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This course aims to teach everyone the basics of programming computers using Python. We cover the basics of how one constructs a program from a series of simple instructions in Python. The course has no pre-requisites and avoids all but the simplest mathematics. Anyone with moderate computer experience should be able to master the materials in this course. This course will cover Chapters 1-5 of the textbook “Python for Everybody”. Once a student completes this course, they will be ready to take more advanced programming courses. This course covers Python 3....
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8. Sep. 2020

Course was very intresting and interactive. And also looking forward to start python data structure course. Charles sir was teaching perfectly and his lecture content was also very helpful.Thank you!!

7. Jan. 2018

Tan solo auditar este curso me ayudó bastante en el aprendizaje de este lenguage de programación. A penas ahorre el dinero compraré el resto de cursos para seguir adelante. Gracias Charles Severance!!

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von James M B

21. Sep. 2016

This is a great opportunity to learn some excellent skills in a language that is powerful yet easy enough to learn the basics. I enjoyed every moment of this class. I learned a lot about python and Charles Severance (Dr. Chuck) provides an excellent learning experience why presenting the material in a concise, structured and fun manner. I'm pursuing all 5 (even the capstone course) courses to earn the specialization in an up and coming language I feel we will see more apps being developed in the Python Language. Thanks Doctor Chuck and the University of Michigan!

von Rocio d C

28. Jan. 2016

An excellent course, very clear with the precise information that help me to understand the issue and learn beyond, thanks to the course material.

Chuck, the teacher, is an excellent transmitter of knowledge

I highly recommend it.



Un curso excelente, muy claro y con el material preciso para entender el tema y aprender más de la cuenta.

Chuck, el profesor es excelente transmisor del conocimiento

Lo recomiendo ampliamente.


von Aitor J G

12. Juni 2018

It's an awesome introductory course specially designed in a way that everybody can easily understand all the classes. I don't have a technological background and I'm pretty confident to say that the course can be easily undertaken in 1 week or two weeks if you have easy with absorbing new content and if you like it, so that you can move on to the next one and do other courses more advanced. Also this is easily a course that can be leveraged to other machine learning related courses in which python is the most common tool. With that said I wish you the best of luck !

von Deleted A

19. Mai 2017

Dear Dr. Chuck! Thank you VERY MUCH for the most outstanding course I've had so far. Your sense of humor and your eagerness to teach are the most valuable things in this course. They transfer studying into a fun and interesting process.

This course is very good for the beginners with completely no knowledge about what programming is. I think that people who know one or more programming languages may wish to have more changeable tasks and learning.

Seven weeks for the course may seem too long but nobody restricts you from rushing forward.

See you in the next course!

von Jaffer G

22. Okt. 2016

This was an excellent beginner level course for Python. Though I had prior coding/programming experience with MATLAB, I learnt new and interesting things from the perspective of a computer science course. I also have to say this was the first course that I successfully completed on Coursera which is a reflection of the interesting course material and the enthusiasm shown by Dr. Charles Severance in his videos. I particularly enjoyed the last assignment. I will definitely try to complete the specialization from here. Thank you Coursera, UMichigan and Dr. Severance!

von Zafrin M

25. Okt. 2016

Love Dr. Chuck. He makes the class fun and interactive. This a probably the best call to take if you are thinking about learning programming (in any language). Python is very intuitive and easy to learn. it will give you a sense of how to think like a computer.

The best tip I can give someone who is serious about actually learning the material is the following:

1. watch the lectures, take notes

2. read the book, play with interactive python in your computer, look at python documentations, as necessary.

4. Do all the exercises from the book

5. Do the course assignments

von Paloma A d O

8. Nov. 2015

I never had a programming class that covers really the base of the basics in such a deep and easy to understand way, not taking for granted many things. Professor Charles Severance has a great sense of humour (it looks like you are talking to him in person, it's not something spectacular for the camera) and very generous showing his team, amplifying knowledge through interviewing many interesting people. Exercises were very helpful to understand the chapters. Would appreciate if could have more exercises (not for grade, but for practicing).

