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Religions and Society in China, National Research University Higher School of Economics

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22 Bewertungen

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This course provides an introduction to the study of the history, major teachings, and practices of the major Chinese religions and spiritual practices and is deigned to give conceptual tools to appreciate diverse religious practice in East. It covers the development of Buddhism, Daoism, Confucianism and wide range of popular and local religions. From historical perspective we will also explore the development of key theological, religious and philosophical doctrines as well as associated practices. An effort will be made to spend time on each tradition according to its importance to Asia as a whole. We will explore the role of religions in politics and social relations in East and South, South East Asia and China in particular, and will analyze the origins, central teachings, divisions and branches, rituals and practices, influences on culture, and responses to modern challenges for each tradition. The emphasis throughout the course is on the hermeneutic difficulties attendant upon the study of religion in general, and Asian religions in particular. We will explore new Asian religions as dynamic, ongoing forces in the lives of individuals and in the collective experience of modern societies....


von SG

Nov 15, 2018

This gave me a thorough understanding of religions in China and how this helps to understand how Chinese people think. Excellent!

von JV

Jun 08, 2017

It was an AMAZING course. Thanks to everyone involved in putting it together. It was a delightful experience.

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22 Bewertungen

von Henry Harlow

May 07, 2019

I was very happy with this course. Professor Maslov did a great job in his videos with very useful PowerPoint slides. I have a very good understanding of how religions are weaved into Chinese society now.

von Neil Shuffle Escura

Apr 04, 2019

I did get as much insight of Chinese and asian society and mindset knowldege.Fantastic Professor!

von simon geschwindt

Nov 15, 2018

This gave me a thorough understanding of religions in China and how this helps to understand how Chinese people think. Excellent!

von Jaime Lugo

Oct 24, 2018

This course is to really understand the details, it has in depth explanations and i consider it very well explained.

A must do for anyone moving or interacting with china

von Fred Irvine

Aug 24, 2018

I learned quite a bit from this course and I would recommend it. It covered a lot of ground but I felt that the info was organized/structured to cover the most important subjects in a logical and interesting way. The professor's English was hard to understand at times. The written transcripts

von Joao Francescoly

May 18, 2018

Great course, well explained ! you will learn a lot of diferent religions in china and how they coexist... but i wish the prof could pronounced clearly, sometimes i got a headache because of his voice :P

von Ashish Pandit

May 01, 2018

The course is very well designed and covers all the broad topics related to the subject. The exams at the end of each week are well thought out and tests the knowledge that has been gained. Maybe if the course notes / presentation are provided as downloadable options, it would help remember and retain future interests in similar courses.

von Shi Shu

Apr 18, 2018

The first week's content is quite inspiring. However, I don't think many of the Taoism concepts are widely accepted and correct... For example, the explanation of Jing as semen is quite superficial while the meaning of Jing should be more profound.

von Jonathan Golland

Feb 13, 2018

the tests were inconsistent with what was being taught. A lot of the questions on the quizzes were not covered in the course!

von Brice Pollock

Jan 27, 2018

I finished this course because it is an interesting concept and did acquire some high level learnings. However, course was not very good. If I knew what it was like from the start I would not have taken it.

First off the quiz questions just test me on memorization of pointless facts. I don’t feel I am rehashing any of the important concepts I should have learned but searching for highly specific information like the Chinese name of some term. The answers to these questions often differs in spelling from those found online or I couldn’t even find a definitive answer in the lecture. I mention online because it is impossible to find this information in a lecture (even if it exists) if I haven’t watched all weeks lectures and immediately taken a quiz. Often even then it is very hard.

This may be because the lecturer is confusing. He is intent on sharing a lot of knowledge but unclear what is most important. Taoism is a great example where so much information is as presented I became unclear what practicing Taoism even means. Apparently everything.

The quiz questions also seem to only cover First half of lectures in each week so I have to reason to finish second half of I just care about completions.