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This course covers techniques for monitoring your projects in order to align client needs, project plans, and software production. It focuses on metrics and reviews to track and improve project progress and software quality....



May 24, 2019



Mar 01, 2016

All my projects, in terms of productivity and quality, have improved by simply applying various aspects of what I have learnt from this specialization.

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von Srinivasan K

Jul 27, 2019

Great course for practicing SCRUM MASTER and this course specifically focus on Agile based SDLC approaches. Faculty members are kind enough to share their knowledge and strong in the selected concepts through their simple explanation. It enhances my SCRUM knowledge to next higher plane. Would recommending for practicing SCRUM masters. Thank you

von Victor B A

Aug 06, 2019

Very informative and didactic.

von Maja V

Aug 07, 2019

Great course!! I gained much more knowledge than I expected.

von Helen G

Aug 09, 2019

The course was a great help to learn new techniques on how to communicate with developers.

von Dmitry

Sep 02, 2019


von Victor D R

Sep 08, 2019

Very good course, but also long and with many details. The concepts are not easy to grasp so you have to do the homeworks and exams diligently to get the most of them. This particular course is very important for control and monitoring of taks and it is excellent to understand what is a metric and how it is done right with goals. Thank you for doing this module the way it is.

von Mark H

Sep 15, 2019

Another great course with meaningful examples and challenging quizzes.

von sumit a

Apr 03, 2019

very Helpful

von Helen G F

Feb 13, 2019

It was challenging but Coursera made learning easy. Student must focus!

von Baby J M

May 21, 2017

Very helpful training. Thank you.

von Richard C

Mar 22, 2016

Maybe it would be better to add more exercises to assimilate better the content. Same as previous courses in the Specialization.

von Konstantin K

Sep 15, 2017

Good of reviews. A few of metrics

von Vahid G

Mar 23, 2016

This is a great course for leading the development team but it's very theoretical.

It is better to add videos from real-world meetings.

von José J C

Sep 05, 2016

Good material, but even better external material shown by links to blogs or related stuff.

Too focused in SCRUM. Maybe other methodologies are worth to explain.

I'll not buy it since I'm a SM, but if you are beginning with this topics or want to pursue a SM certificate, this course definitively can help you.

von Jacob C

Apr 28, 2016

Great course to learn all about tracking progress in your software project

von Orlando C

Dec 03, 2017

I'm happy with the course, just some small issues: I know in the Capstone Projects the students will use the concepts learned throughout the specialization, but it would be great also to highlight some specific moments when the tools taught in this course are meant to be used. Theoretically is mentioned, but practical examples would help, like a 5 min video explaining a real-life project schedule - timeline and how the metrics and meetings were distributed along the life cycle. For example, now I am confused about what to do after a Sprint and a Release, when should I set up the retrospectives (the day after? the week after?), in which order, etc.

von Sumit G

Mar 09, 2017

Pretty good course, although could have been a bit more exhaustive

von Jose H L

Dec 24, 2016


von N L

Aug 07, 2017

It's a good course to understand the base and learn concepts. There could be more examples illustrating the theory. Recommend.

von Jérôme C

Sep 26, 2016

Very good, but I wish for more analysis of what self-destructive metrics mean and how to handle them (who own the metric, etc)

von Kevin S

Jun 22, 2017

One of the best parts of the specialization! Really recommended

von Ajay k C

Feb 22, 2016

Very nice content and presented so nicely. Must read and highly recommended course for all managers and business analysts.

von Duy P

Jul 15, 2017


von Liudmila D

Dec 22, 2017

Generally I like the course. However few areas might be improved in order to increase the value of it.

1) More specific metrics examples. Expected much more than I saw...

2) More up to date literature for reference (this is general concern on all Product Management specialization courses).

3) Link the advises in the course to budgets. There are a lot of advises that "good for the project", however reality has limited budgets and every "good practice" has a cost to pay. I would be happy to see more links to reality. Not in $$$ but in time. For example: this practice may will take full team 1 day, but it saves up to 5 days in the end.

von Benjamin G J

Jun 11, 2016

Metrics produced a great opportunity to use exercises creating the software metric artifacts, as was done so well in course #4. This would be a significant improvement, and the lack of it was the only reason this didn't get five stars.