Super recommend it!

von Mahesh G C

3. Mai 2020

Excellent course for the beginners in Python. Well managed and easy to understand with given examples. Asking the assignments which is the best way to understand how much we have learn. I will definitely refer this course to others also. At the start of this course I do not have any knowledge about the python. But after completing this course now I know the basic and some advanced topics of python. Now I am able to write and run the program in python. Thanks to instructor sir for explaining this course in a very different and understandable way. Thanks a lot.

von Yaroslav K

17. Feb. 2020

It's my one of two first online courses. I really liked the way of Dr Chuck's teaching. I taught Swift 4 by myself last year. That's why a lot of things I found familiar to me. But on another hand I've covered some deep programming (logic) details that I didn't know before.

I think that's such way of learning is much more efficient than studying something just by a book or documentation (of course it's better to combine and use as much additional info as possible).

Would could be done better? You could add built-in questions into videos for more interactions.

von Siddhartha S

10. Dez. 2017

I had started out this course with great trepidation, of the fear that I may be too old to learn programming. However, I must state that Dr. Charles Severance is an excellent teacher. I have managed to complete the course well ahead of time. I have had very little programming experience and was glad to be able to complete the assignments on time. The course is well structured and I was able to follow the material well enough to complete the quiz at the end of each chapter without any hiccups. Thank you Coursera. I look forward to taking many more courses here.

von Shreyans s

16. Jan. 2016

i am really in love by the way they teach

the method for teaching is so perfect by taking quiz ,assinments and all that helps students to know about himself/herself.

and the bonus videos of interviews of great founders and CEO's inspire students to do something more creative for the next time

and most important student's saturated notes.

they helped you out to clear your concepts more precise so my advice to all newcomers is to take a brief look on notes.

and also Dr. Charles Severance and his team deserves a hats-off for his hard-work.

love this course....thanks


3. Mai 2020

The course titled " Programming for Everybody" does exactly what it says. The course is a beginner's level course for introduction to the world of programming. This course is based on python, which is a powerful programming language and focuses on application rather than too much of syntaxes. This course is taught by Charles Severance and he has explained the topics required to learn programming in a very clear-cut concise way, right from the basics. I recommend this course to everyone who wants to start programming and has no prior knowledge in this field.

von Donald J O

24. Sep. 2018

This course is a great introduction to programming for someone with zero experience, and it's useful for those who do have experience to really solidify the fundamentals of programming. It's also a great introduction to python for people coming from other languages. The instructor's videos are very good. He is clear, his explanations manage to be both thorough and concise, and he's personable enough to not be boring but without resorting to too much silliness. For those new to programming, I highly recommend taking notes by hand, and read the book chapters!

von Sumit C

31. Mai 2020

This is an awesome course, for beginners, in Python, Instructor is cool and he keeps you tightly bounded to the course, pace is good, video lectures are very informative and good, after completing this course I am sure that you will able to explore more of python by yourself very easily or learn any other programming language. I thanks coursera for bringing up such beautifully designed course for beginners. I recommend every one even faculty members to go through this course, this will also help them to improve their pedagogical approach towards teaching.

von Jhen J H

11. Aug. 2018

The programing course is quite easy to learn. The teacher 's explanation is clear and sometimes funny! I think it's a great way to learn programing which makes me happy not boring. When watching the videos without boring, I learn a lot of the basic programing a lot. The ways to hand in the assignment is also convenient, just type your Python code on a website, submit ,and done! The score shows up immediately, so I can correct my code immediately, it didn't take much time for me to learning this programing course. Thanks to the course and my teacher a lot!

von Clark C

14. Juni 2016

I really enjoyed this course, the teacher has a very friendly tone and he is great at explaining all the concepts. I appreciate his efforts and everyone else who contributed to this course. And finally I really like the interviews, it is nice to be able to hear interviews with the creator of Python and authors of Python books and their stories, it helps to broaden my knowledge past just knowing the language but also its history. Overall it was a great course and it taught me a lot about Python while keeping it interesting with interviews of great people.

