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What is the purpose of government? Why should we have a State? What kind of State should we have? Even within a political community, there may be sharp disagreements about the role and purpose of government. Some want an active, involved government, seeing legal and political institutions as the means to solve our most pressing problems, and to help bring about peace, equality, justice, happiness, and to protect individual liberty. Others want a more minimal government, motivated, perhaps, by some of the disastrous political experiments of the 20th Century, and the thought that political power is often just a step away from tyranny. In many cases, these disagreements arise out of deep philosophical disagreements. All political and legal institutions are built on foundational ideas. In this course, we will explore those ideas, taking the political institutions and political systems around us not as fixed and unquestionable, but as things to evaluate and, if necessary, to change. We will consider the ideas and arguments of some of the world’s most celebrated philosophers, including historical thinkers such as Plato, Aristotle, Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, Immanuel Kant, Mary Wollstonecraft, and John Stuart Mill; and more contemporary theorists such as Elizabeth Anderson, Isaiah Berlin, Thomas Christiano, Frantz Fanon, Amy Gutmann, Friedrich Hayek, Robert Nozick, Martha Nussbaum, Julius Nyerere, Ayn Rand, John Rawls, Peter Singer, and Kok-Chor Tan. The aim of the course is not to convince you of the correctness of any particular view or political position, but to provide you with a deeper and more philosophically-informed basis for your own views, and, perhaps, to help you better understand the views of those with whom you disagree....



19. Sep. 2021

I enjoyed the course. It brought me very interestingand newer ideas on Equality, Liberty and the reason why we sould have a State. I have already shared the course link with some colleagues.


6. Okt. 2021

This course actually helped me understand the vast ideologies of various political thinkers in a brief way. Thanks to the creator who made learning fun and easy.

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von محمد ب

1. März 2022

An excellent course, I did not find it difficult, but I was late in completing it because I was busy with some other courses, and my average was 100/100 without the need to repeat. Thank you for these scholarships

von Najib A A A A

28. Sep. 2020

The course is very important to me and all students for start learning in political science


1. Nov. 2020

The course is understandable and awesome. Got a lot of knowledge by this online platform.

von Abdullah K

18. Nov. 2020

Good Course for those who need to know the purpose of government or state and its role.

von Alyssa M

9. Juli 2020

Loved this class so much that I just signed up for part 2!

von Anisur R

27. Dez. 2020

I have completed the course. How do I get a certificate?

von Cristine J D

8. Dez. 2020

Very understandable lessons, interesting, and fun course

von Valeria P

23. März 2021

I loved it! The professor was great and I learned a lot

von Steve R

6. Dez. 2020

Very well done. I'll be doing Part 2 for sure.

von Anusha S

24. Juni 2020

The lectures were concise and useful!

von Parviz U

17. Dez. 2020

Thank you very much for attention!

von Worrinphi R s

19. Sep. 2020

This is a good platform to learn

von Ni N

13. Aug. 2020

inspring and comprehensive.


2. Aug. 2020

it was very educational

von Md R H

13. Juli 2020

Very good course

von 121933201037 S L

17. Okt. 2021

very informative

von Aarthi .

26. Juli 2021

excellent course

von Daniela b

30. Nov. 2020

Exelente curso

von Sara R

10. März 2021

Thank you

von Abhishek P

15. Juli 2020



4. Sep. 2020


von Zakir H

28. Sep. 2020


von Masoud H A

29. Okt. 2020

This was a good and quick review of some of the philosophical views on how the state and the relation between an individual and his/her society and ultimately the state are established or structured. The course provided in-depth analysis for learners who are interested in knowing how some of the modern concepts were originally viewed and argued amongst past and modern thinkers and philosophers.

von Angela R

6. Sep. 2021

I have taken many history, law, and philosophy classes during my college career, but this is the first one that has put all of these together into one package. I loved it! It was so well put together. I am so excited to start the second half as soon as possible.

von James O

4. Dez. 2020

Very well organized and presented.

Lectures could be livelier and use examples tied to everyday life.

Assignments should be more demanding and require some creativity.