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How can robots perceive the world and their own movements so that they accomplish navigation and manipulation tasks? In this module, we will study how images and videos acquired by cameras mounted on robots are transformed into representations like features and optical flow. Such 2D representations allow us then to extract 3D information about where the camera is and in which direction the robot moves. You will come to understand how grasping objects is facilitated by the computation of 3D posing of objects and navigation can be accomplished by visual odometry and landmark-based localization....


31. Jan. 2021

This course was truly amazing. It was challenging and I learned a lot of cool stuff. It would have been better if more animations were included in explaining complex concepts and equations.

31. März 2018

Outstanding Course! I could always count on Prof.Jianbo to crunch some of the most complex and confusing parts of the course into a much easier understandable language.

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von Soon H Y

26. Apr. 2020

PROS: Introduces the most practical and essential concepts and algorithms

CONS: The workload is not evenly distributed across all 4 weeks, lecturer's explanation is mediocre and materials can be hard to follow.

von hiback

19. Dez. 2018

The lecture is pretty good, learned a lot from it.But there are some bugs in assignment's pdf. Fortunately, our community forum pointed out these errors. Hoping they could fix it for better understanding.

von Adi S

9. Nov. 2019

The content is quite useful but the teaching can be improved upon through shorter videos and more animations instead of hand gestures (or static images) to explain mathematical derivations.

von SHAO G

16. Juni 2017

The content is not very easy to understand because the lecture speaks very fast and the document is not very sufficient. But in all, the content is good, help me with my research.

von Deepak Y

28. März 2020

The concepts were explained very well and clearly. The last week content seemed a bit complicated to follow, but it was not unsolvable. I enjoyed the course. Thank you!

von Liyun L

26. Feb. 2017

The 4th week content is hard to follow than the previous three. It would be better if more detailed math and examples are provided in the 4th week.

von Shengkai Z

26. Okt. 2018

Subtitles are generated by machines I think. Very many subtitles are wrong. It is very unfriendly to non-English speaking users.

von Jayant S

6. Jan. 2018

Extremely fast-paced course that gives a great overview of Perception but leaves a lot of things unexplained or without proofs.

von Nick P

25. Nov. 2020

Interesting material, the last programming assignment was very challenging. Lots of topics covered, a good introduction.

von Ruslan A

21. Aug. 2017

Very interesting and useful course. Professors give a lot of information. However, some explanations are not very clear.

von Timothy O

10. Dez. 2016

Lots of good content, good explanations, and good pictures to explain things. I enjoyed the assignments too

von Mohammad H

10. Juli 2019

very useful course. However it needs some supplementary materials in math. also more solved examples.

von Iftach F

6. Nov. 2016

very informative. the course is very demanding, due to very long lectures it is hard to stay in pace.

von Jesus F

20. Okt. 2016

Good course, but assignmets are too long, difficult and with no much help. Workload is overpassed

von Xiaotao G

16. Dez. 2018

It is hard compared to previous courses and need more time on it. But quite helpful!

von Rahul D

29. März 2020

I was expecting Some implementation of the SFM pipeline from OpenCV or OpenMVG.

von Mike Z

10. Okt. 2018

Really good topic but the material can be improved a lot more.

And it's free !

von Shubham W

13. Aug. 2017

Excellent course!! Especially Bundle Adjustment was covered in good details.

von Jean K G R

24. Jan. 2021

In some activities, the theory wasn't enough to complete the assignments

von Ricardo A R

14. Feb. 2019

Need more videos for final weeks, hard to follow last week of the course

von Daniel C

23. Dez. 2018

To put it simply: Shi's content is good and Danniilidis' content is bad.

von Bhavya G G

20. Apr. 2021

Very detailed course. Need to think on your to clear all the concepts

von Aman B

29. Jan. 2019

It was interesting, but damn the lectures are never ending.

von yanghui

27. Okt. 2017

a bit difficult to understand, anyway,finally passed!

von Ákos G

13. Sep. 2020

Good course, but the video subtitles are garbage.