von Benno F

2. Jan. 2020

This was my first experience with a programming language (Python) offered by the University of Michigan via the Coursera platform. I have learned a lot during this course. The lectures and all the material are well-organized and structured. Charles Russell Severance is an extremely fascinating and interesting mentor! He explains the material clearly and neatly. I am very excited and happy because there are 4 more courses in this specialization. I will definitely participate in them as well. Thank you a lot for providing such a great learning experience.

von Sam O

14. März 2017

It provides good resources and information for basic programming and Python. The lecture is a true college style. The chapters are well organized, and the instructor explains step by step. I have studied computer science before and am an experienced programmer. So, I did not pay, and finished the whole course in one week;one day for one chapter, but I recommend this course for everybody who wants to learn programming and Python. You will learn what programming means by the end of the course, along with learning basic Python programming language.

von Akanksha P

2. Aug. 2020

For users who don't really know what programming is. It's like taking the first baby steps towards learning to code.

Python3 is the language taught, it's easy to use and also powerful.

Great instructor. Loved his way of teaching, his analogies was fun, and it classes seemed like live online classes rather than recorded ones.

This is a really short course, covers all the basics. Those who already know looping etc, can skip. it's very basic. Those who have tablets or ipads can also take this course since it has inbuilt python playground and autograder.

von Brandon J H

30. Juni 2020

Everyone should have a basic understanding/coding class for general knowledge of what an awesome supplemental tool Python is. If you feel this is not something that can not aide you in your current studies or career I would strongly reconsider as seeing first hand in the ability to transform data, functions, expressions etc... has shown the limitless possibilities of Python. To be clear this is a very elementary beginners course which was perfect for someone who wants to dip a toe in the coding language pool without the fear of diving off the deep end.

von deadfish

24. Feb. 2020

This course literally helps a lot! I only learned a little about programming when I was 12 or something, and of course I remembered nothing now. This course is really a good and easy way to start programming, because it's not only funny and easy to understand (mostly because Dr. Chuck is really cute and guiding), but also it provides dozens of simple project assignments to help students understand Python better. Anyway, I enjoyed this course so much that it only cost me 2 weeks to finish this. I think I'm going on to the next Python course right away!!

von Jenai A

10. Apr. 2018

Great beginner course, learned a lot and feel more confident in foundational python. I didn't study CS in college and only took a beginning CS class during my senior spring (learned java). A year and a half later, I took this course and it was very straightforward and the information was strongly reinforced through lecture videos, quizzes, assignments, and the textbook (definitely recommend reading the textbook). I was able to finish all 7 weeks in 1 week, spending a couple hours a day on it.

Will be continuing on to the other 4 courses in this class.

von Joseph V

26. Apr. 2017

I've taken online programming classes in the past, and this is by far the best. Dr. Chuck's curriculum covered concepts, constructs, and the basics of the language in a way that made learning a new language engaging and fun. Content was covered in a way that kept me engaged (even though I've written a ton of code in VB and C#) while at the same time, the material was presented so that someone with no programming experience at all, could follow along and grasp all of the material ins plain English.

I am looking forward to the next course in this series.

von Fernanda C

30. Okt. 2020

It is a very fun way to learn how to program in Python. This course is well structured and the teacher has a very good pace. The quizzes and assignments helped me absorb the content from each section. It made me feel more confident about myself and be more prepared for the future. I am absolutely sure that programming skills are going to be a basic demand from engineers in the near future and I really want to feel prepared for it. Thank to this course I feel that I am in the right path. The course “Python for everybody” has my highest recommendation.

von Joseph G C

3. Okt. 2020

This course is an excellent course for anyone thinking of starting programming in Python. The course is well laid out and the testing is great. Trust me when I tell you the Prof is great. I love his conversational style. You feel as if you are in a one on one class. I had some struggles as I try to ingest the milk of Python programming but I think I did well so far. I preferred using the autograder than being assessed by my peers because the autograder can't confuse a 1 with a 0. What you put in is what you get. If I could give this 6 stars, I would.