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This distant HSE course provides an introduction to the study of the history, major teachings, and practices of the major Chinese religions and spiritual practices and is designed to give conceptual tools to appreciate diverse religious practice in the civilizations of the East. It covers the development of Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism and wide range of popular and local religions. From historical perspective we will also explore the development of key theological, religious and philosophical doctrines as well as associated practices. An effort will be made to spend time on each tradition according to its importance to Asia as a whole. This online course covers the development of Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism and wide range of popular and local religions. From historical perspective we will also explore the development of key theological, religious and philosophical doctrines as well as associated practices. An effort will be made to spend time on each tradition according to its importance to Asia as a whole. We will explore the role of religions in politics and social relations in East and South, South East Asia and China in particular, and will analyze the origins, central teachings, divisions and branches, rituals and practices, influences on culture, and responses to modern challenges for each tradition. The emphasis throughout the course is on the hermeneutic difficulties attendant upon the study of religion in general, and Asian religions in particular. We will explore new Asian religions as dynamic, ongoing forces in the lives of individuals and in the collective experience of modern societies. The online course is for those, who • interested into history, culture and modern development of the countries of the East, • researches history, culture and modern development of the countries of East Asia, • studies religions and traditions of China, • needs a deeper understanding of the religious policy in modern Asia, • want to get the religious policy in modern China. Do you have technical problems? Write to us:


28. Dez. 2019

Worthy of time. Not from a Western Ideation - nor Asian - rather presenter is one of the middle ground of most all fracas who entered into relationship with on of the Chinese religions.

23. Okt. 2018

This course is to really understand the details, it has in depth explanations and i consider it very well explained.\n\nA must do for anyone moving or interacting with china

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von simon g

15. Nov. 2018

This gave me a thorough understanding of religions in China and how this helps to understand how Chinese people think. Excellent!

von Nguyen T T

9. Dez. 2021

good course with well-organized outline and lessons. thank you so much for making this course available for everyone to access

von Gaurav M

26. Sep. 2020

Course content was amazing and knowledge, but will be difficult to understand the speach and captions used by the professor.

von Brian B

2. Feb. 2021

A wide-ranging, learned, and fair-minded overview of the history and current state of religious belief in China

von Juan F P V

8. Juni 2017

It was an AMAZING course. Thanks to everyone involved in putting it together. It was a delightful experience.

von Douglas L

6. Dez. 2021

V​ery wide ranging and fascinating topics, well organized and well presented. I found this enriching.

von Neil S

4. Apr. 2019

I did get as much insight of Chinese and asian society and mindset knowldege.Fantastic Professor!

von Alicia

1. Aug. 2020

Thanks a lot!! this course is explaining such difficult topics in an accesible way.

von Kate E

2. Mai 2021

I thoroughly enjoyed taking this course. Thank you for the opportunity.

von Razvan V T

2. Aug. 2020

Thank you so much, Prof Maslov and Coursera. Amazing experience...

von Claire C

2. Jan. 2021

Very informative ! Makes me want to visit China even more !

von p.jin

19. Jan. 2018

it suits me well and helps me a lot!

von JOHN Q

8. Aug. 2017

Interesting and fun course! Thanks.

von Tracy T

12. Aug. 2019

Very well organized and presented.

von Vasilis K

21. Jan. 2018

Excellent, thank you very much.

von Коновалова Д В

4. Sep. 2019

Великолепный курс!

von Camila L B

14. Feb. 2021

Amazing course

von Kehui X

18. Aug. 2021


von Russell B

24. Juni 2020

I enjoyed the course and learned a great deal about the topic. The course is well structured, and Professor Maslov is likeable and thorough. Unfortunately, he can also be difficult to understand. His slides are detailed and usually very good, but they're not a complete substitute when you can't catch what he said. This wouldn't matter if the course had a reliable transcript of the lectures, but the transcript is terrible. It is dreadfully garbled, and sometimes it says almost the opposite of the point Professor Maslov is making! This is the one thing that needs to be improved significantly. The bottom line is that you can get a lot out of this course, but you'll have to learn to triangulate between the lecturer's spoken words, the slides, and the transcript (which you really, really cannot trust) in order to be sure of what's being said. It's not too bad once you get used it, but I hope they'll get someone to edit the transcript. It would greatly improve the experience.

von Frans Z

8. Aug. 2020

This a very informative and reasonably objective course that didin't shy away from controversial topics. Combined with reading the corresponding Wikipedia articles I now have a good overview of how religion and society interact in contemporary China. It is a pity the English and its pronunciation of the speaker is somewhat below par. I spent many hours on cleaning up the video transcripts. Also some Chinese names mentioned in passing during the videos and absent from the slides are missing in the transcript.

Overall I really enjoyed taking this course.

von Carolina W

27. Sep. 2020

Really great, it really helps to get a general idea of the religions in China and the situation nowadays. It would be great that during de different themes or weeks, new or more specific bibliography is given so, now that the course is over one can continue to investigate

von aparna g

9. Sep. 2019

the course was good but the accent of the teacher was not clear and whenever there were foreign words the text also did not carry those words. Thanks to Prof. Alexey for a wonderful course.

von José F S L R

12. Jan. 2018

Firstly, I'd like to say it is an interesting course to take. Especially for me, who did not have any knowledge on the subject, it was a rich source of learning. However, I'd like to point that most of the lessons didn't have a nice flow to follow. I got confused in the themes dealt in the slides very often, since sometimes it was a new topic totally disconected with the last one. Also, some basic questions like "what is", "when was it", "why was it" remained unanswered in lots of slides, so many of them i couldn't understand. In the overall, the course has a lot to improve, but was very enriching for me.

von Abhayo

3. Dez. 2021

Overall the Professor and material is good. If only evaluating that part, it would be a 4 star.

However this is an absolutely terrible course due to a complete lack of support from staff at HSE. The quizzes are poorly worded, extremely vague, provide no feedback, and most fill in the blank questions are marked incorrect despite the correct answer being entered. To compound the issue, the "staff" at HSE doesn't adequately monitor the forums and on the rare occasion that they do it is only to rudely and condescendingly admonish learners for asking questions about the poorly worded quizzes. Many post from over 6 months ago are still waiting for a response. Those that have been responded to are only an admonishment for discussing the course. If we aren't supposed to discuss the issues and questions... why even have the forum?

In addition, I emailed the courserasupport@HSE given in the introduction and got, you guessed it --- no response. Perhaps if they actually improved the course, monitored the forums, and provided feedback; learners wouldn't be forced to communicate with each other to discuss the course; which according to staff is "forbidden". Again, absolutely the worst MOOC that I've ever taken on any platform.

von 王亦凡

26. Okt. 2021

The professor just talks about something shallow that can be looked up via Wikipedia and makes so many ridiculous mistakes about Chinese culture. Just take one example, it should be Guozijian instead of Guozilan.