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In this course, you will explore the history of LGBTQ identities, experiences, and activism. We’ll study major events in global LGBTQ history, investigate local histories of queer and transgender people and communities, and consider how LGBTQ histories have helped shape broader conversations about civil rights, equality, and justice....



20. Aug. 2020

I loved every aspect of his course. I am someone who has a very substantial foundation of knowledge towards the Queer community, but this course taught me a lot more than I haven't thought about yet.


14. März 2022

This course taught me the new variations about LGBTQ and its diffenert arenas. It taught us how biological, sociological and psychological concept plays important role in determind the definitions.

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von Candice J H

19. Feb. 2022

This course was so informative! I loved the presenters' attitudes and the way they presented the material. I also loved that my cousin, Jaimie Henthorn, was part of this course with her partner Ashe! That made it so much cooler!

von Neapolle F B

26. Juni 2021

Thank you for providing this course as free during Pride Month. It really helped me broaden my perspective on the LGBTQI+ community and issues. Happy Pride everyone and I hope we will have more safe spaces for the community.

von Nikolaos L

15. Mai 2020

This course is very interesting and intriguing. It offers an excellent introduction to LGBTIQ+ history, terminology and theories. It is highly recommended to those who want to work in LGBTIQ+ activism and research.

von Mark I L

27. Nov. 2020

This course has the sharpest take when it comes to contemporary LGBT issues around the world. Calm discussion but it's messages has been burning like a wildfire. Thank you so much to the teachers in this course!


24. Juli 2020

This course was great! I learned a lot and the resources were amazing. Thank you so much for the opportunity. Here in Chile we have lot to learn and not a lot of places or courses to get informed.

von Tanvi K

7. Jan. 2023

This was the first course I completed on Coursera. It really pushes to think outside the cis-hetro world we grow up in. And the material is also very non-overwhelming, and easy to understand.

von Kathy C

21. Aug. 2022

Very interesting and worthwhile. I have little knoweldge of LGBTQ+ terms and issues, and am grateful to have had this introductory course--it's a great Overview, thank you.

von MJ R

6. Juli 2021

Amazing course. I have learned so much, it has lots of relevant and useful information as well as plenty of great additional resources of information. Would recommend 100%.

von Khoa M

26. Apr. 2021

Very eye-opening & informative. Glad to have taken up this course! I hope more online courses would deliver these topics like this course. Thank you, Jacob and Katy!

von Alisha B

6. Juni 2021

Loved it so much. I consider myself literate and experienced in gender/sexuality but I still learned so much and from different perspectives from my own as well.

von Eva T

29. Juli 2020

The course material was informative and I enjoyed learning about this topic, the professors were also clear in relaying the material. All in all, it was great!

von Danny R A

28. Sep. 2021

Very interesting and well presented. My only negative would be that a few of the articles I couldn't read without a subscription to the newspaper or webpage.

von Monica A

2. Feb. 2021

El curso fue un reto para mí, fue claro, sencillo y logré entender la complejidad alrededor de lo que la construcción social de género significa. Gracias!

von Arya V

15. Juni 2020

This course gave me a clear idea about the terminologies and pronouns regarding queer people. and also about the issues queer people faces in our society.

von Amy K

26. Juli 2021

Very thorough and comprehensive LGBTQ+ information - I learned so much from this course! Really enjoyed the speakers, examples, and resources provided.

von Victor G M

25. Juni 2021

This course helped me a lot to really understand important topics about LGBTQ community, Sexuality and Gender Identity. I recommend it for everybody <3

von Melanya H

8. Sep. 2020

The best course about the LGBTQ+ community and gender on a broader scale. A huge thank you for the effort. I'm proud to be part of the community!

von Aleena V

14. Juni 2020

It was such a wonderful journey with two exceptional professors....had a great time...ur way of presentation is inexplicable.... thankyou!!♥️♥️♥️

von Andres F R R

14. Jan. 2022

Really good course that help to understand in a dinamic way queer issues and how to apply an academic approach to intersectional situations.

von Gissella F

8. Sep. 2021

This course is so complete and helped me in many ways that I can name to be a better educator and a better human being. I 100% recommend it.

von ashish g

19. Juli 2021

A fabulous course, the videos are very well researched and the reading recommendations are one of the best. Was worth every minute. Thanks

von Caroline R d S

19. Juli 2021

Great course. Amazing explanations, resources and it is very inclusive to all sorts of topics that are relevant to the queer community.

von Javier I I

9. Aug. 2020

This has been a very illustrative and well-planned course. It has helped to expand my basic knowledge on the field of LGBTQ+ Studies.

von Diego J S A

8. Aug. 2020

In case ypu have knwoledge or not about this topic, the course will teach and clarify a lot of doubts related to LGBTQ+ community.

von Victor B

21. Mai 2020

Really enjoyed the course for its insightful, critical and multifarious lens of understanding the trajectory of LGBTQIA