a

2. Apr. 2020

this course is super useful, starting from learning the Python programming, testing, programming in the Linux environment, learning Regular Expression, Bash (shell) scripting. it would be great to have these tools in your IT Specialist toolbox.

von Ankitkumar L

10. Sep. 2020

The most useful course that I ever find it. It provides really good understanding of core concepts which you can use in your work as well as automate some process and saving time to other work. You can hands-on with linux environment as well.

von Ariel C N

15. März 2022

It's a very practical course. Concepts like create and modify files, how to connect to a remote instance, bash scripting... All of that is really useful in the IT field. The course gives a pretty good overview of these. I really liked it.

von Ahungwa G

7. Dez. 2020

This is the best IT course that I have ever taken so far. For all those out there desiring to go into the IT space, combining this specialization with the other one on IT Support is highly recommended. A BIG THANKS TO THE TUTOR and GOOGLE.

von Jia G J

8. Dez. 2020

Learned a lot,

I'm currently working in a big company (2 years) but they rarely teached me how to properly use my skills and assets.

Thanks to these courses i'm expanding my knowledge of what i could do with a programming language and more!

von Ronan R

9. Mai 2020

It's a well organised course, easy to follow even when it gets to complex subjects. The videos are paced nicely and the instructor is engaging. Would recommend this course to anyone interested in IT automation, of any age and background.

von Ritik K

31. Mai 2020

It's a great.. I have learnt a lot of power of python and bash command.. It's seems someone gave me this superpower to control mind(obviously computer's mind not a real person's mind), I have a great experience throughout this course...

von Greg F

8. Sep. 2021

I​ learned a lot of extremely useful information that I was already able to apply quickly for my use cases. It was a lot of fun to go through these exercises and tests. A wonderful course to pick up python and its flexible features.

von Aswin R

25. Sep. 2020

Now I know with python... I could use to interact with any operating system without the need to know their terminal commands.

This is definitely going to make my life easier with the all-new automation tools provided in this course