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This course will walk you through a hands-on project suitable for a portfolio. You will be introduced to third-party APIs and will be shown how to manipulate images using the Python imaging library (pillow), how to apply optical character recognition to images to recognize text (tesseract and py-tesseract), and how to identify faces in images using the popular opencv library. By the end of the course you will have worked with three different libraries available for Python 3 to create a real-world data-analysis project. The course is best-suited for learners who have taken the first four courses of the Python 3 Programming Specialization. Learners who already have Python programming skills but want to practice with a hands-on, real-world data-analysis project can also benefit from this course. This is the fifth and final course in the Python 3 Programming Specialization....



23. Juni 2020

This last course is much more challenging than the prior four, but provides a very good launch pad for taking what you've learned and getting you actually using the skills in building Python code.


1. Apr. 2021

This course gave great insight in how to approach a new library which I believe is one of the most powerful skills a programmer can have. Keep up the great work that you guys have been doing.

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von Hennie d N

19. Okt. 2021

shit course!

von Novi K

3. Dez. 2021

very bad

von Kunle O

9. Feb. 2022

This course made me a much better programmer

The course started pretty badly. The installation instructions weren't straightforward at all and the whole process was frustrating. Using Jupyter Notebook when we'd been using something else all specialization seemed stupid. Once I found the updated instructions in the Discussion forum, everything got much better. In the previous courses, we were learning the Python language, but this was the first course that taught me how to think like a programmer (and familiarized with useful libraries!). My Week 1 code was trash, but thankfully I was able to see how others approached the problem (thanks to peer grading). I buckled down and my Week 3 code was immaculate. By the end of the course, I felt like I could be a professional programmer for the first time. Very glad I took this course.

PS, I love Jupyter Notebook now.

von Ryan Y

3. Juni 2022

This course does not guide students step by step and let you freely accomplish the goals of the project. But, actually the hints are hidden in the every corners of the course. Indeed, this course is easy but takes a bit time to familarize the properties of various functions.

I found that there are a lot of negative comments about this course. Those students claimed this course is frustrating. Perhaps, they may not be suitable to join tech industry. Indeed, there is no hints for you guys to complete any projects in the real world. What you need to do is to be curious and search useful information on the internet to complete any projects!

von Dakore P

19. Feb. 2021

The best way to learn is by thinking and doing!

While reading the reviews of this course, I got discouraged to engage properly with the materials because of the opinions. That being said, if you are looking to learn by doing, this course is for you. It is a specialization project. It is not meant to be a walk in the park!

Overall, I think it helps you think and actually forces you to code. If indeed you want to learn Python, it will help you a great deal!

Don't take reviews saying it is difficult to heart. It is difficult but doable. All that you need to complete it have been covered.

I wish you success!

von Md. A A

28. Juli 2022

I have seen many people criticizing this course. But I have found this course very challenging. Till now I have completed quite a few courses in Coursera and the assignments and quizzes of almost all of those were too easy. It is probably my first online course where I have found a somewhat tough assignment. And I loved the way the practice notebooks were written. It allowed me to skip the videos (I enjoy reading rather than watching videos a lot). So, all in all, it was a good experience for me.

von Francesco O

28. Okt. 2022

They have overall been great courses giving me the opportunity to learn a lot more about Python. Pillow, Opencv, Tesseract is a truly wonderful track that opened my eyes and mind for AI virtual reality. Working with images and videos is a topic I would like to explore further in the near future. It was an interesting learning experience, one chunk at a time, sometimes so tiring but satisfying in the end.

von sisi L

7. Nov. 2022

This course is more like an exploratory experience--it forces me to learn new packages independently and apply those new things to my own work. With the foundation built by the previous four courses, I feel lots of joy(and a bit pain lol) when learning sample jupyter notebook code and doing assignments. It largely boosts my confidence in programming as a whole after being able to tackel the assignments.

von Milton E D

23. Okt. 2020

The course is excellent but the final project submission is a nightmare. The input form is messed up and the work-arounds don't work. To have such a good class then ruin my experience with a broken component ... that has been broken for over a year is really bad. To me it ruined the experience and made me feel upset about spending my good money and TIME on a schlock final project submission process.

von Fabian d A G

5. Juli 2021

The last course in the Python 3 Programming specialization provides an opportunity to bring together all the concepts that were taught in the previous courses and apply them to real world problems. This course is more hands-on, and teaches how to approach problems and find solutions from using libraries and other tools "in the wild". Excellent programming assignment at the end!

von Khileshwar R

24. Juni 2020

This course is awesome!!

For those who are seeking for Python basics and Data Structures using Python, should join this course.

The instructors are good. Taught the concepts well.

And also there is course in this specialization which includes OCR and Computer Vision using OpenCV

von Jesús A S G

16. Nov. 2020

I learnt new libraries and I had to do more researh, this course helped me to feel more secure of what I learnt in the previous courses.

Aprendí nuevas librerias y tuve que investigar más, este curso me ayudó a sentirme más seguro de lo que aprendí en los cursos previos.

von Frank R

14. Aug. 2020

Great final course for the Python specialization, the difficulty increased a bit but absolutely doable and well taught. The jupyter workbook takes a while to get used to it, but then it is pretty handy. Overall a great course which motivates me to go on.

von Kerem

23. Apr. 2021

This course is the last course of the specilization. Final project is very interesting for me and gives the opportunuity of using our new abilities got in all specilization course. Thank people who prepared such a eligible course.

von Biswa D

13. Juli 2020

This was fast paced. I advice future learners to pause the videos and see how the instructor is calling various modules and functions. Understanding the mechanics and logic behind each line of code is key to success in this course.

von Millicent T

9. Juni 2021

I am very grateful for such well planned and detailed materials, and a super intuitive platform for newbies like me to poke around and getting familiar with the python environment. Definitely an amazing course for beginners.

von Luis A Z C

26. Apr. 2021

It's a great course that introduces you to the world of image processing ussing image recognition libraries. You have to learn a lot of things and you end up with a feeling of really knowing about Python programing

von Deleted A

10. Okt. 2020

I know that in this course they don't explain everything first I was angry but then I discovered that they are trying to make you able to do any project using library by looking at their documentation so I like it

von Fedorenko A

10. Aug. 2020

This is a really challenging course in Python 3 specialization, you need to apply all knowledge gained previously, and you will learn how to use libraries for a particular task, that can be handful in real life.


8. Mai 2021

It was amazing learning with Coursera and the University of Michigan. I idea to implement project for learning is amazing as it encourages me and hopefully others to learn explore to complete the project.

von O S

11. Mai 2022

Great course that forces students to research docs and methods for technologies that may be new to them. Valuable lessons. . .

The real world won't just feed you answers before giving you the problems.

von 万宝仪

24. Aug. 2020

I think this course is very good. Although it make more challenge than other courses. You must research the usage of libraries and test your code many times. I have improved my programming capability.

von Bavan M Y

9. Dez. 2020

I think this was a little too much for me to process, I wished it would be a little longer and slower, but overall its really good

von Itamar A

27. Sep. 2020

Very reach and useful. The project is pretty hard and requires more knowing use python, that it outside the scope of this course

von Gaurav M

11. Aug. 2020

This is my last course for the specialization and the whole specialization is great .It helps me to build my basics . Than you:)